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I'm going to whine just for a moment...I have a mudrun in 2 days, leave for my cruise in 6 days and now I have a flippin' sinus infection!:angry:

It's now gone through my entire family and since I'm mom, I never get sick because well...moms just can't and don't. Well, this morning I woke up feeling like I got hit by a semi truck. :noway:

What should I do now? Napping is out of the question because I'm home with a very active 4 year old boy all day. Hubby is working an hour away so he can't come home to watch him, either. Any good meds I can pick up that anyone would recommend?

I can't be sick for my mud run!:mad: :angry: :explode: :grumble: :noway: :sad:

I need someone to take care of me! I want to lie in bed all day and eat soup and drink juice. Waaaaaaaaa!

Ok, whine session is over. Carry on.


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    I always seem to get one right around thanksgiving-christmas season. If you don't have one already, I would recommend a neti pot. It will give you a fighting chance to keep the sinuses clear enough to start drying out.
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    If it's an actual infection get some antibiotics and start those and pop some Mucinex. Then make sure all the doors are locked and there are no accessible sharp objects in reach, park junior in front of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and lay down behind him on the couch and take a nap.

    ETA: Good luck on your mud run.
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    I hate pushing medication but Sudafed works wonders. I've only had one sinus infection and it hurt like HELL. It kept me from the gym for a while because lifting made me feel horrible. Started taking Sudafed (or Sudaphed?) and it helped the pain/compression sooooo much.
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    Thanks for the info! Going to the drugstore today to get some meds. If it's not better by Monday then it's doctor time for me!
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    Here are some tips:

    The 2 I've found most effective are drink lots of fluid to keep the mucus thin and use nasal saline spray to keep flushing it. Hope you feel better.
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    I got chronik sinusitis... which is well annoying but I got some tips that help:

    get a netty pot! bit yuck when you first do it, but it helps!!

    Also get some menthol crystals and inhale the crap out of it. Just be careful where you leave em so the little one can't get to them, they are poisonous if eaten.

    a warm wet cloth on the sinuses can also help the draining.

    And of course massaging the sinuses! This one is a good tutorial:

    But yeah, if it's a proper infection you will need antibiotics. Good luck though :flowerforyou:
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    Saline for the nose
    It'll mostly be gone by the time the cruise gets here
    Here, have some chicken soup.
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    You probably need to go see the witch doctor.

    "ooo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang"
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    I use an immune boosting supplement called "Kick *kitten* Immune". I don't know if it's available where you live but it's excellent. I'm not really a big believer in "natural remedies", but this stuff actually works.

    In the interest of full disclosure: it takes like mushrooms and burnt licorice. Chase it with some OJ. Still completely worth it.
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    Honestly, if it's a real infection - go to the doctor for antibiotics (and don't wait until Monday or you won't feel better by the time you head for your cruise!). Especially since you have a cruise coming up! After about 5 days, you really should be feeling better. Antibiotics for 7 - 10 days (some while traveling) is not the end of the world. I know you could suffer through it and wait for it to clear on it's own.. but this is a special case.

    ETA: Oh and for nasal sprays, get a script for that too. I've had doctors tell me they strongly do not recommend over the counter ones. The script ones have less addictive properties. Also, you might find you can actually breathe better while you're running so the mud run might not be too bad of a problem.
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    That sucks! I hope you get better fast. I know all about the impossibility of resting while taking care of a 4YO boy. (My boys are 5 and 3 1/2).

    My best remedies are Claritin D (not the stuff on the shelf, the kind you have to get from the pharmacist and sign a waiver swearing you're not using it to make meth) and Nasalcort (an allergy nose spray now available OTC). Yes, these are allergy meds but they work very well for sinus issues.

    Hope you get better quickly!
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    Neti pot, absolutely!! 'Advil Cold and Flu' (The red box NOT the green one for flu, it's ****e) - works great but won't leave you stoned like Sudafed, and drink 'Traditional Medicinals' teas (I rotate between the Echinacea, Throat Coat, and Breath Easy blends when I get sick. Not just one cup... plenty!! Fix you up in no time. Get plenty of rest, and have hot showers, or baths, multiple times a day if possible. The teas can be purchased at London Drugs this is what they look like:

    If I do this, I'm never sick for longer than 2 days.
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    That's what she said.....then suddenly when I started to walk away it was

    YES YES YES YES YES....women. :grumble:
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    Get a netti pot! those things are amazing, and it's not drugs
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    Ask the pharmacist they always are willing to help, tell them what you have coming up and they will give you the best product advice.
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    Neti Pot and antibiotics.
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    For sure a neti pot, but make sure you use bottled water, you don't want anything eating your brain, you're doing a mud run not a zombie run.