18 year old goal is to Lose 100 pounds ... Any Advice?!



  • You are too young to ruin your metabolism, so please don't starve yourself! Opt for a low carb, no sugar, real food lifestyle. And eat fat! your body needs it. Stay away from gimmicks, processed/diet foods, artificial crap. No diet sodas or artificial sweeteners.

    Also, don't let the scale rule your life! Take body measurements and gauge your progress by that... for example, you can use a pair of pants that fit you know, and try them on every week to see how they are fitting.

    Get active, start by walking if you need to... this is a great way to get active. Try to do it outside, it is a lot more fun that running on the hamster wheel, aka treadmill.

    Good luck to you! :flowerforyou:

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    There is already some great advice here.

    Slow and stead win the race. You didn't gain the weight overnight and you won't lose it that way either. Life isn't the Biggest Loser and losing 1/2-1 lb/week (or less) is not failing. It is fantastic! Take every loss, no matter how big or small, for what it is - a success!

    Make a goal of changing your habits, not losing weight. The better your habits are, the more weight you will lose and if you work on your habits, the weight loss will be sustainable.

    Be patient with yourself!!! You will have slip ups and celebrations and nights out with the girls. Don't beat yourself up for going over your calorie goals! It does nothing but make you feel bad. When those happen, chalk it up to an enjoyable night and MOVE ON. This is for the rest of your life. The sooner you can forgive yourself for enjoying a meal or a night out, the sooner you can get right back on the wagon and continue on your journey. Giving up after a night out defeats everything.

    Invest in a good food scale, measuring cups and spoons. Weigh and measure everything! It's amazing how portion creep can sabotage your efforts. Weighing and measuring keeps you honest and gives you the most accurate calorie count possible.

    Log EVERYTHING - the good, the bad and the ugly. Give yourself and honest record. When you are getting bored and frustrated (and it happens), you can look back on the successful weeks and re-energize yourself. When you aren't losing and you think you should be, you can go back over your records and figure out the problem. Be totally honest in your journaling! Your body will keep a record whether you log it or not so not logging something doesn't mean you didn't eat it!

    Move your body! You lose weight in the kitchen and get fit in the gym so you can lose weight without exercise. HOWEVER, exercise feels good! Find something you enjoy and just do it. It makes your body move easier, it makes it easier to lose weight, it makes you feel good about yourself and as you lose weight, it will make you look better. The exercise will tone your body and a toned body looks better both in clothes and out of clothes!

    Try a variety of foods and recipes. Boredom is the devil! If you get bored, it's easier to quit, so keep trying new things. There are a ton of recipe sites out there that have fantastic, easy recipes that fit into any diet plan. Skinnytaste.com is my personal favorite, but it is far from the only one. Try fruits and vegetables that you have never tried before. Some you'll like and some you won't, but you won't know until you try them. Try different exercises - again, some you'll like and some you won't! Keep doing the ones you like and forget about the ones you don't!

    Don't starve yourself. it doesn't do any good. Eating too few calories will make you feel sick and tired. Do it for a long enough time and you'll lose your hair and your nails will turn to crap. I've been there, done that. Listing to my age and wisdom. (LOL) I did that in my mid-20's and caused myself to lose lots of hair, ruin my nails and I quit having my period for a long time. I was also tired and worn out ALL the time. You can lose weight and get fit without starving yourself, so just don't do it!

    Above all else, be patient and kind with yourself. Some days are easier than others. Don't beat yourself up for the hard days. We all have them and it doesn't accomplish anything. You can't change the past, you can only change the future.

    Friend me if you'd like some additional support, but I just want to be up front - if you starve yourself (i.e. eating under 1,200 calories a day), I will call you on it! I will not support unhealthy eating behaviors!

    Good luck to you!!! You can do this!
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    I'm an emotional eater, also. My weight has been causing some health problems, and I'm fairly fed up. So, my RNP gave me the best advice this spring.

    Calories: I'm older than you, so she recommended 1,200-1,400 calories per day.

    Protein: Take your weight in lbs, divide it by 2, and try to consume that amount in grams of protein. So, when I weighed 200 lbs, I would try to eat 100 g of protein each day.

    Sugars: Limit them to 20 g per day. I ignore carbs and concentrate on sugars.

    Fat: Limit fat to 20 g per day. Of course, vegetable fats (like avocado and nuts) are better, but they are still fats.

    These goals are nearly impossible to meet, taken together. This application helps. I've lost an average of 3 lbs per week this year doing this. Don't be so strict that you beat yourself up over it, remember they are guidelines, and each day contributes. It's really the weekly average that counts more than anything. And if you go up and down in weight a bit, remember that's normal. It's the weekly average that counts. I still weigh myself every day, even though many people tell you not to obsess. As long as the "ups" in weight don't get you down, then the ultimate "down" in weight will really bring you up!

