Mother's Day plans?



  • WisheeNY
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    Mothers day is a social Marketing Ploy Day.

    If somebody loves their mum they will love them everyday! :)

    My mum knows not to expect anything on mothers day. (I do however take her out to dinner the weekend after so I don't seem horrible when people ask her what her children did for her on mothers day)

    I prefer to show her I love her throughout the year rather than on one set day so then she knows I do appreciate her because I appreciate her and not because I am told to by society.

    Not sure if that makes me sound like a bad daughter but meh, I love my mum and she knows it so it works for me

    I think people who celebrate Mother's Day with their moms do love them every other day of the year too lol. Having a set day reserved just for loving all over her is still fun and special though.

    Anywho, I'll be taking my mommy to the movies and I honest don't know what I'm buying her yet.
  • threefancy
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    I have to do my husband's school work all weekend

    What? He can't do his own work?
  • threefancy
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    I'm going to plant my first vegetable garden with my four year old. We're both excited.
  • MelsAuntie
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    Nothing whatsoever. My mother is long dead, I have no kids myself, and my husband's mother lives 5 hrs. drive away and is so addled by Alzheimer's that he will call, wish her a happy mother's day, and she won't know who he is.
  • wilsoje74
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    We wont be doing anything. I have to do my husband's school work all weekend and I haven't been feeling too well. The kids are 2 and 5 so at least they wont remember.
    your husbands school work? Ok...
  • wilsoje74
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    Grilling steaks for a nice dinner with my mom.
  • weird_me2
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    Lunch at my in-laws and then a wedding with reception in the afternoon/early evening. FIL is making pulled pork, yum, and wedding cake, too? It's going to be a good day, one where I will be especially happy that I practice 16/8 IF and just started 5:2 this week. I'll have plenty of calories to indulge in whatever I want.
  • SillyC2
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    This is my first Mother's Day. I am not about the commercial part. I just want a quiet day with my new little family. My daughter was born 10 weeks premature and this is the first weekend she is allowed out and about in the world. So my husband, daughter and I will be going to Mass together for the first time since she was born and then coming home and making a steak dinner together. I am super excited! :)

    I'm excited for you! That's awesome!

    I really hate these canned holidays. Hate 'em, and my husband doesn't like them either. Last year I got exactly what I wanted..... which was nothing! But then my kids were out front playing and saw all the neighbors having Mothers Day celebrations. Some neighbors asked them what they had done for me (nothing, of course). My then-7 year old came back in crying and asked me to take her to the mall to buy me a Mothers Day present... Oh gosh, it was awful. I was all, "Kid go talk to your father about that".

    Think I'm going for a 6 hour run with my running buddy in the morning. That will give them some time to get their act together. I'll suggest that my husband get the kids together to make some special dinner or something.
  • wozkaa
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    Probably stuffing my toddlers into the car to go have breakfast with my mother.
    It's running a gauntlet, because we're planning on having breakfast OUT, with 17 mth old twins. A booking to be somewhere at a certain time can be dicey if we want to actually enjoy our outing, but it's worth a shot.
    My present from my husband is for him to watch the babies while I go out for a large chunk of the day to catch up with friends. He's not well, so that's a big effort on his part.
  • SLLRunner
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    What are you all doing?

    The place I wanted to go to is booked (which is probably a good thing... all you can eat brunch buffet = not a so smart idea), so I'm clueless.
    I don't have kids, and my sweet mom died many years ago, and even grandma has passed Don and I are celebrating mother's day with his sister and other family. We're going out to an early dinner at a nice restaurant.

    Happy mother's day to all.
  • wheird
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    Building a space station.
  • HerkMeOff
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    Building a space station.

    Helping him.
  • SLLRunner
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    We wont be doing anything. I have to do my husband's school work all weekend and I haven't been feeling too well. The kids are 2 and 5 so at least they wont remember.
    Do tell- why are you doing your husband's schoolwork? Is he not able to do it himself?
  • SLLRunner
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    Building a space station.

    Helping him.
    You guys need any legos? :bigsmile:
  • knittnponder
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    I've asked if we could just work around the yard since it's supposed to be nice weather here. We have a redneck look going, complete with dead cars and very overgrown grass and I'm sick of looking at it. I suggested we grill bratwurst and that went over well with my husband. His birthday is two days after Mother's Day and our youngest's birthday is two days after his so he tends to lose out a little unless I purpose to do something for him. One year Mother's Day was ON his birthday so I asked him to take me fishing. I like fishing so it was a win for both of us. :)
  • seltzermint555
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    I'm a major planner type and my mom prefers to do things spontaneously. So my husband and I are going to her house at midday Sunday and won't tell her what we're doing or having as a meal until then. We don't have anything big planned. She wants a nice glass pitcher so I'll buy that for her along with some cute shoes. We'll either whisk her off to a restaurant somewhere or bring in Chinese (her fave).

    I got my stepmom a card. We're fairly close, but that's always been the deal...Mother's Day stuff is mainly for my actual mom, and then I celebrate my stepmom more on her birthday in July.
  • ashandstuff
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    I'm heading home and building raised garden beds for the back yard and a pretty little garden surrounding the mailbox in the front yard. I'll make breakfast in the morning and then clean up the house. :) She's got flowers headed her way today.

    I love my mom so much omg
  • SezxyStef
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    I am going to our annual mother's day lobster's been going on since I was about 35 year tradition.

    Great fun...
  • randomtai
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    Going to place flowers on my Mom's grave. :cry: This is my first Mother's Day without her.
  • Shropshire1959
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    I never plan this far a head.... jeezze it's only just gone .. the next is 15th march :-p