Favorite low-cal breakfast cereals?



  • Tiff1124
    Tiff1124 Posts: 261 Member
    I love Kashi but it's so expensive here! I do Wheat Chex and just add in my berries and almond milk. It's delicious!
  • BlueBombers
    BlueBombers Posts: 4,065 Member
    Raisin Bran is my fave. It's 190 cals per serving and I don't care.
  • ashthecat15
    ashthecat15 Posts: 190 Member
    I love the Fiber 1 80 calorie honey squares. I totally eat 2 servings. That's 1 1/2 cups for 160 calories. It keeps me nice, and full until lunch.
  • orangpeel757
    orangpeel757 Posts: 38 Member
    Cheerios with slice fruit/nut.
  • cwoyto123
    cwoyto123 Posts: 308
    lucky charms
  • Supertact
    Supertact Posts: 466 Member
    Cinnamon toast crunch
  • dotcomee
    dotcomee Posts: 36 Member
    Cinnamon toast crunch

    I'll eat that s*** straight outta the box.
  • ASH2038602
    ASH2038602 Posts: 215 Member
    I also eat Fiber One honey squares. They are so good! I eat two servings as well, comes out to 1.5 cups and I add .5 of a cup of unsweetened almond milk. 190 calories total.
  • atanasale
    atanasale Posts: 2
    adjunt protein and flavor is a great idea
  • caesar164
    caesar164 Posts: 312 Member
    Cinnamon toast crunch

    That's my favorite!! Also like Quaker ohs, and honey smacks!
  • Chunkhotep
    Chunkhotep Posts: 16 Member
    Try the Special K Red Berries cereal. 110 cal /cup with loads of freeze-dried strawberries in it. You'll thank me later
  • leahraskie
    leahraskie Posts: 260 Member
    Cheerios is my favorite. Regular, frosted or honey nut are the best types. Around 100 some calories a cup.
  • torichantel2005
    torichantel2005 Posts: 42 Member
    I like Kix because it's a larger serving size for low calories. I also use almond milk instead of cow's milk because it has fewer calories. Total cereal is good, too. 100 calories and it has a LOT of vitamins and minerals that other cereals don't have.
  • mygnsac
    mygnsac Posts: 13,413 Member
    My favs are Grapenut Flakes, Natures Path Organic Rice Puffs, Natures Path Q'ia Chia Buckwheat and Hemp Cereal, Old Fashioned or Steel cut oatmeal, cooked oat bran
  • summer92008
    summer92008 Posts: 202
    I bought the Fiber One 80 cal. chocolate square. Oh my gosh...they taste just like Cocoa Puffs!!! Except much less sugar, a good amount of fiber, and low in calories. Plus they stay crunchy the whole time. Lol. This cereal is awesome.

    I'm sorry, I get excited about simple foods sometimes.
  • KBmoments
    KBmoments Posts: 193 Member
    Kamut Puffs for 50 calories a CUP! I sometimes add these in as a filler to my other cereals... (I also add a splenda packet b/c they can be a little bland). But great if you're looking for low cal.
  • DataSeven
    DataSeven Posts: 245 Member
    I'm digging vanilla almond special K right now, and also peanut butter cheerios. Both are 100-110 calories a serving.