Weighing oneself; how often?



  • chari182
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    I weigh myself every morning. I write down my weight once a week (usually Mondays) and that's the only time it really "counts" to me.
  • GreatDepression
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    I started weighing myself every day this week. It's kind of emotionally difficult to log it in MFP when the scale goes up. It sucks to see that graph suddenly go up. I'm trying to get over this and just see the scale number as data.
  • golferd
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    3 times daily on average or every time I walk by. My weight can fluctuate lbs between meals, I record lows. Works for me
  • kikityme
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    I don't obsess about it, I just find it entertaining.

    I'm the same. Every day, completely naked, after I've peed :tongue:
    I look at it as another tracking/motivational tool. If I've gone up, I work harder that day, even though I know it could be anything. And if I go up a couple days in a row, I know it's a monthly beyond my control thing.
  • feliscatus84
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    Well I'll admit that I'm quite the scale *kitten*. I weigh myself daily and I do it because it helps me in check. I do expect fluctuations here and there but anything over 1-2lbs has me saying "why?!" and that's typically because I try to follow a diet lower in carbs and salt as much as I possibly can. Also if you haven't gone numero 2 it can also change your weight. I try not to be a slave to the number though. Just as long as I'm seeing consistent weight loss I'm happy.
  • I also weigh daily for the datapoint but don't pay much attention to the actual number. I use an app called WeightTrend+ and input the weight there. It then calculates a "moving average" for me -- this is a 7-day average of my daily weights. So even though there are ups and downs, my trend weight is always going down, which is what I pay attention to.

    I then record my trend weight in MFP once a week. So in my ticker where it says 10 lbs lost, that's based on my trend weight for Wednesday. If I had told MFP my actual scale weight that day, it would have been 12 lbs down from my start, but my trend weight is always a little higher because it is factoring in the seven previous (and slightly heavier) days. I am okay with this because I'd rather acknowledge that I haven't actually lost the weight until it doesn't "come back" the next day.

    There are other apps that calculate a moving average -- I've seen other MFPers use Happy Scale, I think it's called. I know other folks also just use an Excel doc.

    So many fantastic ideas here!!! I think I'm going to try what Nedra said above; as several of you said, the daily numbers are great feedback but I need a way to remove the emotional attachment to them. I'm a data junkie with other aspects of my life, so I'm excited to start looking at weight loss this way, too!
  • I generally only weigh myself if I poop in the morning, lol

    And this kills me... :laugh:
  • karencercone1
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    I try not to weigh myself everyday, for the possiblities of fluctuations. Once a week. I started measurements every 2 months, that is more gratifying then the weight loss! Feel free to friend me! Karen
  • I weigh myself 3 times a day.
    At 8 am.
    At 5:30 pm.
    And at 11 pm.

    A little obsessive but I feel okay with it.
  • Radioactive_Starfish
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    I weigh weekly and do monthly measurements. :)
  • Guinness80
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    I weigh multiple times a day but only log it twice a week.
  • Flutterloo
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    I weigh daily. I don't have scale anxiety or anything. It's just to see what it says. More of a habit than anything. I only record what I lost/gained every week or so.
  • 257_Lag
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    Wake, pee, weigh, record it every day. Make a cool chart with a phone app and if I am feeling down (rarely) I just zoom out and look at the big picture rather than the last few days or even weeks.

    My issue with once a week is we all know there are fluctuations and what if your weekly weigh in is on one of those spikes? Glad it works for some but not me.
  • Velum_cado
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    I don't own a scale. I go to the doctor's office and use their BMI machine every 4-6 weeks. It keeps me from getting preoccupied by the numbers, and also makes this feel more like a lifestyle change rather than a short-term condition that I'm closely monitoring. Also, seeing 4-12 lb losses each time I step on a scale are motivating as hell.
  • yopeeps025
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    I weigh myself weekiy. I have to make sure I do not lose to much weight in a week.