So tell being skinny worth it?



  • UnicornAmanda
    UnicornAmanda Posts: 294 Member
    "Skinny" is such a bad word to use here... And a bad thing to aspire to.
    But there are so many things in life to enjoy, and having good health and being in good shape will allow you to enjoy life more. And for longer of course.

    This :)
  • pipertargaryen
    pipertargaryen Posts: 303 Member
    Never will I ever be "skinny". My body is literally not built to be a size 2 or 4. I think that with a lot of hard work, I can absolutey be a size 7-8, which will not be "skinny" for me. Even when I was obese, I had an hourglass figure. I've got a chest, and large hips. I've got some definition in my waist. I've also got thick, strong legs. Always have, even at my thinnest.

    Strong, healthy, and slim-ish? I think I can do it. Even now, I just got back into size 11/12 today, first time since 2011, and let me tell you: there are people out there who would still point, laugh, and call me a cow. But me? I look and feel damn fabulous, and I certainly did not feel as such when I was a size 18. So for me, being fitter, and healthier, and yes - smaller, is absolutely worth it.

    My confidence is through the roof now. I am nowhere near skinny. If I hit goal, nearly 30lbs away, I won't be skinny. So while I disagree with the term used: yes - watching your health (but indulging now and then!), and being strong and fantastic? Worth it.
  • staceylw31
    staceylw31 Posts: 29 Member
    I know someone who lost weight and maintained it for a bit, but then realized he wasn't able to enjoy life as much. He sort of thought "life is too short to be worrying about being thin". He has gained back the weight and now is a jolly, older man with no regrets regarding his lifestyle.

    I have such high hopes for how much better I will feel without the extra weight, but is it actually worth it? Does life then become less enjoyable because we're not quite as free-spirited when it comes to eating food?
    I've never been thin, so I don't know if its worth it the struggle to lose it. I do know that it sucks being overweight. I am tired of my legs and feet hurting. I am tired of having asthma. (Since I dropped 25 lbs, I only have to use my inhaler when I get a bad cold.) I don't like feeling out of shape and uncomfortable and embarrassed over my weight.

    It has to be worth something to not feel like crap, and if giving up sugar or crap food means meeting my goal, than yeah, its worth it.

    On the plus side, I haven't given much up food wise. I just am mindful of serving sizes, and getting more exercise. :flowerforyou:

    I so agree with you. I have Lupus and being heavy takes a HUGE toll on my joints. Plus being on medication that is prone to making you feel hungry CONSTANTLY is ridiculous. So, to me, it will absolutely be worth it to lose all this weight. I honestly do not know why your friend would feel that way. If he wasn't enjoying life, then maybe it was something more than simply not wanting to care about what you are eating.
  • macchiatto
    macchiatto Posts: 2,890 Member
    For me it is, for sure. And I don't say that lightly. I have PCOS and have had to work very, very hard to lose weight and figure out how to maintain. It's better for my overall health and well-being, easier to find clothes that fit well, I feel more confident ... I'm really happy to be where I'm at now, weight- and fitness-wise!
    I reversed my prediabetes by getting back to my original goal weight and now am below that, so that was a major added bonus. (I wasn't technically overweight when I found out I had prediabetes but my body fat % was probably in the low 30s; BMI was 23 or 24ish.)
  • PrincessEliNa
    PrincessEliNa Posts: 524 Member
    Fit and skinny? Absolutely!!! :)
  • Sparlingo
    Sparlingo Posts: 938 Member

    Wish I had been a little more diligent when I got pregnant again after my weight loss. I didn't gain a horrendous amount, but I miss being small! Working hard to get back there.

    Some things I enjoy about being smaller: looking good in clothes, being faster, being stronger (lifting weights), being more energetic, fitting in small spaces, fitting in my husband's arms better, *ahem* relations *ahem* being easier/more fun.

