Brussels Sprouts?



  • SonyaCele
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    one of my favorites, i steam them and then i saute them in my wok on very hot, in olive oil and add chopped garlic and some salt. Sometimes i add a little cayenne. i like them almost blackened
  • Kotuliak
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    Most people like them roasted with olive oil and salt and pepper. I hate them. Must be among the worst tasting vegetables that God created.
  • jellybeansmamma
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    pan fried in a little butter with mushrooms bacon and garlic. Soooo yummy!
  • kinkyslinky16
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    We slice them in half, put them in olive oil with some salt and saute them. They are delicious if you let them get a little brown... MMMMmmmmm
  • BowHunter1967
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    Cut in half, on foil, little olive oil and salt.
    Sits on the grill next to whatever I'm grillin'

    Just had some. I love those little green things!
  • Rosyone
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    We slice them in half, put them in olive oil with some salt and saute them. They are delicious if you let them get a little brown... MMMMmmmmm

    That's what I do, then I splash them with red wine vinegar a minute or two before they come off the heat.
  • wrxcat
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    I just steam them and add low cal margarine and a little salt.
  • My favorite brussel sprouts have been with a little low sodium soy sauce, olive oil and garlic in a foil packet like a jacket potato and cook them on the grill, I am sure baked would work just as well. yummy!
  • chelledawg14
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    My favorite!! I cut them in half, lay them on a stoneware baking pan, spray with olive oil PAM, sprinkle with either sea salt or coarse black pepper and roast. Someone else mentioned cooking in a bit of oil then adding chicken broth - I do that as well, only I add three pieces of crumbled up center cut bacon. DELISH!!!
  • kimnsc
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    I oven roast mine with a little olive oil, cracked black pepper and sea salt or shred them an add to a chicken stir fry.
  • PrissyPisces
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    I just saute mine using Pam cooking spray. I add in garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Sometimes I add chopped onions.
  • Mama_Jag
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    Roasted with butter! We melt a few tablespoons of butter on a cookie sheet, brush it out to cover the entire thing, then sprinkle with seasoned salt & garlic powder. Cut the sprouts in half and lay them cut side down in the butter. Roast at 400 until they are as cooked as you like.

    I could eat the entire pan.
  • Alford96
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    we usually oven roast them, pan sautee them, or steam them (butter or olive oil) but I've never thought about using BACON before!! What is WRONG with me-definitely on my must try list now!
  • Collier78
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    How do you cook yours? I got some as part of a produce co-op but have no idea how to fix them. Someone said to steam them, but that seems a little boring.****-outta-here-cmon

    ^^Either this or:

    drizzled with olive oil, tossed in dry italian dressing mix, splashed with lemon juice, and roasted in the oven at 375 degrees for about 20-25 minutes. Kids love em that way.

    ETA: Just realized because the thug kitchen link contains a curse word it will not display correctly and is a broken just google Thug Kitchen Brussel Sprouts and it will pull it up. I used the recipe for thanksgiving last year and it was a hit. Contains Quinoa as well so a good protein dish as well. :-)
  • crepes_
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    I love them roasted, as I'm assuming most here do. Cut them in half (or thirds), lengthwise. Drizzle some olive oil over them, and then sprinkle with salt and pepper. I stick them under the broiler for a bit because I like them with a bit of bite to them. When the outter leaves start to get a little brown, they're good to do! Absolutely delicious. You can do this with wedges of cabbage, too.
  • mrron2u
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    So yummy roasted! Just a little olive oil, cracked black pepper, and a good sprinkle of sea salt!
    Exactly what Jenibethbu said!!! So tasty!
  • thatgirlkellib
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    not so heatlhy way -well, I grew up eating them where you fry bacon in the pan, reserve the grease like a table spoon or two, and then boil the sprouts till tender...and then sautee in the oil reserved with some garlic! the beeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssttttttttt!
    oh yeah add crumbled bacon on top
    otherwise be average and roast them with some oil and salt and pepper
  • nezbit88
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    I cooked with them the other day for the first time in years.

    I baked them with cauliflower, onions and garlic coated in Moroccan seasoning, no oil, covered with foil initially then removed and allowed the veges to crunch up a bit.

    To serve I roll the vege mix (still hot) in a lettuce leaf with a splash of Tabasco and dunk in a dip made from cottage cheese with a splash of fat free french dressing and pepper .
  • JennetteMac
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    I eat them any way from raw to steamed, boiled, roasted or dry-fried.
    There is no need to use any sprays/oil at any point, unless you want to of course.
    Go well with quinoa as a sort of stir fry thingy too.