How do you take your coffee?



  • lizzynewm
    lizzynewm Posts: 199 Member
    espresso on ice with two teaspoons of cream. it's so luscious and rich, i get really excited to wake up and drink it!
  • Nissi51
    Nissi51 Posts: 381 Member
    Starbucks dark roast at home in french press with non-dairy coffee whitener and splenda. If the afternoon, same thing but with skim lactose free milk instead of whitener!
  • 19kat55
    19kat55 Posts: 336 Member
    Black, and sometimes, a black eye!
  • HeidiCooksSupper
    HeidiCooksSupper Posts: 3,831 Member
    Definitely a dark roast girl. My current brew of choice is Southern Home's "Fog Cutter," a surprisingly good supermarket brand of coffee. Because of burgeoning lactose intolerance have gone down the sad path from milk to Lactaid and finally to unsweetened soy milk.
  • toofatnomore
    toofatnomore Posts: 206 Member
    Keurig with international delight southern butter pecan...Or black if I'm out.
  • sofulnaturalee
    sofulnaturalee Posts: 391 Member

  • I've trained myself to like black coffee.

    Trying to keep from consuming too much sugar and the artificial sweeteners hurting my stomach made coffee too complicated.

    Brew, pour and drink makes mornings so much easier.
  • ythannah
    ythannah Posts: 4,365 Member
    Black. Decaf. Sadly, for the past three years or so, I've lost my caffeine tolerance.

    Thank you Keurig for making decaf coffee that actually has flavour.
  • giggitygoo
    giggitygoo Posts: 1,978 Member
    Unadulterated in a nice foamy cappuccino.
  • alpine1994
    alpine1994 Posts: 1,915 Member
    I'll have a cup of brewed dark roast with a little bit of vanilla coffee creamer (the natural bliss one) at home while getting ready. When I get to work, I have a hazelnut kcup, black. I don't like it black at home though. I'm weird I guess.
  • StephenNesbit
    StephenNesbit Posts: 77 Member
    Dark Roast Community Coffee with one (1) Splenda packet.
  • I used to take it with cream but the cream had to go when I got serious about my diet. It took awhile, but I actually enjoy my coffee black now.
  • paomiamifl
    paomiamifl Posts: 61 Member
    I drink my coffee Cuban style. Either cafe con leche or a colada.



    IT'S DELICIOUS! I love Cuban coffee. I like the Cuban cafe con Leche but on the darker side of milk, not 50/50 or 75/25.
    At home, we make espresso with creamer and regular sugar, and I'm still losing 1-2 pounds a week!
  • oddyogi
    oddyogi Posts: 1,816 Member
    Dollar General Donut Shop Coffee with heavy cream or whole milk. No sweetener.

    During the colder months I like blueberry coffee, pumpkin coffee, and a mix as well.
  • castlerobber
    castlerobber Posts: 528 Member
    Fresh-ground from Dunkin Donuts whole beans, with just enough heavy cream to lighten it. No sweetener. I like iced coffee sweet, but not hot coffee.

    My other half takes his coffee with sugar-free flavored creamer, or half-and-half with a splash of sugar-free syrup.
  • 13bbird13
    13bbird13 Posts: 425 Member
    I prefer Dunkin' Donuts hot regular, with cream & sugar, but that's not goal-friendly. I'll still take cream & sugar occasionally, like if I'm eating out as a bit of a treat, but day to day I drink coffee from our Flavia coffee machine at work, and I can handle the Hazelnut and French Vanilla black. Someone upthread mentioned "a few drops of Stevia"... I've never tried that but might give it a shot. Straight black coffee is something I drink to wake up, not to enjoy.
  • arrrrjt
    arrrrjt Posts: 245 Member
    Black, just like my metal.
  • cookiekrunch
    cookiekrunch Posts: 65 Member
    Cafe Special Community Coffee with 3 packets of Splenda and 1/2 tablespoon of Skinny Syrup (0 calories and 0 sugar). I alternate between English Toffee, Salted Caramel, and French Vanilla. Sometimes I add French Vanilla flavored Splenda packs.
  • johnmurphymfp
    johnmurphymfp Posts: 2,590 Member
    To quote B.A. Baracus from A Team, "In a cup, fool." lol

    I like a bold coffee, and black. Not like my daughter made me one time. She thought I liked it strong, as in more scoops of regular coffee.... Didn't work out so well.
  • BlueBombers
    BlueBombers Posts: 4,065 Member
    2 cream and 1 sugar or I use a little bit of the International Delight creamers.