Can I lose 35 lbs in 10 weeks?

Hi! I am a 51 year old female who has about 80 lbs total to lose. I am at 224 now. My job is at a desk, and if I'm not sitting, I'm not working.

Is it possible to lose 35 pounds in 10 weeks? I am in a competition for $$ and would love to accomplish this.

Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance for your help!!


  • JenMc14
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    3.5 pounds a week is a lot a week. It might be ok/doable for the first week or two as you lose water weight. But after that, it's not really sustainable, and to achieve it would likely require resorting to unhealthy methods. Watch your intake, eat at a deficit and do some sort of movement. It will be slow, it won't likely be 35 pounds in 10 weeks, but it will be worth it.
  • yopeeps025
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    At age 51 it would be a real bad thing to lose that much weight in a short amount of time.
  • doubleduofa
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    Are you willing to exercise? Maybe walking?

    For quicker weight loss, I'd suggest lowering carbs, and upping fat. Do some research on ketogenic, Atkins, protein power, paleo diet plans and see what works best for you and how you like to eat.

    Eta: don't be discouraged if you don't lose 35 lbs - that's a lot of weight to lose!
  • dmalzahn55
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    I'm a 56 year old male, and at my best I'm losing about 1 lbs a week, and that's with watching diet, food journaling and working out some. Establish the bait, then it gets easier. Don't buy the bad forood for at home, letting it into the house is the worst thing for me. Then alter other habits, don't go to a party, or drink water before going, lots of tips like that all over the net, ut find what works for you. Food journaling can help you figure that out.
  • anewwoman1962
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    I will check these out. I know I need to get moving. I can definitely start walking, and any other ides for beginners would be welcome.
  • yopeeps025
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    I would say if you really want this I would join you in this but this losing that quickly will eat so much of my muscle I would flip out.
  • doubleduofa
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    I will check these out. I know I need to get moving. I can definitely start walking, and any other ides for beginners would be welcome.

    For beginners, I think walking is a good start. Map out a route and try to keep a good pace. "Map my route" is a free app that times and maps your walks. It's a really nice app. You can try doing some walking lunges and things while you walk. Then, after you feel more comfortable, you can try some other things like Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, or dance classes - see what is fun and what you can stick with. Maybe it will be walking! I also have a nike training app that has workouts you can download - they time you and have videos of each exercise. I love it, but FYI it is quite challenging. After the 10 weeks, I'd start some weight training too.
  • nancybuss
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    That's pretty aggressive. Is that the lowest level to be able to win something?
  • Tingababoo
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    It took me about 8 weeks to lose 15lbs then another month to lose another 5lbs. I lowered my cal count to 1200 (but in actuality ate about 1500-1800) and worked out 6x a week 2-3 hrs a day. I did it as healthy and normal as possible without cheats. Good luck with your goal, sounds pretty intense!
  • anewwoman1962
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    Thank you for the info on the apps. I will check them out!
  • navyrigger46
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    You have a fair bit to lose, so yes, it's possible, but it's not a good idea, and at your age it's a terrible idea. Rapid weight loss is never a good idea, but at your age you're at a higher risk for significant heart damage if you drop weight that fast. I lost my first 35 about that fast, but I was 285 pounds, fairly active and 20 years younger. I'd set your goal to 1.5 pounds per week and embrace the process.

