Can you just remove sugar?



  • danasings
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    The answer to your question is no.
  • as a chef i can tell you that sugar is sugar is sugar

    in my weight loss plan i have found out through several failures that the biggest reason i have failed is because i couldn't stand the taste of "weight loss foods" which made my eating life quite unbearable, personally i think its best to make food taste good but eat less of it and exercise regularly and just keep track of what you eat via MFP

    as far as removing sugar from recipes i find that to be quite unwise, it'll be a waste of time, money, resources and energy

    as far as using "substitute" sugars like splenda and what not i find that they taste radically different and often taste quite terrible so i would personally avoid them
  • Francl27
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    Well you could but... why? If the calories scare you, can you just use splenda or something?

    Not a calorie issue, just trying to cut out as much added sugar as possible. I have an addictive personality, it's tough to eat something with sugar, even if it's at a treat meal, and ignore everything else. Also I thought I read somewhere that no calorie sweeteners can cause cancer?
    they're going to taste very bland, like flour with chocolate chips for example, without sugar.

    So what if I just added some vanilla extract?

    Ok so you want to remove added sugars but want to make cookies? I'm not getting your logic.
  • zoeysasha37
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    Personally, I would just use less sugar. I wouldn't cut it from the recipe all together.
  • sadrithmora
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    To be honest, if the problem is the addiction to sugar itself, have you tried not making cookies, but something else instead? Maybe a fruit salad or a smothie, or perhaps coconut Macaroons? They are delicious and depending on how sweet you want them, you can use less or more maple syrup (I only use half the amount, really).
    I have an incredibly sweet tooth really, and personally I'd rather not eat a cookie at all than eat a... cracker. But you can always replace it with honey or maple syrup (as long as you get proper maple syrup, not liquid sugar in the bottle).
  • caitology
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    Can't say I get it either. Why not just make the cookies with sugar and and actually enjoy them while eating in moderation instead of trying to make them into something less enjoyable?
  • JennetteMac
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    Can't vouch for cookies, specifically, but I always halve the sugar in cakes/banana bread etc. Not just for myself, but for my kids' general well-being.
    Can't say it's been a problem so far.
    But like I say, that's cakes, can't be sure if it would be true for cookies.
    And go ahead, experiment. That's how stuff happens!!
    Don't worry about all the people who suggest you shouldn't try!