weigh nude or clothed?

I'm pretty close to my goal weight if I weigh myself nude but im 5 pounds heavier with clothes on
should I go by nude weight or clothed weight?
what do you do?


  • Both are fine - if you always wear the same clothes and you know how much they weigh it's easy to calculate the weight of your body. ;)
  • sho3girl
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    as I was weighed at birth naked
  • Thomasm198
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    That depends. If you're weighing yourself in public; clothed is usually the socially accepted standard.
  • Thanks for the giggles you guys!
  • cincysweetheart
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    What have you been doing all the way along? Then do it that way for the most accurate reading.

    Personally, I weigh myself at the gym… so clothing it is for me! I may arrested if I tried it naked! Plus, I may put anyone who saw me into therapy for years for the recurring nightmares!
  • rodduz
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    As long as you're consistent, doesn't make much difference.
  • thebigcb
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    Thanks for the giggles you guys!
  • DR2501
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    As long as you're consistent, doesn't make much difference.

    This. Unless you wear the same clothes every time then its difficult to be consistent, so I always weigh myself naked (at home...)
  • NurseJ1524
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    I usually weigh with clothes because that's how people see you everyday
  • Goodfellagrl
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    Naked at home and of course clothed in public but I think naked would be the most accurate reading. Like when I go to the doctors of course I can't take my clothes off but I always take my shoes off cuz shoes are extra weight, not much but its extra weight so its not going to be an accurate reading if you keep your shoes on.
  • DR2501
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    Interesting, but clothes change as you lose so will inevitably weigh less - false reading no?
  • wizzybeth
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    I think the difference in weight of the clothing as you wear smaller sizes will be quite negligible.

    I usually weight at home in my undies. If I know I'm going to be weighed in public, like when I went to weight watchers, I wore the same, lightweight clothing: lightweight t-shirt and lightweight exercise / yoga pants.
  • RHachicho
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    Naked I want to weigh my body not my clothes :) Though im obv clothed for the 1/month weigh ins at the gym im always clothed in the same clothes for that. Again consistency between weigh ins is the key. But it has shown me that clothes do account for a couple of lbs.
  • paulperryman
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    jocks on or nude, jocks weigh almost nothing, fitbit wrist strap weighs 16g. so it's all bugger all.
  • pyrowill
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    Only weigh with clothes if you wear similar clothes everytime. Denim can be heavy, I'd suggest if you want to wear clothes for a weigh in, wear whatever you might wear to bed. I started weighing in naked so now have to do that everytime.

    Truth is it doesn't matter since the overall trend is whats important, just be consistent, always naked, or always with clothes (so long as it is similar weighted clothes).
  • shortntall1
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    bra and panties only.
  • howardheilweil
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    Consistency is all that matters... Same scale, same time of day, same level of clothing or lack thereof...
  • joepage612
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    so when your BMI scale says healthy
    unhealthy. its based on clothed or not?
  • bepeejaye
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    Er.....disrobed....at the same time every month, before I head out for a Body Composition Analysis at a fitness/health and wellness club.
  • emalethmoon
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    I weight every morning after my pee but before breakfast. I generally only have underpants on when I weigh.