This was me...this is me (pics)



  • Penthesilea514
    Penthesilea514 Posts: 1,189 Member
    You look amazing! Congratulations on your success!

  • ericarfloyd
    ericarfloyd Posts: 93 Member
  • snowboardRN
    snowboardRN Posts: 25 Member
    Thanks so much for sharing! You look amazing!
  • SrMaggalicious
    SrMaggalicious Posts: 495 Member
    OMG!!! what a progression!!!! amazing progress....keep on keepin' on!!! never look the last two pics! LOL
  • browneyes6082
    browneyes6082 Posts: 20 Member
    Amazing!! Congrats on your new body!!
  • arguablysamson
    arguablysamson Posts: 1,706 Member
    Thanks for posting! You look great!
  • mrron2u
    mrron2u Posts: 919 Member
    So inspiring! Your results are amazing! Thanks for sharing your story. It's the success stories that often keep me motivated when the number of pounds I still need to shed seem so large.
  • wagglesworth
    wagglesworth Posts: 53 Member
    What a powerful statement those photos make. You look incredible and see you as you are now fills me with hope. Thanks for posting these pics for all of to see. You are beautiful!
  • valkaree
    valkaree Posts: 519
    Crazy good job, be proud of yourself!!
  • SCW250
    SCW250 Posts: 21 Member
    WOW..thx for sharing
  • jwats8
    jwats8 Posts: 112
    Wow!! Fantastic!!! What an inspiration! I'm going to post some before and after pics as soon as I can tolerate seeing pictures of how I used to look!! Thank you..
  • DebraYvonne
    DebraYvonne Posts: 632 Member
    AMAZING! great job!
  • mrogers52
    mrogers52 Posts: 378 Member
    Great job! Thanks for sharing:smile:
  • You look amazing
  • zazazik
    zazazik Posts: 53 Member
    You look wonderful, congratulations !!!! Thanks for the needed inspiration !
  • ponycyndi
    ponycyndi Posts: 858 Member
    I'm kind of look younger now than you did in 2007! Not fair.
  • ddkphotos
    ddkphotos Posts: 304 Member
    great job! thanks for sharing!!
  • bgoodsmile
    bgoodsmile Posts: 68 Member
    WOW! Thanks for the inspiration! You look FANTASTIC!
  • Slashnl
    Slashnl Posts: 326 Member
    Awesome! Thanks for sharing how you got there, too. It's kind of what I'm doing for food, so that makes me feel like I can do it!! I still have a ways to go and you have given me inspiration! Congrats on your success!
  • rightsince89
    rightsince89 Posts: 1 Member
    Great Job! Thank you for sharing your story and the photos!
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