Clothes during weightloss



  • shaynepoole
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    I went from a size 26 down to a size 4, so you can imagine what happened to my wardrobe...

    having clothes that fit and look good are always a good thing

    my advice for shopping...

    clearance rack/Ross and if they are in your area consignment shops/goodwill. I lived at Old Navy when stuff went on sale and I received coupons

    If you have friends/family that have clothes they don't wear / don't fit them -

    Don't go overboard and don't get attached to any thing

    congratulations :)
  • DLDzioba
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    Check out discount places like ROSS or T J MAXX, but also check local thrift shops. I try and buy all of my workout stuff from thrift shops.
  • vcuchick
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    Go shopping! (as everyone is saying) it is a HUGE confidence booster when you realize you fit into clothing you could never possibly wear before! It may take some getting used to because if you're like me, you suddenly are a smaller size than you're used to buying so you need to figure out all over again what looks best.

    I would definitely get some "transitional" peices...places like Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls are going to be the most cost-effective. If you've lost at least 20 lbs, I would start AT LEAST one size smaller than what you were before.

    If you wear baggy clothing, it will do two things...first, it gives the impression you're heavier than you really are and can often look "sloppy" even if the cloths are in good condition and nicely pressed. Second, it is a convenient 'excuse' if you start to gain any weight (not that we hope you do) but if you still fit into the old clothing, then you don't realize it when the weight creeps back.

    I bought a few pants and a couple new shirts. I live in the same outfits (but I wear a uniform at work so it's no biggie) but at least it gives you a better mind-set of where you are in your body and where you want to be. You will feel better in your new clothes and others will notice how hard you've been working.

    Keep it up! (Might not be a bad idea to bring a second pair of eyes shopping so that you get a un-biased opinion of what things look like...try on everything. even though it's a pain.) Good luck! Great job!
  • Swiftdogs
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    I agree, go cheap but definitely get some basic pieces that fit. If you need some nicer things, I've had great success picking up very good quality suits on eBay for a song.