7 week progress: My Way to Remove Love Handles! + photos



  • Insomniac8
    Insomniac8 Posts: 182
    Oh WOW you can really see a difference!

    Was you lifting weights to achieve this? What exercises was you doing? - Just noticed you have answered this above

    Also how many calories do you eat a day?

    How tall are you?

    Thanks! No I haven't started lifting yet.
    I eat 1200 calories a day in a 8 hour window. Fasting for the rest.
    I'm 161 cm / 5' 3.5''. My goal is to reach BMI 20. ;)
  • Insomniac8
    Insomniac8 Posts: 182
    Also interested in the intermittent fasting. I always fast the day before weigh-in every two weeks, so twice a month. I think doing that gives me a much more accurate/if not encouraging reading, and I always feel super good the whole week afterwards for some reason, but don't know much else more about it, other than that is what has worked for me so far.

    On a side note, Zumba looks super fun, I was thinking about trying it sometime, but I am currently doing Insanity for the first time and am really loving it.

    I don't like fasting for an entire day though it's been said that can be helpful. It gives me too much headache I cannot stand! I mentioned my windows in previous comments.
    This article was VERY helpful when I was researching about IF back then: http://goo.gl/U7L5O3
    It motivated me A LOT to start doing it and I'm so satisfied.
    Zumba is super fun! Have never done Insanity and don't know about it though, unfortunately.
    Good luck! :)
  • Kymmu
    Kymmu Posts: 1,650 Member
    great article thanks for the link!
  • Surly71
    Surly71 Posts: 8 Member
    Great progress on those love handles, gives me the boost to start taking photos of myself to visually track progress.
  • mfp2014mfp
    mfp2014mfp Posts: 689 Member
    Thanks you really motivated me to get off my butt with your post, you look great. I probably would've stayed in otherwise and just decided it was too cold to work out! :flowerforyou:
  • dpdora13
    dpdora13 Posts: 14 Member
    There no words to say!!! You look great, like models. Bravo. Well done.
  • Miffylou
    Miffylou Posts: 307 Member
    Looking Super amazing and fantastic dedication ????????
  • Insomniac8
    Insomniac8 Posts: 182
    Thanks a lot guys for compliments. <3
  • perseverance14
    perseverance14 Posts: 1,364 Member
    Nice work!
  • Insomniac8
    Insomniac8 Posts: 182
    Thank you :)
  • AGirrl
    AGirrl Posts: 29 Member
    Soooo encouraging. Keep up the good work! Awesome!
  • divainsneakers
    divainsneakers Posts: 397 Member
    Great job!
  • purplescarf10
    purplescarf10 Posts: 36 Member
    Way to go!...Gives me the motivation :)
  • nicolemviolette
    nicolemviolette Posts: 105 Member
    Awesome job!!!
  • RToland45
    RToland45 Posts: 57 Member
    I began the 5:2 yesterday! I have been steadily losing since I started MFP in April but I have hit a plateau so hopefully IF will help with the last 10 pounds. I also started strength training exercises as I noticed I was loosing my butt!
  • Siigh_duck
    Siigh_duck Posts: 161 Member
    You have a tummy to die for. :love:
  • What did you eat and you actually fasted twica a month
  • yafashelli
    yafashelli Posts: 112 Member
    Wow, you look amazing! Keep it up!
  • Insomniac8
    Insomniac8 Posts: 182
    Feels good to motivate and inspire a few people. :)
  • Hi all
    Here's my 7 week progress in weight losing. I've named it "my way to remove love handles" !
    I see lots of amazing long-time before/after photos which are unbelievably inspiring. I thought maybe by posting this, I can say that short-time achievements are also noticeable and can give you good results and feelings. I've started my diet on Feb 22th but unfortunately the left photo is the first one I took since the start. Back then I was 64.4 kg and now I'm 59.4 kg and still have some kgs to drop.
    I hope the day comes when I can post a threat called "my way to remove saddlebags" ! :D
    Cheers !


    Is there any way you can tell me what you've been doing specifically for love handles? You didn't real have any before mama but I can see a huge difference in you shape wise! You look amazing! I'm only a few weeks in and obviously can't see aNY results yet but I feel like nothing I'm doing is targeting my handles. I wish I could figure out how to post a pic so I could show you mine. I've been doing yoga, walking and jogging, circuit training, and recently trying to incorporate cardio and hiit to my regime, though I don't have much a regime except for working out when I can at home and walking as much as possible.
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