How did you gain weight in the first place



  • AmZam05
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    I've always been big and I thought it was all determined by genetics, so I didn't bother with being active or eating healthy. I grew up with access to junk food and I always just ate whatever I wanted for my entire life.
  • JeralynSh
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    I got a disease called CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)

    I'm currently going into remission, but the medication packed on weight. I'd been slowly getting heavier anyway, but this was the straw that broke the camel's back, and it really pushed me up. It didn't affect my health otherwise and my legs were fine. So, with my physiatrist's and occupation & physical therapists okay, I started running.

    Well, not only did I lose weight, but I was able to get off one of my meds. And all my doctors think that the exercise has been helping me go into remission.
  • Pregnancy.

    I've always been a snacker but with all my exercise and such I was always able to maintain. If I gained a couple of pounds then I would just eat a little less and snack a little less and then keep working out. But since pregnancy I lost quite a bit of it but am still holding onto some of my pregnancy weight over two years after the baby. I'm definitely not gaining but either maintain or lose very slowly if I don't watch my food intake (especially snacks).
  • nesto610
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    I went on a bulking cycle for about 15 years and forgot to lift heavy weights.....
  • LHudson53
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    I work from home and sit in my office all day. I don't exercise. I love to eat. That's my magical trifecta to being obese!!!

    At various times I have worked at it and taken the weight off, but I always seemed to go back to old habits and end up weighing more than ever.

    Now that I am 60 years old, I realize that I am actually living my life towards an early grave. So I have snapped out of it, and although I still work from home and sit in my office, I am moving more...exercising more...cutting out junk food and eating healthy. Drinking water instead of diet soda. Making myself accountable for my own actions.

    Time will tell, but I finally think I have it right. Just started back on MFP yesterday so I can't get all flag wavy, but I have a lot more self-realization now than I did before, so I think I just might succeed.
  • salenar2014
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    I kid you not I have ALWAYS been big! I came into this world big I stayed big during my childhood. My mother was and still is obsessed with every diet fad out there and made me her diet partner at age 10. I was on a 1600 calorie diet with food journals and all kind of restrictions. I also played basketball and volleyball since the 2nd grade and even was a stunt person in high school lifting 90- 120lb girls alone. STILL heavy! My parents never bothered to take me to the dr and just told me I was eating "sugary" vegetables like green beans and thats why i was fat! The healthiest weight was when i was hiding a teen pregnancy and the year after that. But then i was told my thyroid was slow so i was put on some pills and then the weight came back. Even now that i DILIGENTLY weigh my food and measure calories burned my weight will not move. My dr now refuses to do anything to help with my weightloss because i dont fall in the morbidly obese category (even though my BMI is like 2 points away). My health has always been fine no diabetes, or heart issues even though it runs rampant in my family and I still enjoy the high i get from exercising so really all I can do is keep at it and hope for a change in my genetics lol (all i can do is laugh about it or else id cry everyday)
  • likehemingway
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    Break of my five year relationship, and I quit being vegan and went crazy on mac and cheese.
  • Sharon_C
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    I ate too much and I didn't exercise enough
  • Bostonsoul
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    I was kicked out of college, too much Sigma Chi, not enough class. I had no skills to speak of except that I was funny and had a great radio voice so I did stand up comedy and radio for a while...well, I never paid for drinks, food..drugs...nothing...and after a while that piled on to the tune of 100 pounds. Once I grew up and decided I needed to do more in life, I went back to school and eventually started losing the weight. I have 30 maybe 40 pounds left to lose and am on track to be there by December hopefully, and wound up getting an MBA so all things considered, I'm doing ok now.
  • Siannah
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    No excuses, I just ate too much.
  • Maggies90
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    I got a BF :laugh: :cry:
  • dpwellman
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    Two Ds: Depression and Denial

    Depression - didn't care what was happening
    Denial - refused to believe what was happening was a big deal

    Case and point: I thought half a box of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls and pint of milk was an ok snack.
  • accelerashawn
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    I brought my horrible eating habits from highschool to college...and then from college to the desk job.

    Two SEC Croissants, Triple whoppers and 3 helpings of meatsauce spaghetti don't do much when you run around school all day carrying a 45lb bookbag, then go to tennis practice where I'd run around campus 2mi then do a series of drills for an hour or so...then go to soccer practice and run around for another hour...then go home to play street basketball with the neighbors.

    Buffet breakfast, class, buffet lunch, class, AIM, internet, alcohol, taco bell, bed.... There's a good start to the weight gain. Freshman 35 anyone?

    Fast food breakfast, fast food lunch, big dinner + no activity = first few years of professional career...That solidified the weight gain.

    Pictures of myself at 240...start the reversal process.
  • BlueBombers
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    Ate way too much and sat on my azz all day long.
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    I have PCOS, a thyroid condition, metabolic syndrome, depression, insulin resistance, gained weight during my pregnancy, just went through a breakup, can't afford to eat healthy, don't have time to exercise, and work a desk job.

    All those things but in no way is it because I eat too much.

    I'm guessing there is some sarcasm there. I'm not going to pretend that I couldn't have made some better choices, but there have been a lot of times when I had to eat something or I would have a seizure and perhaps even die. If you have never tested your blood sugar to find it read 20, then you really don't know what I mean and shouldn't even go there.

    I was just looking at a report yesterday that showed I've tested with low blood sugars 40 times in the prior 7 days. I have to eat carbs when that happens. For people who have no medical issues and can lose weight really fast and safely, great! Just don't knock those of us who have legitimate medical challenges that cause difficulty for weight loss. We are on this site because we are making an effort. Just because my efforts don't provide the same rate of return as yours doesn't mean that it is because I "eat too much."
  • ashm233
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    I like food. And it's hard finding time/energy to work it off.
  • enterdanger
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    I quit smoking at 29 and gained 50+ lbs. Then I got all happy and married and turned 30 the following year. Happiness = fatness for me. Then I had 2 kids. I've just gotten back to pre-kids weight. Now I have to get to pre quitting smoking weight.

    Guess I replaced a vice with another vice.
  • Meerataila
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    Most of my adult life I gained back weight just by eating what tasted good and not paying attention to nutrition and ignoring the scale and upward expanding clothing sizes.

    But this last time was different. This last time I decided life sucked and started digging my grave with a spoon. Not sure what snapped me out of it. Maybe it was taking too long.