My Dr didn't clear me :(



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    I had some pretty bad knee issues in highschool went i first started football. Dr said that weak muslces surrounding the knee cap allowed the petella to drift too close to the other bones and created some intense contact of the cartilage surrounding the bones.

    he had me do leg extensions and it really helped a lot. when i rarely experience similair symptoms (bending my knee at all, even sitting in a chair, was agony), i'll do leg extensions for a few weeks an it begins to subside

    worth a shot if you ask me. recommend that you use a wait where your approaching failure with in 10 reps. high reps might exaserbate the problem.
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    Wow, $50 is good. In the UK (especially anywhere near London) the cheapest gyms are upward of the equivalent of $120 a month for one person (and these are often gyms without pools). We have pools though that you aren't required to be a member of to swim in - one swim twice a week is about £8 (so $12 or so at the current exchange rate). I know you said that swimming is out because of the cost of a gym membership, but what about swimming as a guest where all you are doing is the swimming?
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    I love to swim laps. I could swim for hours, but unfortunately all the gyms around where I live that have pools are really expensive. I just bought a house and don't have that kind of money right now!

    Lakes are free.
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    Wow, Amanda's story is really inspirational :) i know eventually I'll be able to accomplish my goal. It's probably just going to take longer than I was expecting.. Thank you all so much for the advice and encouragement. That is why I love this site :)
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    Yeah, the Y's in our area are outrageous compared to other options. We have a great community center, but you do have to buy a reasonably priced membership. (Too bad you aren't 65. Silver sneakers is great for those who are old enough.) Yes, reactive your membership, but there are things you can do at home. Look at all the reputable internet sites that have exercises and routines to strengthen knees or at least give you a knee-friendly workout!
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    I don't know what your budget is, but I only pay a $50/yearly fee and $29.00/month at my local 24-Hour Fitness Gym and it has a pool. Do you have a YMCA in your neighborhood? I understand their fees are pretty reasonable.

    I have heard (but you should research this to make sure) that the recumbent bicycle might be good for knee issues. Or maybe the elliptical?

    Good luck! It's frustrating when the mind is willing, but the body isn't!

    The YMCA near me is $50 a month..

    The Y has an Open-doors program (financial assistance). You can apply for it and get a discount with it if you qualify. Can't hurt to try! I applied this year and last because my daughter was in their Preschool program. I got like 40% off my membership and her preschool. It saved me a ton.

    Never hurts to try! even if it only takes a few bucks off, it's totally worth it! Most Y facilities are VERY nice. My local Y has 2 indoor pools. One is a lap pool (cold water) and the other is a heated pool for classes and lessons.
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    I have a gazelle I use and it's pretty low impact. You do stand up, but the motion is a front to back swinging motion not a "peddle" motion. The thing can be as cheap as $100 or a nicer version for 250. You could maybe find a second hand one.

    I know you said swimming isn't an option financially. Maybe you can get a discount with a doctors note? I've heard of that before.

    You can always lift. Just don't do the ones that use your knees.
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    Could you go back to your doc for more specific advice or ask for a referral to a physical therapist? Knees are a bit tricky - in my experience, what works for one type of bad knee doesn't necessarily work for the other. Plus you don't want to cause any more harm/damage considering your situation. IMHO, professional medical advice would be the best way to go
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    Pilates maybe? has great videos for free online

    Definitely agree - Pilates and Yoga are some fantastic, low/no-resistance workouts... They can be modified for nearly any injury. I have two bummed ankles that I sprain constantly. In times when I've been rehabbing (and even times when my ankles are strong), I always come back to pilates and yoga because they are so adaptable.
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    go back to the doctor. "don't run" is not enough from him. but go back armed with questions. what CAN you do right now? should you be wearing knee braces? if so, get a prescription for the brace and have your insurance pay for 80%. what about C25K? would interval training be ok? should you be in a specialty shoe? (again, you can get a prescription, that's why you pay for insurance) what about just walking? or yoga? or should you start w/ a physical therapist? and yet again, a 'script you would walk out with. should you talk to an ortho?

    take notes while you guys are talking, ask the doc to define words you don't know - you didn't go to med school, but this is your body and you need to know what (s)he's talking about. then go home and research.
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    I have Chondromalacia and it's very common. I've also had knee surgeries to remove cartilage and having a reconstruction (for different reason) in the fall. I did physical therapy for a month and wear a brace for all lifting and it's been extremely helpful. I was doing squats in PT too.

