Are you losing weight to feel more attractive?



  • neandermagnon
    neandermagnon Posts: 7,446 Member
    I aim to be healthy, fit and very strong. Looking good is a side effect from that. Yes of course I want to look good... but my primary objectives are health, fitness and strength.
  • Fourtysevenguy
    Fourtysevenguy Posts: 41 Member
    Yep, mine is firstly to look better but in my own mind! Always been a harsh self judge!
  • Fourtysevenguy
    Fourtysevenguy Posts: 41 Member
    Wise words! :)
  • btanton27
    btanton27 Posts: 186 Member
    I was always told I had a pretty face so of course I would like the rest of me to complete that look :) but I originally started for health reasons. I realized as I have compared pics of myself from today and from a couple years ago that I look a hell of a lot better too!
  • 47Jacqueline
    47Jacqueline Posts: 7,010 Member
    Just curious, it's a bit of a taboo subject, a lot of people say it's to "get healthy" but some also want to feel more attractive. Which category are you in?

  • Achrya
    Achrya Posts: 16,916 Member
    Strictly vanity. /shrug
  • greengoddess0123
    greengoddess0123 Posts: 417 Member
    I think I'm in the minority, but I thought I was pretty dang cute at 250 pounds. Of course, I could be wrong! :bigsmile:

    I didn't even care about losing weight until I got back into horseback riding and started running. I realized I could do those things better if I got lighter and stronger and fitter.
  • JeralynSh
    JeralynSh Posts: 139 Member
    For me, it's kind of the same thing. I'm doing it for my health, but being healthier definitely makes me feel more attractive. But I don't give a damn about what anyone else thinks. It's all for me.
  • Beckilovespizza
    Beckilovespizza Posts: 334 Member
    Pure vanity here but loving the side effects of feeling healthier, sleeping better and not being out of breath when walking etc. Also its great to have found new exercises which have now turned into hobbies such as skating and bike riding. After my holiday i have gained a stone and my lovely new clothes do not fit well any more, back to vanity weight loss :)
  • Zomoniac
    Zomoniac Posts: 1,168 Member
    Came for vanity, stayed for health :)

    Complete opposite to me. I came because I couldn't function properly because I was overweight and unhealthy. I'm now a good weight and healthy, I just have to finish making myself look how I want :)
  • Squig4
    Squig4 Posts: 2 Member
    Both for me. Post menopausal and body's metabolism has shut down. Just got back to My fitness pal to help me get back on track! My daughter just got engaged so another motivator, I hope!
  • Nix143
    Nix143 Posts: 522 Member
    Total vanity. Of course that means my self esteem and confidence have gone through the roof. I generally just feel.... better. Mentally, physically and spiritually. So, a little bit of vanity has turned out to actually be a really life enhancing thing :smile:
  • SunofaBeach14
    SunofaBeach14 Posts: 4,932 Member
    I like to jog around the neighborhood shirtless to embarrass my kids and annoy the neighbors. It's 100% vanity.
  • Galatea_Stone
    Galatea_Stone Posts: 2,037 Member
    Strength and bikinis.

    There's not a lot I can do about my face, but there's a lot I can do about my body.
  • PapaverSomniferum
    PapaverSomniferum Posts: 2,677 Member
    sadly, I really only care about looking better.

    I'm not ashamed to admit that it's my hatred of my appearance that motivates me out of bed and to the gym at 4:30am. "Health" doesn't motivate me nearly as much. Sure I might choose a salad over cheese fries because it's "healthier"....but sometimes the cheese fries sound better. Instant gratification, health be damned.

    Luckily, health is a consequence of fitness, so my low self esteem is doing me good in the long run.
  • EvgeniZyntx
    EvgeniZyntx Posts: 24,210 Member
    Vanity, fitness ability, health. Physical and mental.
  • RHachicho
    RHachicho Posts: 1,115 Member
    I tried losing weight for vanity. Never really worked. I guess deep down I didn't care enough about my appearance to do all the stuff I needed to do to lose weight. Once it became about health however. I found my motivation. So yeah looking better is definitely the cherry on top. But I developed hiderodenitis suppuritiva. Which keeping healthy has gotten rid of. This has taught me the real value of healthy. And it isn't getting your end away.
  • brayman1701
    brayman1701 Posts: 76 Member
    Yes that it is my main motivation as I hate the way I look and feel. If a few minor health problems clear up because of it then great.
  • kk_140
    kk_140 Posts: 518 Member
    It is absolutely vanity weight weight for me, I wasn't really overweight to begin with so vanity ismy main reason.
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