more than 100 lbs to lose....looking for support :)



  • Feel free to add me! I'm new to the site but I'm hoping to lose just over 100 lbs too. I'm 27 and mother of one. We really want another child but I want to get in shape before that happens.

    We can do this!
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    I'm in.. :) need friends to keep me motivated...
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    Hello everyone!! please feel free to add me, this goes for everyone. I have over 100 pounds to lose and could use all the support, and in return I will do the same for you!! I've been on here for awhile and have logged everyday but the motivation wasn't there. I was going through a really rough time in my life for the past year but I'm finally getting my life back together and I'm more motivated now then ever. Together we can do it!!! :bigsmile:
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    Feel free to add me guys :) Started at 336.8, I am down to 284.2 and have a loooong ways to go before I reach my goal - but it's happening! I log daily and my diary is open to friends. I also try to post motivational things and reply to folks' questions and comments :)

    Looking forward to making it with you all!
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    Hi All, I am looking for some friends as well. I am also restarting again. I am 34 and have 4 boys 6,4 almost 2 and 2 mo's. I have over 150 lbs to lose. Please feel free to add me.
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    Any of you folks feel free to add me! I have 70lbs to lose, and with two preschoolers, I am able to make healthy food and am heavily into gardening and sustainable living, but I am horrible with portions! We can do this!
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    I have quite a ways to go.......anyone, please feel free to add me. I have three wonderful boys that keep me busy.....I am trying to do this for husband not always supportive.....I log everyday and welcome motivation and I love respond to everyone's successes and motivate on those not so good days.
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    Just popping in to wish everyone luck on their journey, you CAN do it:flowerforyou:

    I posted these simple but basic common sense tips on the 100+ to lose w/o surgery forum as well as the 100 lbs + to lose let's support each other. They worked for me, some food for thought....:bigsmile:

    I-If you bite it, write it. No food is really free.
    2-Mindful eating. Don't read or watch tv while eating. Pay attention to what goes into your mouth.
    3- To deal with those cravings..just remember chocolate or whatever the current want is, is NOT going to be pulled off the shelves anytime soon. It WILL be there when you can safely trust yourself to eat it (and yes, those cravings will pass) I still ate junk food/fast food AND lost the weight & got to goal!!
    4-Speaking of cravings, before you cave in to them, is it worth the calories? will this satisfy me? can I just eat one? will I regret eating it?
    5-Drink water before meals. It really does fill you up.
    6- Dressings: Don't pour onto your salad, dip the fork tines into the dressing, then go into the greens.
    7-Speaking of the fork, put it down between bites, don't have the fork already loaded with the next bite as you're chewing the first.
    8- Before you go for a second helping, wait 20-30 minutes. Perhaps a piece of fruit will satisfy instead.
    9- Goals, if you set them, set them small & manageable.
    10- One day at a time-One pound at a time.-One step at a time
    11-Take it slow. Small goals.
    12-You didn't put all the weight on over nite, it's not going to come off over nite.
    13-Get a good digital food scale, measuring cups/spoons. Weigh and measure everything.
    14-Take your measurements and pictures too (I did not and I wish I had)
    15-I pre plan/pre log my meals/snacks in advance. I put a nice amount of cals/carbs for late snacks so I can adjust thru out the day (in case I eat something unplanned, or have seconds or forget something I ate)
    16-Before eating out, check out website for nutritional stats...again, pre log the fast food/restaurant meal then plan your eating around it.
    17-When you do exercise, go easy especially if you are a couch potato like I am (I actually did not do much till I lost a nice chunk of weight and still am set as sedentary on MFP)
    18-Take the calorie burn you will see MFP or exercise machines with a grain of salt, especially if you plan to eat most of them back. Invest in a HRM w/chest strap.
    19-Add some buds that have open diaries, I find some great meal ideas and recipes from my buds (& i hate to cook)
    20-Read labels, take your time in the grocery, compare products before adding to your cart.

    It's a big endeavor but if you get and keep your mindset where it needs to be, you can do it. :flowerforyou:

    I found a fitness tracker to be very motivational for me, I saw just how little I moved during the day (desk job from home). Fitbit Flex, then wanted more, got the Force, it died on me and now I have the Garmin vivofit w/HRM, even a cheap pedometer can be motivational. I strive for 10K steps a day (apx 5 miles).

    BMI when I started here was 44%. Now 22.4% (am 5' 5.5")
  • Hello there!
    I too have been struggling...I have found somewhat of a routine, but
    last 3 weeks I have not been doing so well. Work has been very busy and despite my efforts to get to the gym on time, I was only able to make it once a week. Sometimes I need to remind myself is one day at a time! I did not feel I was losing weight, but I have definitely seen a change on muscle toning , as well as clothes fitting better.
    Diet is the one I will be adding to this mixture. So bear w me!!!...Adding one more to the already high up stacked duty list.
    How are you doing? :)
  • Hey! I'm Kandi. I have 55 pounds to lose so I feel ya. le myself today and I am currently 209 and 5 ounces I want to be 155 found or somewhere around there. You can do it. We can do it! All it takes id dedication, motivation and commitment.
  • Way to go... Pretty soon, I'll be making ur exact post, except for me being 29 and a mother of 5. @ Callmestaff
  • Hi everyone! I just started today too and I have 100 Lbs to loose to start and then see where we go from there. Would love to talk to some amazing people on the same journey :)
  • I just joined today and thought I would send you a message to see how your experience is going on here.

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    Anyone can feel free to add me - always happy to talk to new people :happy: and I'm active on here every day.

    I'm closing in on 100lbs lost but there's a lot more to go after that. Bring it on.

    Good luck with the journey everyone!! We got this :heart:
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    33 yo ... 3 kids/3 step kids ... work graveyards ... getting married in June ... want to lose 100 lbs by then ... ketosis/Atkins friendly friends please add me :)