Thong, Granny Panties or Commando when working out



  • CHSegl
    CHSegl Posts: 89 Member
    something like this, with yoga pants over it:

    comfortable, no chafe, wick away sweat and stay cool, Not to mention additional support for the torn hamstring....
  • VBnotbitter
    VBnotbitter Posts: 820 Member
    I wouldn't work out in thongs, they would cause me to trip on a treadmill,and what if I dropped a plate on my foot ... Ouch
  • Muscles_and_lipstick
    Muscles_and_lipstick Posts: 589 Member
    Anything but a thong lol
  • spectralmoon
    spectralmoon Posts: 1,230 Member
    Cheekies and no pants.

    Home workouts for the win.
  • randomtai
    randomtai Posts: 9,003 Member
    I wear moisture wicking underwear, I have them in boy shorts and thongs. The thought of not wearing underwear makes me nauseous.
  • miqisha
    miqisha Posts: 1,534 Member
    I started going commando a few months ago....My workout pants have nice cotton crotch so I figure that is good enough...
  • kamaperry
    kamaperry Posts: 885 Member
    Umm, I don't go to the gym to look "cute". I go to work and sweat. But I just wear my regular bikini breifs and could care less about a panty line, lol.
  • Ump78
    Ump78 Posts: 342 Member
    I never wear underwear?
    this. EVER
  • meshashesha2012
    meshashesha2012 Posts: 8,326 Member
    seamless bikini briefs because i dont like VPL and yes i'm most certainly working out right :laugh: .. boy shorts turn into things on me because my butt eats them .

    for race/competition day under armour and panache have comfortable panties that stay put. aaagghh i which they would have had those when i played rugby
  • BigLifter10
    BigLifter10 Posts: 1,151 Member
    Always a thong! Maybe a liner would help with Uti?

    You know I would try this if I wasnt afraid that somehow it would work itself out and be stuck to my calf while doing squats . hahahaha or worse fall out with a trip to the bathroom then get stuck on my shoe.

    Maybe I worry to much.. hahaha

    I'm thinking that a woman at my gym did this because one day, not long ago, she had a liner stuck to the inside of her thigh. She didn't even know it. Yes, I walked over and said something IN CASE she cared. She did. I haven't seen her at the gym lately. Hopefully, she will recover.

    I stick to boy shorts. I can't get used to thongs and I refuse to go commando. Took awhile to find the right pair of boy shorts though. I have Vanity Fair now and they are super silky and actually make the butt look better in lycra.
  • Scots_Lenny
    Used to under armour in winter when summer you def need some support so ya don't swing fae side tae side,,lol!!
  • DarylLouis
    DarylLouis Posts: 136 Member
    I'm always commando, I only had 1 pair of jeans that I wear underwear with
  • Shellz31
    Shellz31 Posts: 214 Member
    I know this is gross, but the reason thongs cause UTIs is because very small amounts of fecal matter get on the thong and travel down to where your urethra is (not to mention other lady parts). I stopped wearing thongs years ago once I learned that they are a poop highway :noway:
  • fluffywelshsheep
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  • squishycatmew
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    I wear mostly seamless panties (briefs, bikinis, hipsters, whatever) in some kind of blended wicking fabric. For me the concern is more swamp butt and bunching than panty lines, because really people should mind their own damn business during workout time in terms of what other people are wearing (besides things like "hey, where did you get that, it looks cute and comfortable and functional", which people have asked me, and that I don't mind - it's also kind of funny because the leggings that have gotten the most comments are from Old Navy - they're decently functional and they look good but, you know, you get what you pay for and they're pilling up already). I don't go commando because then I'd have to wash my gym clothes just that much more often.
  • kittyr77
    kittyr77 Posts: 419 Member
    ha ha fairly big cotton comfy PANTS oh yeah so sexy :D
  • KristineMaeJassman
    lol, i go commando. i find if i wear my underwear, a thong or regular, my pants tend to ride and i dont like the riding. besides, i dont wear the pants more then once before washing them anyway.
  • solarpower03
    solarpower03 Posts: 12,159 Member
    Seamless hipsters
  • frayst
    frayst Posts: 62
    Clearly thongs are not an option if they give you UTI's. Wear seamless panties or seamless briefs, or if you're comfortable in shorts, wear running shorts with lining and go commando.