Share you progress or total weightloss to date.



  • Kita328
    Kita328 Posts: 372 Member
    Female/ 28/ 160SW/ 140 CW/ 20lbs-Total loss// (time ?)
  • Kita328
    Kita328 Posts: 372 Member
    I'm 5'2" or 5'3" (depending on the current state of my scoliosis), 31, and have had two kids

    In the last 3 years I've:

    lost 30lb

    gone from "skinny fat" to "sort of fit"

    began destroying a life time of self-hate and negative body image

    recovered and moved forward from an abusive situation

    In the last 3 weeks I've:

    gotten up at 4:30am every day, gone to the gym 4 times a week for strength training without fail, re-started my yoga routine, and been fully present in my daily life

    and I treated myself to some long-wanted dermal anchor piercings


    In the next year I will:

    Improve my lean body mass ratio

    continue strength training and move into weight lifting as my strength improves

    not hide my body under oversized sweaters every day

    get hitched to someone who loves me fully and does not beat me





    Love the current pic! I see your chemical room...You must work at a salon hehe. Only another hairstylist would notice!! Very nice progress
  • thatjosiegirl
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    F/31/5'6 [183lb>145lb = 38lb ] (7 months)
  • jemontague
    jemontague Posts: 7 Member
    M/31/5'11" [365 > 283 = 82 lbs] (1 Year)

    Progress pic on profile.
  • allycolli
    allycolli Posts: 28 Member
    F/44/5'5 [222>162=60](1 yr)
  • lewispwest
    lewispwest Posts: 498 Member
    M/26/6'1"[264>221.4=42.6](3.1 months)
  • pipertargaryen
    pipertargaryen Posts: 303 Member
    Female / 25 / 5'4" [215lbs > 165lbs = 50lbs] (6 months exactly):drinker:
  • Whitwhitfitwhit
    Whitwhitfitwhit Posts: 5 Member
    5'3 (and a half!)
    Current weight- 160
    Starting weight -180
    Goal Weight - 140

    Feel free to add me ladies!
  • Jarrod4275
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    M:39 (6' tall) 282 pound alcoholic 1 pack a day smoker since I was 17. Woke up one morning and felt sick (again) from too much drinking, smoking, a cold, acid reflux, gout, pains and aches and depression. Sick and tired of being sick and tired I stood at our living room window and watched my kids playing basketball on the drive. Married with 5 kids. 4 boys and a baby girl. I decided I was done. Continue my path and die or start fighting. So I quit smoking that day. I quit drinking that day. I downloaded myfitnesspal that day. I decided that if I am going to be miserable quitting a 22 year old drinking and smoking habit I might as well include exercise and diet as well. I'm not going to lie. The first week was pretty rough. But I survived it and I figured if I can survive that then I can do this. I set my goal at 200 pounds. I haven't weighed 200 pounds since high school. I started walking on our treadmill in the basement. Just walk. After a few weeks I threw in a little light jogging here and there. I loosely started following the Paleo diet. Meats, Eggs, Fruits, Veggies, RAW nuts. Cut out bread, crackers, chips, corn, potatoes. Try to cut out anything processed and canned. Seemed impossible at first. Started getting to a point where I was feeling better and better. If I decided to have lunch at the elementary school with my son and they had corn and potatoes then I ate them. I can't rationally figure I will never eat these things again but I try and avoid them. It has been 161 days since I last drank or smoked. I weigh 212 pounds. I have lost 70 fricking pounds and have 12 to go! I swim about a mile every week. I run / walk over 20 miles every week. I sleep through the night and am full of energy. My quality of life with my children and my wife has increased immensely. I have grown in my faith as well. I am running in my first ever 5k in October and I am excited to see where I will end up in the pack. That day in January this year I decided I was DONE feeling this way was the best day of my life. Going to a Paleo diet and using myfitnesspal has changed my life and did it in only 5 months! :wink:
  • Whitwhitfitwhit
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    Your awesome Jarrod!!!
  • stevee290
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    M/25/5'10 [ 240>190=50] 4 months. Gained some back [ 203>176=27] 6 months.
  • RatRaceOne
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    M / 53 / 5' 11" [ 476 > 238 - 238 ] ( 9 months )
  • Jenn728
    Jenn728 Posts: 691 Member

    28 pounds in 5 months (was 30 but gained a few back).

    I am back on track and ready to lose another 30!
  • SunshineKisses_2012
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    I'm a slow loser (actually, I got discouraged because I wasn't seeing fast enough results, so I took 2 weeks off...until I tried on the bridesmaid dress I wore at my friend's wedding 2 years ago and discovered it was a bit more loose than I had been when I last wore it - measured myself and found I lost 14" all over from 2 years ago)...


    Age: 34 years old
    # of Days: 67 day streak
    Height: 5' 9" tall
    Start Weight: 296 lbs (ouch!)
    Current Weight: 284 lbs
    Loss so far: 12 lbs
    Goal Weight: 175 lbs

    Current health goals: Learning to lift heavy (and being confident in the process) 3 days a week, 8000+ steps per day (fitbit), Pilates 1 time per week (love this, so this isn't much of an issue).
  • accelerashawn
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    Dude, 29, 6ft
    In one year I'm down 32lbs and went from 28% to 16% body fat. Started off with the starvation diet...that sucked and i lost a ton of muscle...then i tried the weight lifting approach...that was cool cuz i got my muscle back...then i tried eating at a deficit...weight came off slow but sure. Now I eat healthy at a deficit and the weight comes off fast. Learned a lot in a year!
  • BigT555
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    M / 53 / 5' 11" [ 476 > 238 - 238 ] ( 9 months )
    kudos for the insane weight loss, but if you did this naturally you should really slow it down, thats a loss of almost a pound a day which is really aggressive
  • BigMech
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    M/42/6'6" [ 490 > 230 - 260 ] ( 26 months)

    I lost the weight from Feb 2010 to April 2012. Since then I've been on small bulks and cuts to add muscle and lean out a little more. I weighed in at 245 this morning.
  • Mag1913
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    F/43/5'11"/SW-234/CW-169 - 18 months of hard work, dedication and determination...9 pounds to go to goal weight :smile:
  • mommyhof3
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    F/38/5'5 [225lbs>187lbs = 38lbs ] (6 months)
  • cesar424
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    M/32/5'8 275 -> 240 in 2 1/2 months. current Goal is 200.