    Focus on something you like to do, and do it. Feel good about what you do, and become self-satisfied in your activities. Don't do this for anyone else but you. Stick with it.

    Good luck!!!
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    My advice to you is to look into Atkins / Paleo diet. I have lost 120 lbs in a year and 4 months doing this. I eat cheese, butter, oil, nuts, avocados, etc. Also, the new improved Atkins does phases for you to follow, so you never gain it back. I also found that stopping the carbs and sugar has improved my heath ten fold. I no longer have the problems I did 120 lbs ago- granted, it has a lot to do with weighing a lot less, but I can say it really works. It also teaches you how to eat healthy and still eat food you love (my fav is american cheese omelette with turkey bacon- GUILT FREE). Once you start loosing then incorporate excercise. The great thing about Atkins is that you loose 15 lbs the first week, so that gives you incentive to keep going, unlike some diets where you don't see the results in a month or two. Good Luck! You can do anything you put your mind to! :-)

    Opt for a low carb, no sugar, real food lifestyle. And eat fat! your body needs it. Stay away from gimmicks, processed/diet foods, artificial crap. No diet sodas or artificial sweeteners.

    Absolutely not necessary. OP read the sexypants link above, eat at a modest deficit (TDEE -20% is a good start) and try toget some exercise for health benefits. And remember it's not a race or Biggest Loser. Good luck :flowerforyou:
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    Hey, we are in similiar age! Ill send you an FR right now, so we can encourage and motivate eachother :)
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    2. Portion control
    3. Get out and move
    4. Don't weigh daily (weight fluctuates, and you'll drive yourself crazy)
    5. Be consistent
    6. Don't give up!

    This! It's everything you need to know! In addition, I hate to say it, because it was one of the hardest parts for me, but you have to get OK with being hungry every once in a while...

    All of this. Plus I'll agree with frequently measuring yourself and taking photos. The scale will stop moving from time to time. That does not mean that you are not still making progress. The measuring tape and side by side photos will not lie. Seeing the constant progress in spite of the silent scale will keep your morale up.

    Good luck!! You can do this.
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    Also, the first week of giving up carbs and sugar you literally withdrawl from it. After that- the craving are gone. I would go to a restaurant and say "look at these people eating salads- how and why would they do that with all this good food!" I no longer say that, because the cravings are gone. You retrain your taste buds to like vegetables etc. I bought the Nurti Bullet and it is fantastic!!

    I know different things work for different people. If Paleo or Atkins has worked for you it is because you were eating at a calorie deficit. period. Paleo is extremely difficult to maintain long term...you are only 18, do you want to live the rest of your life depriving yourself of foods you love? The cravings may dissipate, but with one tiny slip up, they come back very quickly.

    ****Just eat at a deficit and you will lose!!

    Use this calculator to help determine your daily caloric goal:
    http://scoobysworkshop.com/accurate-calorie-calculator/ Good luck!
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    I suggest starting something to build up your healthy habits, think long term not fast.

    You have your age on your side so think forever.

    Also, support is so helpful I've got a couple of friends added and it makes me want to log on and track my calories and 'think' fitness. I'll add you and try to give you positive support.

    Also, if anyone else would like positive support you can add me too.
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    My first bit of advise is - follow thru - do it NOW. You can do this!! The older you get, the harder it is (trust me, I've been saying the same things since *I* was 18 - 40 years ago!!)
    Second - move - walk, run, go to a gym, or do videos on the tv. Moving will make it come off even quicker, and help keep your skin in condition too.
    Third - keep coming back to MFP. There are so many supportive people here - they'll get you thru plateaus (you WILL have them) and other problems.

  • Don't look at it as having to lose 100lbs.... take it 5 pounds at a time... those would be small wins that actually make you feel like you are accomplishing various goals very quickly! Good luck - you can do it ......... TRACK everything - even though you may go over your calories.... just track it - it will really show you how many calories you consume.... makes ALL the difference

    That's a great advice! Rome wasn't built in a day either, so don't expect to drop the weight in a few months. Focusing on smaller increments will allow you to celebrate accomplishments along the way and keep you motivated to continue.

    Really focus on cleaning up your diet. Cut everything that is not essential to a nutritious diet, including sodas, alcohol, and sweets, and zero in on fresh fruits and veggies, a lot of lean protein (poultry, fish, powders), and moderate carbs. Don't worry about fats too much because you will cut them automatically by changing your diet.

    And, finally, as many people pointed out, stick with it. If you don't see results that you want, go back over your food diary, re-evaluate and modify, and keep going. Good luck!