    I'd highly suggest looking into PT for a few weeks and continue the exercises on your own. People come back from a lot worse, so don't give up hope.
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    The Ymca is great at working with you if you show them your income and how much goes out per month. Being on maternity, they lowered my membership for me and my two little ones to $12/month total from $72/month. They have a great sauna and pool...both of which are great for joints.
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    I love to swim laps. I could swim for hours, but unfortunately all the gyms around where I live that have pools are really expensive. I just bought a house and don't have that kind of money right now!

    Look into a YMCA, or your local community center. They are usually a lot cheaper than a typical gym with a pool!
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    I've got pronation and a dodgy patella. It flairs up from time to time. Plus cartilage problems.

    I was given "clam"exercises by a sports physio, and two foot support, I now do one foot support with my bad leg. I do a bent knee exercise I was given by the hospital physio. Stand on one bent knee with your bottom sticking out, don't go over your toes. Then do the alphabet with the other leg. I can now do it twice through. I work on my bad knee everyday including careful, good form squats with weights. My knee is so much better now my muscles are stronger.
    I would suck it up and get into the water if you can for whole body fitness. How about a combined birthday and Christmas present from someone. My local pool is rubbish so I don't go any more, but in a previous house I went three times a week for an hour snd got very fit. Work hard on those knees and more things will open up. Cycling is excellent.
    I bought some leg weights and do leg extensions at home with a pillow under my knees. I was crippled and now I can walk normally.
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    Swimming: What about your local park district for a pool? Around me, you can swim there for free, or for a modest amount (which may not be low enough for you).

    Rowing: This could be an option? There is a lot of knee movement, but no impact really. You would probably need to do this at a gym, or buy a rowing machine for home.

    How much more is a gym with a pool as compared to what you are paying for your current gym that you are thinking about transferring locations? Could you cancel your current gym, and stretch your budget just a bit further in the interest of your health?
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    How about stomach crunches with aerobic intensity, push ups, pull ups, leg lifts, dancing? All of these things can be done at a rate that increase cardiovascular workout levels. Did someone suggest Pilates? I did that for a while. Most of it does not affect the knees and really tones. Good luck.
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    As maab_connor suggested, ask questions. My doctor recently prescribed me Spenco brand shoe inserts. The disperse a lot of the shock normally managed by our knees. I have suffered plantar fasciitis (micro tears in the heel tendons), shin splints, and now how some odd nerve/joint related stresses, and yesterday I walked/mini-hiked over 3 miles without much strain on my knees. The right inserts might make all the different in the world! Typically insurance will cover part if not all of these costs. Or you might be able to use a Flexible Spending Account...if none of those apply, you can claim them on taxes as itemized medical costs. Good luck!
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    Do you have a YMCA in your neighborhood? I understand their fees are pretty reasonable.

    Really?? I've been looking at gym prices & honestly LifeTime Fitness is cheaper than the YMCA here - and a heck of a lot nicer.

    Ditto! I went to tour the YMCA and was like "meh it's okay" and I figured their membership rates must be dirt cheap. NOPE. I left and toured Lifetime (fell in love obviously) and their membership was $10 cheaper for individuals and even cheaper for couples and families.
  • I'm 27 years old and have had knee problems my entire life. I was diagnosed with flat feet when I was young which lead to chondromalacia patella.. That means the cartilage in my knee is not smooth but rather flaking off. I will eventually need surgery to help alleviate some of the pain. I have been told the only exercises I can do are low impact. No running, squatting, jumping or other actives that put a lot of strain on my knees.

    My question is for anyone who has any suggestions for activities that could help strengthen the muscles in my legs. My doctor said this could help along with losing weight. Apparently for every 1 pound on the body is like 5 pounds on your knees. Swimming is not an option because I don't have the money to belong to that kind of gym :(

    I've always wanted to run a 5k and I'm scared my dream will not be possible. Any help would be appreciated!

    Pilates is amazing! And I know it sounds stupid, but maybe pole dancing classes. They build amazing strength!