Coconut Oil???



  • jenilla1
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    Great moisturizer for dry skin.
  • MuseofSong
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    When I bake with coconut oil, it makes the baked goods light and fluffy. It's used in a lot of vegan recipes (not that I'm vegan but some of my recipes are) So, I like it for the nice consistency it gives to food, but I don't like that I have to warm up the jar in a pan of water every time I need to measure some out.
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    Just visited the BPC site. Too extreme a diet for me. I don't like diets that restrict or demonized lots of foods, I too restrict my grain carbs a bit, because my digestion doesn't like them....

    May try the coffee just because I'm curious to see how it tastes ;-) I would think this way of drinking coffee is healthier than any industrial creamer you put in. I drink my coffee black or with natural cream, no sugar, no sweetener. But that's just me.
  • flumi_f
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    Well I just tried it.... Almost anyhow.

    1 Nespresso Coffee Capsule in a preheated mug
    2g butter
    2g Coconut fat (Oil would probably be better, didn't have that at home though)

    Frothed it with a small milk frother while the machine was making the coffee. No sugar, no sweetener added.

    The fats I used added no taste. If I were to add the amount noted on the BPC homepage, I don't think I would like the oilier consistency. That is one thing I don't like about bought powder creamers.

    The coffee was creamier than when I drink it black. Possibly a good alternative on a fast day (I follow 5:2) to tide me over until I eat lunch or dinner. Verdict is still out ;-)
  • TeachTheGirl
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    I actually really enjoy bulletproof coffee, and I find it gives me more of a boost than regular coffee, but I by no means drink it daily. I also use coconut oil for smoothies when I have them and a small amount of cooking, depends on the food. =)
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    coconut oil is a lot better for u! I use for cooking and baking, really anything!!
  • cuckoo_jenibeth
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    I use it for sauteed foods. Coconut oil holds up to heat better than many other oils. I also use it for hair & nails. I haven't noticed an appetite suppressant quality, I use it for its intended use.
  • DancingMoosie
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    I do coconut oil and kerrygold salted butter in my bulletproof coffee, but only a tsp of each. Blend with an immersion blender... A tbs seems way too much for me. I really like it, though:)
  • Clovermoth
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    ooo I tried that coffee before! with butter and coconut oil...but not as a meal replacement. The taste is so rich that it's a rare treat for me and the high calorie content (for coffee!)
    If you do try it make sure to whip the butter in a blender first, then add the oil, then add the coffee.
  • tibby531
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    I use it topically for my eczema. and to remove make up at the end of the day. ponds, avon, and mary kay combined can't get my "too much eye makeup" off as easily as coconut oil can. I haven't tried it for cooking, yet, but I hear it makes for DELICIOUS pancakes! ...mmm, pancakes... :smile:
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    I've been using 1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil and 1 Tablespoon Heavy Whipping Cream in my 4 Cups of coffee thermos. Sounds like a lot, but I'm coming off of drinking 64 ounces of tea. And before that I was drinking a good 80 ounces of Diet Soda. =)

    Yes, I have been able to go all morning/afternoon without feeling hungry or even thinking about food. Don't be completely scared of fats, you need it. I haven't tried butter yet so I can't vouch for that, but you definitely can't even taste the cocount oil. You continually have to mix your coffee so it doesn't float and give you some natural lip gloss, but even that has no taste so it won't make you gag or anything. makes your lips feel so soft, bonus!

    I like it! It's like a Starbucks, but not. I've read that some use an immersion blender so the oil infuses with the coffee, but I don't have time for that and it's still darn good.
  • Clovermoth
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    It removes make-up??!! *High Five*
  • JannAtBeach
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    I don't know about using it to diet, but I use it everyday... I cook with it & use it like butter on toast... I also use it on my hair & skin.... Since i started using coconut oil instead of other oils, my cholestrol levels have became normal .....
  • RonnieLodge
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    ..... I'm willing to look outside of the box, and would love to know if any of you use coconut oil daily and what benefits you've seen with it.

    Please? And thank you in advance for your feedback on this. :wink: :drinker:

    I often have BPC in the morning and also use coconut oil as a hair mask and skin moisturizer. I love the smell and taste of it.
  • squishycatmew
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    I use it if the dish seems to call for it - like to sauté veggies for a Thai-style curry (I might also use peanut oil or sesame oil, depends upon how I'm feeling). I have yet to use it for baking but am considering it for pie crust when I don't know the dietary restrictions of the group I'm feeding - I've heard it works pretty well, and I like it better than vegetable shortening. (My usual fat for pie crust is butter, lard, or a combination, but that can restrict who can eat it. Also since coconut oil is "in" now, it's easier to find than lard.) I don't think it has any magical health properties.
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    Wow they just getting weirder and weirder with all these diet fad. I don't use coconut oil and use olive oil for cooking like stir fry vegetables and meat.

    Well, for this, coconut oil is actually much better. Olive oil (the good stuff, cold pressed, virgin) has a relatively low smoke point - in other words, you can make coconut oil hotter and stir fry things better! Horses for courses (coconut oil as salad dressing would be hideous and clumpy).

    It is still oil. It is still not magic or anything. Just tasty!