too skinny?



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    I think a lot of the time comments like this are from well-meaning family & friends who are used to seeing you at a much heavier weight (and perhaps used to a lot of the population being a much heavier weight) and have quite distorted views of a healthy size. Plus, they no doubt care a lot and are just concerned, even if it's unnecessary.

    I'd say just keep reassuring them that you're healthy, make a point to eat in front of them when you can, and save talk of weight loss/calorie counting etc etc for people who understand. If they ask about it, change the subject. It only adds fuel to the fire IMO.

    No I personally don't think you're too skinny, you look a healthy weight.
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    You look fine. People often say that as a compliment and moms say that so you eat more because, I'm convinced, that most moms are afraid that we're just minutes away from the next famine. Or a really strong wind gust. One or the other.
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    If by "too skinny" they mean sick or unhealthy - I disagree. I think you look good.

    I would let them know you appreciate their concern, but that you're OK.
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    I think you look just fine.

    I know how you are feeling .. my friends recently called me a "crack head" cause I was too skinny. Well .. sorry, I am fit now and yes I have lost a lot of weight, but I was pretty fat before. They are all visibly over weight except for one of them, so I think that they are just jealous of the effort I have made over the last 8 months.

    Don't worry about it .. you are fine.
    yes ppl said the same thing about me when i started losing weight they say am i using drugs or say you loosing weight like you got a disease & iam like leave me alone!
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    Two things play a role in this. We actually discussed one of them in Psychology once.

    The first, being overweight is the norm in America. It is what it is. On average, it seems most Americans are overweight. There really is a rise in obesity. Because of this, it has effected body image in a way I don't think most people realize it has. People don't know what healthy looks like. I know some people that think seeing any bones (even collar bones) at all automatically makes someone too 'skinny'. But that's silly. There are people in America who legitimately don't know what a healthy size looks like because they are used to seeing people who are at least 10 lbs overweight (this is true for their dogs, too - as overweight is becoming the new 'normal' for pets, as well... you should see how often I get told my DOG is too skinny... even though she needs to lose 5 lbs!). My sister looks at pictures of herself at 135 lbs and thinks she was too skinny then. Ironically, I see them and think she looked healthy. And remembering her back then, she WAS healthy. She walked all the time, she ate junk food but in moderation, and she ate pretty well, too.

    The second is that people get used to seeing you big. It becomes normal. So when you lose weight, they have to adjust to the changes, as well. Give them time. I would say you probably should stop losing weight right about where you are and work on building muscle. Lose too much more, and you might be 'too skinny'. However, as it stands, it sounds like you're not.

    Also, I think hair might be relevant because someone who is undernourished has thin hair. I'm not at all suggesting the OP is, just saying that might be where that person's concern came from.
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    Not to skinny. Just need to hit some weights.


    Put a few pounds of muscle on.
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    I don't think you look too skinny and you're at a healthy weight for your height.
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    Same weight and same height as you! Have had same comments too...have learned to ignore them as I am much more body confident nowadays and much fitter! Working on muscle tone now, getting there!
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    you're not too skinny at all. you look healthy. they are probably just used to seeing you bigger. it's so funny tho when people say that... they never have the guts to say "you're too fat" but are so quick to chime in "you're too skinny" when in fact you are healthy. keep it up. don't listen to them.
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    I think you look perfectly fine and normal, not too skinny at all.
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    When I was in my twenties I was 5'9 about 135-140 lbs and people ALWAYS said the same thing about me. I was incredibly active and mostly endurance stuff, long distance biking and running with some martial arts thrown in.

    I was healthy and energetic so honestly I could care less.

    Looking back at my own pictures though I can see what they were talking about. I was gaunt and very lean. It was the perfect body for the lifestyle I lived but not what most people consider healthy.

    If the body you have right now works for the things you love to do with it then keep it! If you want to go for meeting other people's expectations I guess the idea is to eat a little more and build a bit more lean muscle mass. But keeping other people happy is a full time job and the fact is most of the folks saying stuff have no idea what they are talking about.

    When I was younger gaining 10 lbs of muscle might have made me look better but it would have slowed down my runs and hindered my rides. People think muscle is always a good thing but the reality is a lean body has some advantages too.
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    I know how you feel. I'm 5'7, CW-117, GW-115 and people throw the "you're too thin" comments at me too. Go by how you feel, not by the number on the scale. If you feel healthy and energized then you're good. I don't think people realize that harping on someone being too skinny can be as hurtful and offensive as saying someone's too heavy.
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    Also, is your hair wet in this pic?

    Seriously!! How is that important or relevant?

    OP congrats on the weight loss - based on your pics you don't look too thin. You look just fine and I can see a really big transformation from your previous pics.

    All you need to ask yourself is this: 'Am I happy with how I look?' - if the answer is yes then continue on and ignore the haters. If the answer is no then you can do something about it but remember its your body so don't be too swayed by the opinions of others no matter how well meaning they seem as all that counts is that your happy with your own body.

    Because I was worried her hair might be thinning from too few cals. Try not to get all up in arms. To me she does look borderline thin. So I was concerned. She asked this question on this thread and pointed to her profile pic for judgement. As such I can ask. So I did.

    Another sign of not eating enough is thinning splitting nails, FYI.
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    You look fine, but I'd consider doing some weight training now to get some nice shape :smile:
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    BMI charts are inaccurate- they do not reflect a person's natural set point. They do not tell you anything about your genetics. The most accurate ways to gauge whether or not you're underweight for your body type depends more on:

    1. the amount of calories you're maintaining on (it should be between 2400-3000)
    2. are all normal bodily processes (hair growth, menstrual cycle, sleep) still functioning properly?
    3. blood work: are you low in any categories? or are your results coming up too high in some? often times, nutrients will leech out from your bones during times of restriction- giving you false and very high levels of calcium in the bloodstream.
    4. -and these are the most indicative of a problem- are you always thinking about food? does your emotions fluctuate depending on what you have/have not eaten? do you feel guilty? do you meticulously plan every meal? do you have a hard time straying from your "meal plan"? do you have safe foods/fear foods?
  • they could mean by that is that you have little muscle making you appear frail no matter your weight
  • From what I see you look like you are at a healthy weight. Don't go by what people say..especially if they don't know what they are talking about. Find out your body mass index and go from there!
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    From what I see you look like you are at a healthy weight. Don't go by what people say..especially if they don't know what they are talking about. Find out your body mass index and go from there!

    So only your opinion counts and we are to assume you know what you are talking about and that you are psychic to know that all of us don't know what we are talking about.

    I see.
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    I am starting to get the same thing, hun. I feel your pain. I have lost 130 lbs since April of last year. People are used to seeing me fat. It's driving me crazy to hear all of these comments. I don't see it, but I'm starting to question are these people right? Also, you have to have enough muscle. That's what my trainer is trying to get me to build up now. It's a struggle for me, but I trust him with my life, so I'm trying to fight through my doubts. Talk to your doctor and see what he says. I think it's all about how you feel. Good luck!
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    I guess your arm looks kind of thin, but overall you seem okay. I certainly wouldn't look at you and be instantly alarmed for your health.