  • anewwoman1962
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    35 lbs is the least I would have to lose in 10 weeks to win the $. I originally thought since I am starting at such a high weight, and since 35 lbs is less than half of what I actually need to lose, that it would be hard, but do-able, but now I'm not so sure!
  • Kimbermcle9
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    Try doing the Leslie Sasone Walk away the lbs.. low impact and fun - this is good for sedentary people with desk jobs...I know this first hand! :)
  • Meerataila
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    If today is day one and you haven't tried to lose any weight recently at all, maybe. Because ten or more will be water weight.
  • Chairless
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    sure it is, grab a hacksaw and pick your least favorite leg.
  • kk_140
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    It is possible, depending on your initial size you can lose weight faster. I just hit 35 pounds lost and I'm in month 6, but I only had a little bit to lose to start with.
  • micheleld73
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    Is it possible to adjust your work stations where you can stand and work for about 15 minutes every hour? At our office most people have their monitors attached to an arm and have a box to lift their keyboard when they stand. I unfortunately am in a cubicle and cannot have that luxury so I have a box under my monitor as well as under my keyboard when I want to stand.
  • GymKitty36
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    In total I want to lose about 70+ pounds and between January and April (four months) I managed to lose 30-35 pounds (it fluctuates which is normal). I followed my calorie intake to a T and worked out every single day. Since April, I have maintained my loss, still doing the same things as before and I am still at the same weight I was back in April. As much as you think you're in control of your body, really it is in control of you! Just take it one day at a time and do it for your health, not money. A rapid loss is a rapid gain, trust me I know from before! Good luck! :)
  • Amanda_Bridges90
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    I will check these out. I know I need to get moving. I can definitely start walking, and any other ides for beginners would be welcome.

    I started off slow at first. I began by eating small meals instead of eating 2 or 3 large meals. Drink water, don't waste your calories on drinks. If you like tea, get unsweet tea and use Splenda.

    You also want to drink half your body weight in ounces in water. This is for a person dieting or not. A lot of the time you "think" your hungry when you're actually thirsty. This water intake will also help you stay fuller longer. Get on a schedule. Drink 16 oz in the morning, 16 oz before lunch 16oz before dinner and 16 oz before bed. If your weight requires more water than 64 ounces, fill it in during the day between those areas.

    If you eat a lot of sweets now, I wouldn't quit them cold turkey. Wean yourself off, but eat in moderation. If you typically eat 2 candy bars a week, only eat one; BUT don't go over your calorie limit.

    You may hit a plateau. I did when I switched jobs. I was very active.. I worked as a vet tech and then I became a project manager. Sitting at a desk all day from probably walking 1 1/2 - 2 miles every single day. For about 2 1/2 weeks I didn't lose ANYTHING. Not an ounce; however, I didn't gain anything either. I even upp'd my exercise. It wasn't until I came off of my diet for 1 - 2 days that I actually regained the path of losing. (which actually sounds crazy to eat more to lose more). What I'm getting at is, if this happens, don't fret.

    As far as exercise, walking is a great way to start out. Once you get into it about 1 month or so build yourself up to jogging, even participating in a local 5k. These are great fun! Zumba is also fun. See if you have some local classes going on.

    That much weight to lose in 10 weeks is going to be difficult. If you want to lose this weight and keep it off, I would recommend doing it slowly and steady. This way it helps not only lose this weight, but keep it off. If you rush it those old habits come back.

    If you go over your calories one day, it's not the end of the world. Just go home and exercise or walk them off.

    A great app I use is Runkeeper. I have it synced to MFP so it updates every time I do something. It also gives you stats about your progress and it helps keep you active!

    Also, get a friend involved! Dieting with others is always fun. You can discuss your good and bad days and motivate each other. You WILL have bad days. We all do. Don't get depressed over them. Keep your head up and focus on the main goal at hand.

    These are just a few tips that I use. I've lost over 50lbs total.
  • floridamike99
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    Not trying to be mean, but if you are thinking about this in terms of the next 10 weeks, you are doomed. Nearly 100% of people who think that way (usually in advance of a wedding by the way) will gain everything back even if they hit their short term goal. This is because they make radical, unsustainable changes and are not making true lifestyle changes that produce a new attitude about food, exercise and life. You will be much better served if you forget about this "bonus" that will only lead you down the wrong path. You've got a lot of years still in you--think about this in terms of the next 40 years, not the next 10 weeks. How cool would it be to lose 40 or 50 pounds by New Years and know that it is permanent because you have really changed yourself, rather than winning some stupid prize and being right back where you started a few months later?