    Also, surprising one for me - because I *know* I look good at my goal weight, I actually spend less time thinking about what I look like. I just get dressed, look in the mirror, say "yep, looking good!" and go do life that day. When I'm bigger, I'm aware of my bigness and worry about/think about it. Now, I understand that's an attitude thing more than a size thing, but getting healthy and becoming thinner went hand in hand for me, so the effects of them are a little muddled together.
  • lilhope72
    lilhope72 Posts: 24 Member
    Well, I haven't reached skinny yet, but I'm no longer morbidly obese. And yes, it is so worth it. I told myself for years that I'd rather be happy. Problem was, I wasn't happy. I was unhealthy, embarrassed, depressed and always so tired. Not to mention the fact that I'm pretty sure I was making my doctors house payments and keeping the pharmaceutical companies in business. :sad: I've lost 118 lbs so far, and I feel great. I have tons of energy, I smile and laugh a lot, and I no longer have to take a single medication. And all it costs me is some empty calories and an hour or so to work out.
  • Mighty_Rabite
    Mighty_Rabite Posts: 581 Member
    I believe it's a balance.

    It takes an initially pretty high level of dedication and stringency to get where you're going in most cases, but once you're there, it doesn't hurt to indulge once in a while.
  • carolinetayloruk
    carolinetayloruk Posts: 73 Member
    Defintiely, i've still someway to go, but i think the biggest thing for me is my confidence, its gone through the roof. I'm comfortable in my own body now and I can't express how much of a difference this makes to your life. Not worrying how people perceive me, or if they are thinking 'look at that fat girl eating that'
  • JaneyB311
    JaneyB311 Posts: 80 Member
    People often buy into this idea that being thin will solve all your problems. It doesn't. You're the same person when you lose weight just a smaller version.

    I disagree with this staement to an extent. I was a massively unhappy person when I started this; I was insecure, miserable, had no energy or drive and felt like a complete failure. I just wanted to be invisible.

    I can honestly say that I now feel like a totally different person to who I was 8 months ago. Obviously deep down I am still the same person with the same core values, but my outlook on life, levels of happiness, satisfaction and energy are totally different and that is all down to having a sense of pride in myself at last for my achievements (so far) & for doing the things I never thought I could, such as losing all of this weight, loving exercise and being able to run (Yes, me, running!!).

    I think that losing the weight has not solved all of my problems, but it sure as hell has put me in a much better place for dealing with them and while I am not a different person, I am well on the way to be being the best version of me that I can be.
  • GonnaLoseIt50Plus
    For me personally being skinny is not the goal. But being happy and healthy and happy in my skin is.
  • kdbnmd
    kdbnmd Posts: 16 Member
    Having a better quality of life by being healthier is worth it to me.
  • annette_15
    annette_15 Posts: 1,657 Member
    Shameless bump for more replies
  • SunKissed1989
    SunKissed1989 Posts: 1,314 Member
    I don't consider myself skinny (far from it!) but losing nearly 2 stone in weight has given me more confidence and a spring in my step. Although I've not hit my goal weight, I'm at a stage where I can look at my body (completely nude) and think "Yeah, not too shabby!" When before, I'd be disgusted at what I saw and rush to get a towel or a robe around me!

    I'm not skinny, and don't plan to be, but not being overweight really is worth it :smile:
  • 4mricandy
    4mricandy Posts: 159 Member
    Well, let me put it to you the way my doctor said it to me...
    "Look around! You don't see a lot of fat old people!"

    Message received!
  • bunbunzee44
    bunbunzee44 Posts: 592 Member
    I hate the word skinny, and I don't consider myself one.. but what is fun about stuffing my face with unhealthy food? Yes I can enjoy pizza sometimes, but I'm very happy that I only need a small amount to fill me. One slice of cake at a party? Sure. But I find nothing appealing eating loads of junk, it always makes me feel sick.
    I eat a fair amount of food, go to gym because I find it enjoyable and fun, watch what I eat because I don't want to eat crappy foods.. I like to fit into my clothes and look nice in the mirror. I like doing things without getting out of breath the next moment. I like having more energy (which is pretty mood lifting!) :) I still get to eat when I'm hungry! And healthy food is delicious too ^^
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