I messed up :(



  • Actually, one of the worst things you can do is beat yourself up over a mistake. If you feel like you can make up for it later with exercise or scrimping the next day or two that's great, but even if you don't it's all good. Just get back on the wagon and keep going. Do not waste time regretting a few treats(or even a full-on binge). That regrett will slow you down worse than a BigMac. Life throws a lot at you. Sometimes it throws food. When it happens just enjoy it thoroughly and move on.
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    Wow.....after reading these encouraging messages, it's surely put all my doubts and fears into perspectives. For 13 years, I've been trying so hard to lose weight and I failed by succumbing to the 'munchies'. I tried numerous diets and after two to three weeks I gave up. Since joining Myfitnesspal, I have 'coped' with the most difficult 'munchies' days but I survived and continued and doing what was best by "getting back on the horse" and not beating myself up - which was what was holding me back. Good on you to continue and to know you're not alone. You've shed some weight, you've done well and now you need to carry on without feeling awful. Each day is another day and places like "My Topic" areas are a good area to come and be encouraged by others, who have not only been there but who are determined to see it through to achieve their goal. I surely have been encouraged today. Thanks all.
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    I figure everytime I mess up and get back on track right away I am learning what it will be like to maintain my weight once I lose it all. It is a learning curve to expect perfection from yourself. What would you tell a dear friend that confessed that to you? What ever it is, say that to yourself.
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    1600 calories isn't that big of a killer. Assuming your calorie deficit is 1000, that is only 600 over your maintenance calories for the day. When you think of it that way, it doesn't seem like as big of a deal. :)
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    So I was on day 20 yesterday and going strong. Last night I ate a lot of stuff that I shouldn't have. I got very discouraged because I've been doing so well. At first, I was thinking of eating at a larger deficit for the next 3 or 4 days to make up for the extra 1600 calories I ate last night. Yes you heard that right, 1600 extra calories. Well, I decided not to do that because I think it will set me up for failure. So I just entered them into my diary for Thursday (I just did it now on Friday) and closed it out. See this is where I usually give up but I'm not going to do that. Going to keep on plugging away.
    Has anyone ever gone off and if so how do you deal with the disappointment?

    It's a day. You get another one tomorrow. Crawl inside your head with it and a bad day becomes a bad week becomes giving up. The fall firmly under the heading of **** happens. If it starts to happen on the regular, then maybe there's something else going on.