Looking for some buddies!



  • Hi anybody feel free to add me..I'm on daily..ready to motive and be motivated. It's easier to do when you have the right people around you to encourage you to keep going, when those are times come around and make you discouraged.
  • Feel free to add me :) I can always use new friends
  • MistyinTN
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    I'm in need of support too. Feel free to add me!
  • texasags123 or anyone please feel free to add me! I'm still mostly new and am really just beginning this journey in earnest. I still have so much to learn and so many unhealthy habits to change!
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    Hi There I am 27 from Texas also. I realize and understand that everyday I can't be absolutely comitted to eating clean and I am human and I might slip from my goal. But with the help of MFP and wonderful people out here, I have lost 16 pounds and I have 30 more to go. I would also like to make friends who help me with support and encouragement and I would do the same! :)

    Feel free to add me, i log in everyday even when I cheat :P
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    36 from Lexington started the journey over a year ago at 405 pounds. Started with MFP about a month ago and finishing this thing off. I am at 327 and still plugging. Feel free to add me and we can motivate one another
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    I'm 21, but we can do this. Feel free to add me if you'd like. We can keep each other accountable. :)
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    Hi Everyone,
    I am a Detroit Girl, Living in a Texas World!!! I have juggled with my weight since high school, and as I approach 30 (next month), I want to get this weight under control! I hope to lose about 20-25lbs over the next couple of months and maintain my weight from then on. I'm a wife and mother of two busy kids, work full time and in school part time...so any other moms out there that can be my motivation buddies I would love it!!! HELP ME-HELP YOU!!! :wink: Good Luck Everyone
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    Hi I'm from Texas, but now I live in TN. Feel free to add me. I love motivated ppl and support. Just like it takes a village to raise a child ( and I should know I have 2 myself), it takes a world of support to lose weight. :-) GOOD LUCK Luv!!
  • Feel free to add me as well.
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    Brand new on here, feel free to add me anytime. Looking for some support!
  • New to this, 18 and would like some buddies:D
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    Welcome to MFP! There is a lot of motivation on this site don't worry!

    Feel free to add me
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    Hello, Feel free to add me I am just starting back and could use some support also! Good Luck!
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    Welcome aboard
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    Hello add me too, I am open to grow and learn from others. One person doesn't know everything.=-O
  • Hi, feel free to add me. :-)
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    Add me :) that includes anyone. I need more motivation and support.
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    Hi guys,

    Im a 26 yr, looking for some buddies to motivate me :). I have 33pounds (15kg) left to lose. I got a personal trainer for weight training and have been strict with MFP logging on everyday. I am committed to a lifestyle change not just for now but the future.

    Feel free to add me.
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    For those in this thread needing support:


    All you have to do is lose 1 pound at a time. Not xx pounds, all at once.

    That kick to get it done comes from inside....

    The fact you are reaching out and being honest about your struggle is a sign of growth and progress, for which you should be commended. Take comfort in that.

    The difference between MFP and everything else? If you adopt the mindset that its a lifestyle change & not a diet, the rest will fall into place.

    The past is done. The future will be here soon enough. Try and focus on today & today only. Its all we have to work with.

    4 months ago, I weighed 312 pounds. I woulda been dead in 5 years if I hadn't made this commitment. All signs were pointing that way.

    Just a few things the MFP tribe and common sense has taught me:

    1) This is a thing you DO, not a definition of who you ARE. Just like laundry. Take the emotion out of it wherever possible. I cannot stress this enough.

    2) My approach? This is a lifestyle change, not a diet. So there is no finite number of days that I am trying to get to. I will be logging in and logging food for the rest of my life, because:

    a) This program works
    b) I don't want to die young and I was headed that direction

    3) Try to remember - We are the results of the choices we make every day, whether those choices are good or bad. Make as many good choices as you can, and the ship will stay steady. At the end of the day, we are the man in the mirror. We are accountable to ourselves and no one else. We can help you with getting there, but the doing is up to you. Leave rationalizing at the door, and continue to be honest with yourself. Its the only path to long term success

    Cal tracking is considered a good choice (whether boring or not) because it tells you where you really are (just like your check register tells you your balance) - remember to be honest with yourself all the time. Ultimately, you will achieve that which you are seeking much sooner.

    Knowing that plus the support I get from my MFP buds make enough difference that Ive lost 38 in 127 days without doing anything stupid. You just find what works and then hammer the crap out of it, staying in the present while doing so.

    If you will stay committed to this, your MFP tribe will commit to helping. Why? Because that's what we do. And we have ALL been there.

    You got this.. and we got you.

    Feel free to add me if youd like.....