Hogwarts Weight Loss Challenge - Enrollment Now Open



  • Hi! I would like to be in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff! Thank you!
  • semordnilap
    semordnilap Posts: 174 Member
    Pick me! I would like to be Ravenclaw!
  • Carmenbraun55
    Carmenbraun55 Posts: 50 Member
    What ever house is left :D
  • Maryt1961
    Maryt1961 Posts: 280 Member
    This sounds like fun...Ron Wesley is my favorite character, so Griffendor please! If this is filled then anyplace open...Thanks!!
  • jeskbree
    jeskbree Posts: 13 Member
    Yayyyy Harry Potter anything! Hufflepuff please!
  • Igotthatcake
    Igotthatcake Posts: 169 Member
    GRIFFENDOR PLEASE! I am so in :) but anywhere there is room is fine :)
  • nwright612
    nwright612 Posts: 974 Member
    I'll play for Gryffindor! :D (or whichever house still has room...if any of them.. :/)
  • This sounds so fun! I'd like Gryffindor I think, but I'm fine with any others too.
  • Brianne333
    Brianne333 Posts: 232 Member
    Slytherin please :)
  • jiagetsfit
    jiagetsfit Posts: 273 Member
    Wherever a spot is open, I'm so in!!!!
  • cacklingcat
    cacklingcat Posts: 150 Member
    yes Gryffindor hehe(or where ever love all the books and moves so I'm good with anything :D
  • Sounds fun! Please sort me into Ravenclaw!
  • paulisitt
    paulisitt Posts: 32 Member
    Very keen, Any house will be fine!
  • wimbsie
    wimbsie Posts: 19
    This will be a great way to start off my weightloss, I'm in! Slytherin is where it's at!.
  • bsmith101112
    bsmith101112 Posts: 31 Member
    If there is still room, I am in! Don't care which house, just as long as I'm not with "He that shall not be named." I guess I should have specified... um Gryffindor
  • gabyaranda
    gabyaranda Posts: 5 Member
    This is awesome, I would like to be in Gryffindor.
  • osteological
    osteological Posts: 69 Member
    This sounds awesome! Oops, just saw Ravenclaw isn't open anymore. Hufflepuff works!
  • marykate723
    marykate723 Posts: 216 Member
    I'd put myself in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, so whichever one is still open is fine with me :)
  • zaybaby
    zaybaby Posts: 161 Member
    Geek out over Harry Potter?? I am IN! (That is if there is still space).

    I wouldn't be to picky on the house but if I have to chose Ravenclaw please (:
  • herstrawberri
    herstrawberri Posts: 347 Member
    Please count me in!!! Gryffindor please or whatever is still open!!