86lbs lost, a sweet proposal video and lots of pictures!



  • lauramblair
    lauramblair Posts: 74 Member
    Way to go!!!! Great work!! I am also 5'5" and hovering around 137.. Would like to get down to 130-135. I also started a 14 and am now a 4! Isn't it great?? :)
  • wow you look like a completely different person, congrats on the incredible weight loss and your wedding!
  • galprincess
    galprincess Posts: 682 Member
    truly amazing and you look stunning congrats to you both
  • kmajaVCU
    kmajaVCU Posts: 33 Member
    I am seriously tearing up. That is an amazing story! And congratulations on your wedding AND your weight loss. You look fantastic!
  • Browneyedgirl140
    Browneyedgirl140 Posts: 102 Member
    You look great! Thanks for sharing your progress pictures. Congrats on getting married!
  • skippygirlsmom
    skippygirlsmom Posts: 4,433 Member
    Congrats on the weight loss and the marriage, you look beautiful!
  • mysmileighs
    mysmileighs Posts: 103 Member
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's AWESOME!! :D:happy:
  • kwantlen2051
    kwantlen2051 Posts: 455 Member
    Wow, A radiant bride! Congrats!
  • wateryphoenix
    wateryphoenix Posts: 644 Member
    Congrats on both getting married and looking fabulous on your special day. =D You look great!
  • dschassie
    dschassie Posts: 192 Member
    Wow, what an amazing job! Congrats, you looked fantastic in your wedding dress!
  • meyerliz
    meyerliz Posts: 44 Member
    Asolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you!
  • alechua
    alechua Posts: 224 Member
    gorgeous bride! wtg! Congrats to your wedding and successful goal! :)
  • rashundawillis
    rashundawillis Posts: 6 Member
    First I want to say how proud of you I am for reaching your goal! Thank you for sharing your story!It was very inspiring
  • StacyRenee77
    StacyRenee77 Posts: 2,732 Member
    Wow that is awesome! You go girl!
  • love9705
    love9705 Posts: 478 Member
    wow and congrats on both your wedding and weight loss. You look beautiful. thanks for sharing :flowerforyou:
  • jent1007
    jent1007 Posts: 12
    congratulations. You are a true inspiration to me.
  • kimstwin
    kimstwin Posts: 136 Member
    Great loss! Congratulations on getting married, I hope you two have long and healthy lives together!

    You make a beautiful bride and your dress was perfect.
  • RekindledRose
    RekindledRose Posts: 523 Member
    Wow! You did great! I'm so happy for you; love looks good on you, girl! :heart:

    And you will always know that he fell in love with you and wanted to be with you forever, when you were at your heaviest. He loves you for who you are inside! It's certainly a love story to treasure.
  • jennnymccarthy
    jennnymccarthy Posts: 52 Member
    AMAZING :) What a beautiful story -- you are a beautiful bride! Congrats to both of you :)
  • EricJonrosh
    EricJonrosh Posts: 823 Member
    Wow congrats!
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