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Whats your sport?

gym_king_carliegym_king_carlie Member Posts: 528 Member Member Posts: 528 Member
and why?

Mine now is Boxing and MMA, I love the discipline, my favourite sportsmen have been fighters, Mike Tyson, Fedor and Cain Velasquez to name a few.

Before I fell in love with the fighting, I was passionate about Rugby League, I played all my life and even played a few pro games.


  • CamilleJackie350CamilleJackie350 Member Posts: 124 Member Posts: 124
  • no_russianno_russian Member Posts: 893 Member Member Posts: 893 Member
    Football. Played it in high school and follow the NFL more than other pro leagues.
  • patrickblo13patrickblo13 Member Posts: 831 Member Member Posts: 831 Member
    I played soccer through since I was 4 through college. I still play in some men's leagues.

    Other than that I would say mountain biking and skiing at the moment
  • Kittykat0719Kittykat0719 Member Posts: 33 Member Posts: 33
    Soccer! Because I play/played it all my life. Baseball because I love my Detroit Tigers! And Football because I love it! NFL & College :tongue:
  • BlueBombersBlueBombers Member Posts: 4,105 Member Member Posts: 4,105 Member

    I am Canadian
  • gym_king_carliegym_king_carlie Member Posts: 528 Member Member Posts: 528 Member
    I gave American Football (sorry I know you don't like that term as much as the English don't like the term soccer haha) but yeah I enjoyed it, the team folded but I would give it another go, very similar to Rugby.
  • wissabearwissabear Member Posts: 62 Member Member Posts: 62 Member
    Field Hockey - Ive loved it since High school.
    Running - because I can do it anytime
  • BigT555BigT555 Member Posts: 2,070 Member Member Posts: 2,070 Member
    hockey, rugby, football in that order

    hockey ive played since i was a kid, rugby and football started in highschool and didnt pursue outside of school, though i do want to try out a mens league during the summer for rugby its just hard to find the time outside of work
  • MissingMinnesotaMissingMinnesota Member Posts: 7,499 Member Member Posts: 7,499 Member
    I grew up playing baseball and softball, still play softball. Also grew up watching the late 80s and early 90s Twins when Kirby and Hrbek played. I am also a stat nerd which baseball is great for. There isn't a better way to spend a nice summer day then in a ball park either playing or watching a game with friends/family.
  • JonnyMacAwesomeJonnyMacAwesome Member Posts: 770 Member Member Posts: 770 Member

    I am Canadian

  • jnicheljnichel Member Posts: 4,571 Member Member Posts: 4,571 Member
    I'm from the South.......FOOTBALL!

    And baseball after the All-Star break.
  • _John__John_ Member Posts: 8,598 Member Member Posts: 8,598 Member
    I played football, baseball, basketball, tennis and did track at a small HS...I typically like what sport is season and prefer college sports.

    I also played a lot of golf after high school and like it too.
  • SugarBaby71SugarBaby71 Member Posts: 3,645 Member Member Posts: 3,645 Member

    I am Canadian

    This. But only to watch. I like to row and kayak.
  • ColtsforlifeColtsforlife Member Posts: 124 Member Posts: 124
    I love to watch Boxing!! and Football , baseball and the Lakers
  • skippygirlsmomskippygirlsmom Member Posts: 4,269 Member Member Posts: 4,269 Member
    In school I played softball and basketball with alittle field hockey thrown in. I love football, soccer, ice hockey and car racing.
  • MizTerryMizTerry Member Posts: 3,803 Member Member Posts: 3,803 Member
    Taekwondo for the exercise, self defense and PRESSURE POINTS. I don't want to have to exert more energy than I have to when I'm at a disadvantage.
  • Crimson_FireCrimson_Fire Member Posts: 2,516 Member Member Posts: 2,516 Member
    Fishing is a sport, right??

    To and hockey!
  • jacques57jacques57 Member Posts: 2,129 Member Member Posts: 2,129 Member
    I rowed competitive crew for a few years, and still sea kayak and canoe whenever possible. I consider snorkeling a sport. I was captain of the Brown University Ultimate Frisbee team from 1976 to 1978. Mostly these days I hike in the Anza-Borrego desert.
  • Guns_N_BunsGuns_N_Buns Member, Premium Posts: 1,898 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,898 Member
    I play soccer, basketball and box, as well.

    As far as "new" sports I'm into for fitness: I love pole dancing, rock climbing and snowboarding.

    ETA: for the "Why" High School I played basketball because I was just good at it (Varsity team freshman year) I got into because it incorporated running, a lot, which I love, and I secretly enjoyed beating the all-Mexican teams because they thought they should win simply because it was "their sport". My family has always sat around watching the fights, so I got into boxing to release aggression and for fitness. Pole dancing works the ENTIRE body and it's fun. I've always liked climbing up trees/rocks/ rock climbing is obvious. Snowboarding...well, I can't surf anymore like I used living in Tahoe, I now snowboard.
  • Jim_G10Jim_G10 Member Posts: 132 Member Posts: 132
    Golf - peace and quiet for 4 hours at a time....
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