How much weight did you lose your first week on MFP?



  • cyneaster
    cyneaster Posts: 3 Member
    6.8 lbs in the first week. Here comes the plateau. :/
  • TDempski
    I've lost 5lbs....and I just started last Thursday. It really works to count calories!
  • cfischer81
    cfischer81 Posts: 111 Member
    I didn't lose much the 1st week maybe 1-2lbs but then the 2nd week I lost like 5lbs.
  • 4myfuture
    4myfuture Posts: 1 Member
    I am allowed 1660 calories a day and i work out 3 or more times a week doing 30 minutes of cardio (treadmill or elliptical) and I do a few of the strength training machines at the gym. I lost 5 pounds in my first week and this is the beginning of my second week and I have already lost 2 more pounds. I think exercise is the key. I hope this helps! God bless!
  • kaymckinley
    kaymckinley Posts: 10 Member
    I only lost 1 lb the first week but I know that if I stick with it the plan will work. I look at others on MFP and they have done it so I know that I can do it. However, I do exercise each day along with doing plank each day with co-workers which has helped so even though I have only lost a pound, I feel stronger. Good luck to you.
  • amccrazgrl
    amccrazgrl Posts: 315 Member
    I have been using MFP since Oct 25th 2010 and have only lost 3lbs. Well it went down to 5lbs 2 weeks ago right before my period and then back up.
  • Teran0612
    Teran0612 Posts: 263
    First week doesn't really count, if you ask me. Change in diet causes most people to shed water right off the bat. I lost about 7 lbs in my first week but I am not too impressed with that. The real test will be after the first month or so. If you know you are doing what you are supposed to be doing then I wouldn't worry about what the scale says after only one week. Give it time and it will go down even if you have a slight gain the first week. Good luck on your journey!

    I agree with this whole heartedly!! I lost just under 8lbs my first week.. and I have lost 4lbs so far this week.. (This is only my second week into it) I'm pretty sure a lot of that is water weight.. although I am sure some of it isn't since I am down 6.5 inches. I am allotted 1500 calories a day (I'm 5'10" and need to lose about 50lbs.) Because I am breastfeeding I am supposed to eat an additional 300 calories a day.. But I am struggling trying to eat my first 1500.. I'm always way too low on my caloric intake and I'm trying to work in incorporating high calorie low fat snacks.

    I have been taking the stairs at work.. and doing some extra flights on my down time.. and I do cardio salsa when I find the time..

    Hope this helps, and good luck!!!
  • MobiusMan
    MobiusMan Posts: 385 Member
    Everyone is different. Just stay on track and count everything. If i use a pack of mustard it goes in my log. keep your eye on the ball. No one plans to fail, they fail to plan. Pay close attention to the small things that hide wicked calories like ketchup and anything made with white bleached flour. I use zero products with white flour and i think that it is key to controlling and stabilizing blood sugar which if well controlled will help limit storage. I am a diabetic on top of being a big fellow, actually due to my weight but have learned that very small very sugar/carb controlled intake keeps me in good numbers and losing weight steadily.
  • mandster
    mandster Posts: 95 Member
    I lost 5 lbs the first week and 4 this week. I know it's mostly water but delighted anyway. I've exercised every day for the last 17 days except yesterday! Mainly cardio. I'm on 1200 cals and eat about 100-200 exercise cals ( not all of them just in case I've overestimated ex cals/ underestimated food cals!) my clothes feel looser and feel much better.

    I know it's going to be slower to lose now but a good start has given me a boost.

    Good luck!
  • lushy20
    lushy20 Posts: 215 Member
    im on 1200 a day and on my first week i lost a whopping 14 lbs im guessing alot of it was water weight tho.i gained some of that back tho cuz i stopped for about 4 months stupid i know, im now back to 11lb loss but dont be discouraged if it does say you have gained carry on it will eventually start to drop
  • shirley_1984
    I lost 3lbs this week, which is my first on MFP and my first since getting back into it... I have about 30 lbs to lose and I am allotted approx 1,300 calories per day... I have been trying to eat healthy and exercise at least every other day... Good Luck and try to have fun with it... afterall if it's a lifestyle change it should make you happy!!!
  • ahayter82
    I'm on 1200 calories a day and I try not to hit that number. I also work out everyday at least 30 minutes. The first week I lost 8 pounds. I have to say reading some of the people say that the first week doesnt really count can really really get a person down. I dont care if it doesnt matter. I still celebrated my 8 pound weight loss. Its 8 pounds less then I had the week before!!!!
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