Breakfast - high in protein, low in carbs



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    If you like cottage cheese, it's pretty high in protein, especially at just 1/2 cup. I mix it up by adding berries or a Tbsp. of PB2.
    Thats what I was gonna say.

    Eggs only take me like 7ish minutes to make though...that's from walking into the kitchen to walking out. Throw a pan on the stove on high, crack eggs, wander around for a few minutes...scramble them up...wander...flip, stir, flip, stir...done...
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    I couldn't do it without my whey protein powder. It takes no time to mix my shake in a personal blender each morning and I get anywhere from 35 to 40 grams of protein. You can make so many different varieties I don't get bored with it. I do shakes week day mornings and then fix a nice breakfast on the weekends when I have time.

    You do have to be careful of the protein powder - make sure and get one with no additives. Mine is Jay Robb and it has no sugars (sweetened with Stevia). Taste good, mixes well. He also sells egg white protein powder - I haven't tried it so I can't attest to how it tastes or mixes.
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    Tomatoes and berries are great additions!
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    I love scrambled eggs mixed with veggies and meat. Last week I was using swiss chard, sundried tomatoes, and shredded chicken.
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    I also suggest hard boiled eggs or egg "muffins". I put meat, cheese, veggies in muffin cups and pour beaten eggs over the top. Bake at 350 for around 15 minutes, until tops have puffed up and set. I freeze them in big baggies and take a few out to microwave in the morning...maybe 30-45 seconds.

    I'm not a yogurt person, but I eat a lot of cottage cheese and make parfaits out of that with some granola and cinnamon. Or sometimes I'll just grab some deli meat, some string cheese, and a handful of fruit or veggies if I'm not super hungry.

    Most mornings I do get up a little earlier and make myself a breakfast sandwich. Canadian bacon, egg, cheese, on an English muffin usually keeps me full until my late lunch at 2pm.
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    I make egg muffins on Sunday for the week...20 eggs, 1 cup of frozen chopped spinach, 3 bell peppers, 1 onion, and some Feta and seasoning. That yields 24 muffins, which both my husband and I take to work each day. I divide them up into bags for the week, toss them in the fridge, and grab one bag each morning (and microwave 2 for 40 seconds at work)...they are yummy!

    I also often have a half of a scoop of protein powder before I leave for work in the morning.
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    You don't have to have protein if you don't like it in the morning. breakfast is over rated
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    My typical breakfast is:

    20g of Optimum Nutrition Double Rich Chocolate Protein Powder mixed with
    100g of 2% greek yogurt
    and then I add oats or nuts or 25g of a protein cereal I found here in the store. :)

    Mine is typically 170g 2% greek yogurt with 20g ON double rich chocolate or vanilla ice cream flavor, plus about 150g berries (raspberries and strawberries, more the first than the second)
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    Thank you all for the ideas. Looks like I need to get out of bed half an hour earlier then lol.

    Not necessarily. I make this super simple egg bake on Sundays. It lasts 4 days. Here's what I do:

    - Beat 4 eggs
    - Mix with 1 cup of cheese (I like nacho/taco blend)
    - Mix in 3-4 tablespoons jalepenos
    -Mix in crumbled bacon (I use the pre-cooked bacon. Zap it in the microwave for 1 min and crumble).

    Place it into a square dish. Bake on 350 for about 15 minutes (until eggs are set). You should get 9 squares. Our serving is 2 squares. I place into baggies and in the fridge. In the mornings, we put it in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds to reheat and VOILA! :)

    Good luck to you and your weight loss journey!

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    look up "egg muffins" on google. They have recipes that you can make ahead of time and just heat in the microwave!
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    I love Protein shake with fruit, Greek yogurt, Pb 2 and almond milk holds me for 4-5 hours and yummy!
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    I like to make a quick 2 egg omelet. I make them with cheese/tomato/spinach and either canadian bacon or sliced steak (from costco). Both the canadian bacon and steak is pre-cooked so you basically just have to cook until your eggs are done in a few minutes. I then eat with cottage cheese or greek yogurt and fruit as the sides. Very low carb and high in protein. My breakfast this morning was only 16 grams of carbs with 51 grams of protein.
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    How 'bout fruit loops, coco puffs, maple bar donuts blended with kale? Kidding...

    But seriously, You could go the veggie route with a smashed avocado on low carb toast with a dash of salsa. Or heat up some black beans or pinto beans then add salsa and chopped avocado.

    Or go the Italian route with prosciutto wrapped around cantaloupe slices.
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    i also get super bored of eggs so here is my one protein shake
    i no longer buy powder proteines ( their is always too much sweetner and sugar in them.

    Soy milk + Soy yogurt ( just for it to be creamy) + Fruit ( banana or strawberry etc..) + non sweeted vanilla extract.

    There is protein in it , only natural sweetness ( fruit and vanilla) , No lactose ( milk sugar). And i drink one or too of them if i want. No guilt and more importantly no weight. And if u do sport you have proteins to build muscles ^^