Exercise phobic!

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Hi everyone.

Bit of background:

I'm a 25 year old couch potato! Would like to lose around 40lbs in the hope of boosting my self esteem and so I can stop being
"The fat friend" !! Got engaged at Christmas and there's absolutely no pressure from him to do this - it's about me and how I feel about myself. My weight has been consistent for about 4 years now (suppose I should be pleased it hasn't increased!) but my main issue is I don't like exercise! Well....that's a bit of a lie. I enjoy swimming when I actually go and I started jogging a few months ago (not for very long!) but I hate being the "fat girl" sweating it out. Literally bright red face and sweat pouring. It's so unattractive and embarrassing next to all the slim, perfect hair and make up types!!

Anyone else feel like this? Words of wisdom or support?? :(



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    well, i know that when i work out i sweat, smell, and get red faced, and breathe heavy and can't make with the forming of full sentences.

    and i love every second of it.

    don't compare yourself to others with exercising. and if you can't help it, try to go exercise as early as possible, when you won't see as many people.
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    Thanks for the tip!

    Not sure if I can ever see myself "loving it" but think it's more to do with my current self esteem - who knows!

    Can't sit around waiting for the weight to lose itself though!
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    I love resistance training, I hate cardio. However, I'm big into landscaping and working in the yard to get everything looking nice so every morning (I work graveyard shift) I go out and do yard work for an hour. I work up a sweat shoveling, raking, removing brush, mowing, pushing the wheelbarrow around, using the gas string trimmer, etc. It beats the hell out of walking on a treadmill.

    If you can find a hobby of some type that requires you to be active to some degree it might make things more tolerable. My dad loves doing DIY stuff around the house, whether it's minor construction type stuff or gardening, etc. He doesn't do any type of formal exercise program but the amount of time he spends outside keeps him in decent shape.
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    I hate being the "fat girl" sweating it out. Literally bright red face and sweat pouring.

    I get weirdly proud when this happens to me. Shows I kicked *kitten*.
  • je0689
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    I hate being the "fat girl" sweating it out. Literally bright red face and sweat pouring.

    I get weirdly proud when this happens to me. Shows I kicked *kitten*.

    Wish I could get this feeling!!!!!!
  • je0689
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    If you can find a hobby of some type that requires you to be active to some degree it might make things more tolerable.

    I'm an OT student entering my final year at university! Course can be pretty full on during placement season and very tiring :( hence why I tend to crash and burn! I volunteer in my spare time with the elderly but maybe I do need a more active hobby?

    Finding these boards very therapeutic actually - by writing stuff down it makes me realise how full of excuses I am!! Hmmm.....
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    I don't like to work out in public or anything either. I also have a 2 year old so when I'm not at my job, I'm home with him. I try to meet my calorie goals since that alone seems to help lose the weight, but I feel like I need to get some exercise in. I've always been into playing Dance Dance Revolution, so I break that out to try to at least get a 30 minute workout in. (Cardio does seem to be the best!) There's even a workout mode that helps you see how many calories you are burning. I also play Just Dance since that involves a little more arm movement, but the DDR seems to take more energy overall. So its fun, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home! If you don't have any game systems, DDR has games on the PS2, even PS1 that you could probably pick up pretty cheap. Even the the Wii's are going cheaper with the Wii U coming out. With the Wii there's also that Wii fit which I don't have yet, but have heard many good things of! :)
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    If your face is getting read and the sweat is pouring off of you, maybe you are going at it too hard? I exercise regularly and am very fit and I never get red (anymore) though I do sweat. Try easing into things a little bit - give your body time to adjust to the activity. And I say go for the swimming! I would love to be able to enjoy swimming (I suck at it severely) but think it's one of the best exercises out there!
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    Maybe get some walking in somewhere? Even if its just a bit, and building up to adding more. Personally I have no transport of my own, and no public transport goes to work round me so I have no choice but to walk!

    I also love the couch to 5K program for running, if you want to get into that sort of thing :)

    As well as exercise DVDs that i can do when ever i want, in my own space so no one can see me jumping around like a fool...
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    I understand exactly what you're saying about being embarrassed at the gym. People use to tell me no one was watching me they are concentrating on their own workout...I didn't believe it...but I kept going to the gym. I don't feel as self-conscience as I use to. I guess I just got use to going and the more I went the more I started liking it. Trust me....when I'm done with cardio I look like I just got out of the pool! lol!!
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    I used to be very cautious about my appearance...possibly to make up for being obese? Either way, I was not comfortable working out in front of others either - so I bought home DVD's to start. I really enjoyed Turbo Jam, and now I do Turbo Fire often (and go to the gym!)

    Anyway, as the weight came off...I found that I did not care so much if my hair was perfect, and my make up (since I knew it was going to melt off anyway). In fact...i feel totally comfortable leaving the house and run errands while in my workout clothes if I have to.

