Compression and exercise

I watch my YouTube fitness people for new tips and what works when working out. A lot of girls are taking about waist trimmers and wearing them when they work I bought one. I added in some shark compression shorts in too because I need to sweat out the dirty, filthy toxins. Not really, more like I need to purge this Chipotle I just threw down on. Anyway, It's like a full body wrap when you exercise. Now I read that I should be incorporating Albolene or Sweet Sweat with the compression gear to get all the water out, and it will help with any skin unevenness while losing inches. Obviously this is water weight and boxers do this to cut weight, but has anyone tried it and had any major changes in their shape or inches lost? I have the Albolene, I just haven't tried it in conjunction yet, but the last time I wore both items (sweat gear) and went jogging, I was sweating my a$& off and at one point I may have gone blind. Feel the burn baby ????


  • 4legsRbetterthan2
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    sounds like a good way to get dehydrated with no real long term effects.....?
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    When incorporating diet and fitness changes into your lifestyle you should always choose credible sources and cross reference them. There are no ethical or academic standards for youtube videos and should therefore only be used as starting points for research at best.
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    Athletes of many disciplines deliberately, temporarily dehydrate themselves to make an official scale say a particular weight at a predetermined time.

    That's it.

    Sweating is not for getting toxins out. It's to stop you dying.

    Thousands have tried it. Several studies have tried. Yet to see any benefits, with severe performance drawbacks.
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    Yeah the goal of exercise is to burn calories, build muscle and or enhance cardiovascular functions.

    None of those are helped by sweating more. However, dehydration can cause sever damage to a person and since it's easily possible without going out of your way to achieve it, one might question the viability of sucking more water from your body at the time you most need it.
  • tempehforever
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    Wait, this is a thing people (other than competitive athletes before weigh-in) are doing now?

    Sounds like a way to get dehydrated (which will have a NEGATIVE effect on your skin, if anything) and make exercise super miserable. Miserable exercise is pretty hard to stick with in the long term, in my experience.
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    Sounds like a better way to lose a lot of money than to lose a lot of weight.
  • Has anyone used those "Kutting Weight" suits? I'm seriously considering this.
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    Oh, that doesn't sound safe at all. :frown: