What do/did you hate most about being fat?

The three things I hate most are:

1) When my older sisters use my clothes, even new ones, and say 'your clothes are comfortable cause they're so big! I don't have any comfortable clothes!' And I'm just there like stop buying such tightass clothes then hoe.

2) Being scared to do things which require a uniform (like paintballing) in case I dont fit into it.

3) Everytime I visit family they're always like 'you're so fat' or 'haha the youngest and the biggest' and feel the need to mention my weight in EVERY conversation we have.

Also hate being scared to take food in front of people cause they will immediately judge me. Even if the food is healthy or a small portion.

Anyway, what about you guys? Course theres a lot more I hate bout being fat haha but these are the main ones for me.


  • Lizzy622
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    1) Not fitting comfortably in seats - theater, airplane or amusement rides
  • dev0111
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    I understand where you're coming from. I'm the youngest and the biggest too and feel the pressure to not be fat. I'm scared of being judged as well, and the body change when i'm fat.
  • techgal128
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    And I'm just there like stop buying such tightass clothes then hoe.

    I lol'ed.

    When I was at my fattest, I didn't walk, I waddled.
  • dopeysmelly
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    Unlike a load of people, I didn't really have anything I hated about being fat. I felt/feel loved for who I am. I had/have colleagues/friends who respect me as a person and for my abilities and knowledge. It never stopped me from doing what I wanted, since I've never really been the type to want to climb a mountain, and I'm not into playing soccer with my daughter etc. although I've always been very active.

    The only thing was probably my Mom and sister nagging me endlessly how I was going die early from being overweight (I never really understood that, how the hell did they know when I was going to die? And as though nagging ever motivates anyone to do anything?). Even that was tolerable because I live 3000 miles away from them.

    I suppose I disliked that I had a closet full of clothes I couldn't get into and it made it kinda messy and tough to see what was in there, but I've never really been into clothes in a big way (except underwear, and I never had a problem getting the most wonderful undies whatever size I was). Likewise, that I could never find decent quality clothes to fit, although I still can't because I'm petite, so losing weight hasn't really changed that a whole load.

    Just read all that, and it sounds pretty miserable... I'm not. But I'm the same person and my life hasn't really changed, just my food portions and dress size.
  • Seeing myself in Pictures
  • seltzermint555
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    Seeing myself in Pictures

  • catb58
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    Seeing myself in Pictures


  • mfp2014mfp
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    When my older sisters use my clothes, even new ones, and say 'your clothes are comfortable cause they're so big! I don't have any comfortable clothes!' And I'm just there like stop buying such tightass clothes then hoe.

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    For me it was eating in public, I felt so ashamed.
  • Froggymcconnell
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    going swimming and wearing swimsuit
  • mycailaw5
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    I can't pursue my dream of modeling anymore.
  • janatarnhem
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    Seeing myself in Pictures



    + 10,000,!
  • 40andFindingFitness
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    And I'm just there like stop buying such tightass clothes then hoe.

    It took a while to form a response because I was LMAO over this. What bothers me is when people point out that you're fat or need to lose weight. DUH! As if I can't see as well as they can that I need to lose weight. No need to point out the obvious.
  • looking in the mirror at myself
  • LosingLaurensWay
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    I think what I hated was any moment where the realization of how big I was came in to reality (looking in the mirror, pictures, seats, uniforms). Anything that was physical proof of my size. Now, after becoming a lot more fit and having lost 130 lbs I realize I hated how tired I was and how unfit I was.
  • pinkyslippers
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    I couldn't bend over to paint my toenails. I never want to forget that, and how easy it is for me now to give myself a pedicure and not feel as if I am going to suffocate or pass out! There were many other indignities too: leaving a big sweat patch on plastic seats, not being able to walk and talk at the same time, being asked when my baby was due (this happened several times); a group of drunks chanting "FAT! FAT! FATTY!" at me; sitting next to a stranger on a train and them getting up and moving seats because I was spilling over into their space; my thighs rubbing together so much they bled. It's painful to remember, but I never want to forget xoxo
  • lmmathis86
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    looking in the mirror at myself

    ^ this a 1000X's
  • gcbma
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    The feeling that no matter where I was or what I was doing, I was being judged. Still feel that way.

    Also, feeling judged for anything I ate. So I often tried to convince everyone I wasn't hungry and refused to eat in front of anyone. I still have problems there, but no where near as bad.

    Being uncomfortable anywhere outside my home.

    Clothes? Forget about it.

    No energy to play with my young son.
  • cwolfman13
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    I actually didn't realize how uncomfortable almost everything was...clothes, sitting in a car...riding in an airplane, etc until I lost the weight. I also didn't really realize how much my weight was contributing to all of my aches and pains that I generally just associated with getting older.
  • pensierobello
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    Being scared of being lifted, being insulted for the way I look, and the way my thighs chafe/my trousers grow holes.
  • liz77095
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    Boob sweat ;)