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5'1" Ladies What are your measurements?



  • lulubeberlulubeber Posts: 37Member Posts: 37Member
    Mialonghorn: hourglass going on slightly pear ? :) I don't know lol , it's easier to say withs pics than with measurments.
    What would you say for me ?
  • QuietlyLoudQuietlyLoud Posts: 2Member Posts: 2Member
    i'm 5'1 (almost 5'2) 20yrs old and my measurements are 33-24-33 and I weigh 98 lbs
  • jadelucywatson1jadelucywatson1 Posts: 32Member Member Posts: 32Member Member
    I'm just about 5"1
    23 years old
    Current weight = 132lbs
    Goal weight = 116lbs

    Current measurements are:
    Waist = 28
    Hips = 36
  • ILoveGingerNutILoveGingerNut Posts: 367Member Member Posts: 367Member Member
    5'2 , 112 lb, pear. feel free to add
  • tped41tped41 Posts: 16Member, Premium Member Posts: 16Member, Premium Member
    How odd with all the different weights and measurements. I am 4'11. I weighed 104 this morning. I am 36D-29-35. My size 2s right now are too big and I wear an extra small top (sometimes a small) (and no it' is not tight)... You might think I have a muffin top, but seriously, I do not. When pictures are taken, etc. it's not there. I'm 54... Maybe I need to work out some. Ugh. LOL Everyone's tummy's are so much smaller than mine. Wow.
  • tped41tped41 Posts: 16Member, Premium Member Posts: 16Member, Premium Member
    You have exactly my goal. I am 4'11" too, weighing 104 this a.m. My waist is still 29... Go figure.
  • Ideal362433Ideal362433 Posts: 118Member Posts: 118Member
    36-23-33 currently sometimes my waistline is 22 and my bra size is a 32D. I'm a top hourglass/hourglass/inverted triangle tendencies current shape is top hourglass or hourglass though.

    I want to be around 36-22-34 in measurements. I'm 5'1.5" and 95-100 lbs.
  • yungibearyungibear Posts: 138Member Member Posts: 138Member Member
    Ah, I'm a bit envious of everyone's waist size, haha! I'm not all that curvy, so online calculators call me a "rectangle" or a smaller apple.

    I am 5'1" exactly:
    SW: 141 lbs

    CW: 120.5 lbs

    I want to get down to 105-110, but I can't help but feel a little accomplished after seeing these numbers! My measurements haven't really budged since I was 128 pounds, though. I've been losing weight in weird places like my knees, forearms, neck, and wrists, haha... I am hoping for a waist size of around 26, but we'll see.
  • Amwhite1986Amwhite1986 Posts: 199Member Member Posts: 199Member Member
    CW: 154lbs
    39 - 30.75 - 40.75
    Small/Medium tops, Medium or size 8 bottoms.

    GW: 137
  • nomorefatplease2nomorefatplease2 Posts: 18Member Posts: 18Member
  • femmenacefemmenace Posts: 149Member Member Posts: 149Member Member
    It's a pleasure to meet all of ye, kindred women. :drinker:

    Pear shape, 5'2"
    SW: 64 kg (141 lbs)
    LW: 46 kg (101 lbs)
    CW: 61 kg (134 lbs)
    GW: 47-50 kg (103-110 lbs)

    Waist: 30.4
    Hips: 39.4
    BF: 26.7%
  • Audreane17Audreane17 Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    I'm 5``2 ;)

    Weight: 109 pounds
    my measurements are : 36(32DDD)-24-35 (hourglass figure)

    but I still have like 1/2 inch of fat that i need to get rid of!! If anyone has a trick to help me get rid of it could you tell me please cause I read that you should not do abs exercices (is that true)? !! I aleardy diet at 1200 calories and do cardio and butt exercises ;)
  • tracied30tracied30 Posts: 22Member Posts: 22Member
    5'1" 119 lbs 34-24-36.5 25% body fat. Am I pear or what?!
    My goal is to be around 105 to 115 lbs and around 20% body fat. I'm happy with any weight in that range so long as the body fat goes down.

    No, you are more hour glass than pear. Your hip and chest ratio is not very far off from one another and your waist definitely cinches 10 inches less than the hips and chest.
    You are VERY proportionately sound and what I would aspire for and then some!

    My norm is 34-26-34. What I am striving to return to.
    I'm 5'4 and currently at 36-34-43, I am a classic pear now but 8 weeks ago I was an apple (8 weeks ago I was 42-38-43) so I still have some way to go before getting to my goal but it is nice to see the transformation thus far.
  • brj1988brj1988 Posts: 2Member Posts: 2Member
    I've been on this site for three weeks today. Lost 5lbs already!
    My measurements are: 33.75-32.75-40.5
    My goal is to keep building muscle and lost fat, I'm not too worried about my weight compared to my measurements. I want to look good not be light as a feather.
    I've given myself goal measurements of: 32-28-39 I would like to meet these measurements by November.
  • gnat45gnat45 Posts: 833Member Member Posts: 833Member Member
    5'2 39.5-30-40.5 - goal 35-25-35
  • gnat45gnat45 Posts: 833Member Member Posts: 833Member Member
    CW: 154lbs
    39 - 30.75 - 40.75
    Small/Medium tops, Medium or size 8 bottoms.

    GW: 137

    We're really similar, though I weigh a little less (148).
  • RhineDHPRhineDHP Posts: 1,026Member Member Posts: 1,026Member Member
    Hm, last time I measured I was:

    Weight: 127lbs

    bust - 36in
    hips - 32in
    waist - 37.5in

    I don't really have a goal weight so much as I'd like to reduce as much fat while maintaining muscle mass as possible.
  • wallacehkwallacehk Posts: 29Member Posts: 29Member
    I'm 5'1

    SW 59-ish (130)
    CW 53kgs (116)
    GW 49kgs (108)
  • MrsPortesMrsPortes Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    I'm 5'1 and weigh 115
    my measurements are 30-25-38
    I wear a 30G bra
    Size small in shirts and size 2 in pants
    Anyone out there similar ? I find it difficult to find cute bras and jeans without a gap :(
  • kernrivergirlkernrivergirl Posts: 3Member, Premium Member Posts: 3Member, Premium Member
    Hi I'm 5'1 weigh 130.6, measurements 36 (32D)-30-36

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