    When I was 250lbs, I hated exercise...or so I thought. My mother recommended Leslie Sansone so I tried it and LOVED IT! I did daily for about 2 weeks, weight was coming off - and I realized when I missed a day that "i was hooked". Which never in my entire life I thought would happen to me. Turbo Jam was another good one to start if you want something to ease into working out - and its enjoyable!
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    As a pale girl, my face will always turn red when I go jogging, even when I'm in shape. Saturday I was so worried that I had gotten sunburned because my face was so red when I looked in the mirror, but it was just from running around in the heat. It can be a little embarrassing, especially since I'm just starting out, but I doubt anyone else even notices.
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    If by the time you're done working out, you're hair and make up is still perfect, you're doing it wrong, regardless of your weight. You know you worked hard when you're all sweaty, have a red face and need to catch a breath
  • im very similar to you im a uni student and a couch potato (right now im sitting on the couch) one thing i like to do is go swimming, once your in the water no one see's you in your swim suit and i just go for it, its cold so your face doesn't get all red and its fun i even coax my partner to come with me, doesn't even feel like im working out.
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    LOL - you want to talk about pale girls who get red in the face when they work-out? !

    I have very little pigment - so when I lift weights or do an extra long cardio session my face turns beet red and I sweat from places I didn't think you could sweat from!

    I have a home-gym so only my family is lucky enough to see me post work-out - but prior to having a home gym I was a member at several gyms and honestly I never cared how I looked after a workout. I figure - I gave it my all - I'll wear this beet-face as a badge of honor!
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    Hi je0689!

    Welcome! I understand a bit of what you're feeling. You're not completely comfortable in your skin at the moment but the motivation to workout is lacking. I think I felt a little self-conscious being that person at the gym that was gasping like a fish out of water.

    I think it's important to set goals for yourself that go beyond the daily slog of being red-faced and puffing. Visualize your end result and set milestone goals for yourself whether that's a number on the scale, a new outfit or an exercise goal.

    Once you see yourself working towards wearing something awesome or being able to hit a certain number of laps in the pool, you start caring less about how goofy you think you look as you workout. Visualize your glorious end result and reward yourself when you make those small steps.

    There will be discomfort no doubt but you'll be more excited about achieving your small victories and final goals! :)

    Also, I think any gym-goer worth knowing will respect you for your efforts instead of judging you on how glamorous you look on the machines.
  • Do not let your self esteem wear you down! We all have to start somewhere, and you've taken your first steps into your journey towards your goal. That's the most important thing. To convince yourself that you need a change and telling your mind to go into a routine. Once you get a routine, then you'll set.

    Routine can consist of a diet and exercise schedule. Once you know your calorie goal, and limits, then you can organize what foods to stay away from and what foods are low calorie and good. You can still cheat once in a while but it's all about them calories!

    Exercise is nothing to fear! Most runners who see heavier people running smile and give encouragement (at least I do) because it's great to see that they're making an effort to control their weight unlike other people who are lazy and make excuses about losing weight or going to the gym.

    Add me as a friend if you want! I'd be happy to help you if you like :)
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    Start with something fun! Try a Zumba class or kick boxing...try everything till you find what you like. I started with an exercise bike, then started zumba and before you know it I was swinging a 25 lb kettle bell. One day in the back of the gym on the bike I said I want to be that gym witch up front chatting up the instructor. Took me 2 years and every instructor in the gym knew who I WAS. I was the girl up front all the newbies wanted to be like.

    I have suffered with a joint and tendon disease for the last 7 months, but now that I am diagnosed and medicated. I need to loose 15 lbs and work my way to the front of the class again. Nothing was as empowering as being able to rock the man push ups and run 4- 10 minute miles. Might not be the most fit person ever but I lost 55 lbs and met my fitness goals. Now, I need to work my way back.

    You can do it. I did, and trust me if you fine what you like and what fits with your life you will enjoy it. See if you can get your man to join you.

    Good Luck!
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    I train for badminton with some England players. Some of these players are extremely fit, & by the end of a training session, every one of us is dripping with sweat, red as a tomato, and all stink of sweat. You should not feel embarrased by it!!

    Just remember that if you ever see anyone exercising who does not look tired or sweating as much as you, then it simply means that you have worked much harder than them & your work out was more effective!

    Stay positive & good luck!
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    I don't like exercising, and I likely never will. I like the feeling of accomplishment afterwards, though, and I always keep that in mind. Once I stopped expecting to magically start enjoying the workout, I became more consistent. It's just a thing I have to do now, like laundry or dishes. Instead of waking up and saying "I don't feel like it today, let's do it tomorrow" I say "I'm not going to like this tomorrow, either, so I should just get it over with."

    Try a bunch of different things, and if you still don't find one you like (I didn't), just pick the one that is the least terrible to you. For me, that happened to be running, since it is very effective and I doesn't require commuting to a gym.