I discovered the secret to losing weight.102lbs in 10 mos



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    That is an amazing loss of weight, and very fast!
    I discovered the secret to losing weight.102lbs in 10 mos
    I very seldom even eat back half of the additional calories I burn through exercise.
    Yeah, and?
    This isn't a secret.
    My doctor told me to ignore exercise or "net" calories, just eat below my actual calorie goal (10 x my healthy goal weight).
    It's working quite well for me.

    Once in a while, if I'm still hungry at the end of the day, I'll have 1/3 to 1/2 of my exercise calories, but it's rare.

    Why do people have to be negative and also Righteous? Chill out !
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    A well-deserved congratulations to you!

    I also thank you for bringing to light an important concept that many people, especially people new to lifestyle change, can miss. While there are some givens, such as burning more calories than you consume in order to lose weight, there are differences from person to person and even in day to day with how we best adjust to that lifestyle change. It is very important to know yourself and listen to your own body. For some people, not eating back exercise calories may leave them feeling drained and overworked. That added deficit can be too much for somebody, either day to day or sustained. For others, it is not and they still have the energy and fuel to carry on. I know for me, that varies day to day. There are days when I know I need the extra calories to get me through the rest of my day or my upcoming workout, and others where I leave 600 exercise calories on the table because its 10 pm and I'm much more interested in sleep than food.

    So to anybody trying to navigate the tide of 'eat all your calories' or 'don't', do what the OP did- listen to your own body and know what works for you. And some day you'll be here posting your own success story about what worked for you. I know I'm hoping to someday sooner than later.
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    Congratulations to you. You have accomplished what we are all here for. You have figured out what works for you and you are very successful.

    Thanks for sharing with us!
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    I would disagree with you. I don't think the secret is not eating back exercise calories at all. Lots of people do this and lose weight.

    I think the secret is eating at a deficit, hard work, and determination. You've had to have utilized each of these to make it thus far. (Exercise helps a lot of course.)

    Congrats on your big loss, OP! I see you're still making it happen, so keep it up! Lots of success in your future I'm sure.
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    Congratulations, Scott! Fantastic job!

    On the topic of "eating back your calories" - I think since it's impossible to know how many calories are being burned by a particular exercise (different calculators for me have come up with hugely different values*), to be on the safe side, I don't try to eat back calories burned. I just base how much to eat on how I feel. If I'm feeling hungry, no energy, or faint (fortunately doesn't happen often) then I probably need to eat more. Drinking lots of water/tea/some fluid other than alcohols, is also key to feeling well.

    *I have an elliptical that calculates how many calories are burned based on my weight. I also have a heart rate monitor which shows TWICE as many calories burned as the elliptical when I wear it while I'm on the elliptical. So naturally, I'd like to believe the HRM, but it wouldn't be safe to eat the larger value back!

    I'm not comfortable with the machines estimate of how many calories I'm burning either. On a few sites it says the only way to know it is to add in your weight, most machines don't have that option. Also I'm really not confident in the some of the calories listed for some foods. I've looked up a few foods and have gotten way different readings. I try to scan most everything.

    Also Great Job Scott!:flowerforyou: I also don't eat back my workout calories, but I do use them for treats every once in awhile. I am also figuring out my body. I noticed everytime I eat pasta or potatoes too many days in a row, even if I'm under my calorie goal, I stop losing or tend to gain weight. And for those wondering, Yes, I track and weigh everything.

    Keep up the good work!:smile:
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    Congratulations on a fantastic loss!!! So happy for you!! :happy:
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    Congrats on your amazing achievement and milestone. very inspirational and encouraging.
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    Thank you Scott for sharing those words of Wisdom....you are truly committed to this way of life ....and it shows in your weight loss!...Keep up the good work...:smile:
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    Great job~Congrats!!
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    Well done, and this will work also for maintaining your loss! :happy:
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    Congratulations Scott!

    I wasn't losing any weight when I ate back my exercise calories. Now that I don't eat them back, I am making real progress at last. Well done on your amazing achievement. :)
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    Terrific job and thanks for the advice!
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    Um, ooooooook. :huh:
    So rude! lol

    OP that's awesome! It's really great when you can find something that works for you. I agree about cheat days.
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    Well done sir! Sounds like you found what worked for you and stuck with it! Cheers :drinker: to you on such an accomplishment!
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    Congratulations! Great job creating a calorie deficit that resulted in your fantastic weight loss!
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    Wonderful! Great points you made!
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    All of you are so nice. Thanks again.
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    congrats, thats wonderful ! when i log my exercise i have been noticing that you get extra calories but i too dont eat them. only maybe today i had early early dinner and had to have something small low fat tonite. most of my calorie burn is done through my work clean house, its most everyday and five hours at least every day , then i still like to go walk but i need to start doing more of it. but not today it was a rainy day , ive lost five so far in two weeks this is the longest ive EVER stayed on a computer program to count calories. it is very helpful.. but this am i almost messed up , well maybe i did, or not, my boss brought some sonic breakfast birritos and i didnt have breakfast so considered it breakfast you know it had the fat and calories for both breakfast and lunch. so i had a half lite sandwich around lunch. still going strong here, i wish to lose at least fifty pounds that would have me at less than 130 maybe to much of a goal. no ?