Women 5'2 to 5'4 Ages 40+: what's your weight goal?



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    This thread is so great. I am really loing reading all your posts. I have a couple years before I hit 40 but I feel like I want to contribute. :) Iam 5' 1" my 3rd child is 2 1/2 and I sadly have crept back up to 140 which is my highest adult non-pregnant weight. I modest goal right now of 125 but that could change when i get there. But right now it's not budging a bit

    ENJOYING reading your post! sorry for the typo
  • I am 5'3", 40 years old, and currently at 158 lbs. Goal weight is about 120-125. I do plan to add some lean muscle to compensate for typical "old age" muscle loss, lol.

    Having a much harder time losing weight this time around (lost weight after first two babies fine, now having a hard time). Suspicious that I may be developing metabolic syndrome (diabetes and other metabolic issues run in my family), so I'm starting a low-to-moderate carb diet.

    Do plan on getting tested soon.
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    I am 47 5'2" & hit my goal in June so now am at maintenance. I go between 112-115 & am happy there.
  • I am 5'4". I weigh 240 and turn 40 in 2months. First goal is to get to 200 as quickly as possible
    the work to getting down to 160. Would really be excited to see 150.
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    I'll be 41 next month, am 5'4.

    SW: 164lbs (yikes!)
    CW: 150lbs
    GW: 140lbs

    Like some others here, I simply cannot imagine myself looking healthy much lower than 140lbs.
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    I'm 5' 2". medium frame. 60 years old. I started out @ 278 15 months ago. I hit 150 about a month & a half ago. My doctor and I had decided on 140 as my goal. But when I hit 150, I had my BF% done and it was 21%. I felt good, and I was didn't have anything to lose anymore in my upper body. I am a definite pear shape. I was afraid that if I continued seriously losing toward the add'l 10# I would lose more in my face, and I don't want that to happen. So we decided I will stay here. I'm in a size 10 and I am fine with that. In fact, I am now 148 2 weeks into maintenance, and have managed to stay exactly there for 4 weeks now. I don't want to chase after the other 8# and then struggle to stay there, which is what I am afraid would happen. So I am happy to just stay put. I figure that with some more strength and weight work, I will be able to tighten up my lower half and that will help as much as can be with that pear shape nature gave me.
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    Hi All!
    Im 43 5' 2" and currently weigh between 161 - 165
    I started out at 241 last December
    my ultimate goal is 140lbs I have been stuck here since mid August
    I have to change things up a bit
    In mid august I started working more hours so not a ton of time lately to exercise as much as I would like
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    I'm 47, 5'4" and my goal is 125 although I would be happy at 130. I am a small frame and weighed about 117 when I got married (26 years ago) and my two pregnancies brought me up to 165 but I quickly lost the baby weight and got back to 125 each time. I hovered around 125-130 for a long time, and then life set in, I got diagnosed hypothyroid and with the kids getting older and running them everywhere you eat crappy fast food too much. So my weight climbed to 150, 160, and this past year I was noticing my clothes getting tighter and I was around 170-175. (There was a time about 8 years ago that I lost around 23 pounds in a summer and got to 138 and kept it off for over a year, but again life happened). So anyway I finally got on the scale last July and I was at 180. Well I knew it was time to do something. I was going between just loving myself anyway (which I still do) and accepting the larger version of me, but I was afraid it would continue to creep up and I didn't exactly have the best eating habits and did almost no exercise except walking occasionally. Diabetes and heart disease runs in my family as does bad knees, so again here I am. It's not my first time on MFP but it's the longest I've been on it. I'm just trying a new approach- log everything, don't deprive myself of the food I love once in a while but log it, find the exercise I love (bicycling), and forgive myself if I mess up a bit here and there. I'm afraid to try to get back to 117 because let's face it, being too thin as people age just makes you look that much older because your skin isn't as elastic, so a little extra cushion (just a little) isn't going to hurt. Which is why 130 would be a good weight for someone with my frame. Sound reasonable? Well let's hope it will stay off this time. Kids out of the house so there's more time to cook and hope that life doesn't throw me any big curve balls in the near future.
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    I am 5'4 and currently weigh 187. I am 42 years old. My goal is 145...yes this is high but I have been to this weight two times and then bounced back up. Actually lowest was technically 148 both times. Anywaaays. I would be happy if I could get down to 145 (or 148 lol) and then tone and maintain.
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    I'm 52, 5'2", small frame. Highest weight 142, currently 126 with a goal of 115. I used to be 108-110 before menopause (at 43) and 105 max in my early 20s.
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    Hi, I am 51 (as of the 12th of this month), 5'3.5" and weight well its at 218. Goal is 160. Would love to get to 140 but feel it would be way to thin for me. At this point I think changing the diet and adding exercise regularly is more important (for me) then worring about the final goal. This is me, for me. I just want to be healthier. I am always in need of friends, so feel free to add me. :flowerforyou:

    I will be 50 on the 9th.. I am 5'3.5 and 218. My Dr told me to hit 160 and go from there...
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    I am 5'5, currently weigh 203, and my goal weight is 145. I am 44 years-old.
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    I'm 43, 5'2 and 155lbs. Goal of about 140-145. I'm pretty hippy and I'm happy with my silhouette… I just want it to be smaller.

    On the last 10 lbs of an 80 lb weight loss.

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    This should really depend on your particular build. I'm 5'4" and my goal is 117. In my 20s and 30s I always hovered between 110-115. But I tend to have a small build... as in distance runner vs. sprinter. Other women who are naturally more muscular will have a significantly higher goal. As you say, it's about what looks/feels good on you and the proportion of fat vs. muscle.

    I'm 5'3", 41 yo. My goal is probably going to end up somewhere around 150. I'm really not sure. I'm not "naturally more muscular", unless working consistently in the weight room for 2 years to gain some nice LBM counts as "naturally more muscular"?. I guess progressive adaptation is a natural process, so maybe. But, it's not something that just magically happens. The process takes consistency and work, but it's totally possible to change your physique.

    Anyway, once my legs lean out, I lose the fat on my back that remains, and my belly shrinks, I'll switch to maintenance. I suspect that it'll happen in 50-60 lbs. or so from now, so anywhere from 155-145.
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  • MyChocolateDiet
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    OP are you trying to gain weight?
  • I am 5'1 (sorry just shy of the range you wanted lol) and i am 250 now and wanna lose 30lbs by march next yr then eventually get to final goal of 120-125lbs!
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    turned 59 in July... had a dream, literally, last week and something told me 122 lbs is my goal weight. I've been on this mission all my life... reached a high of 269lbs in 2006...at 5'2" that is a bit excessive... heck it is bit excess if I were 7'10"! Don't know what I weigh today because I don't want to step on the scale. People ask me what my goal is and I tell them I will know when I get there.... so was very surprised when I vividly dreamed the 122lb goal....

    Where am I today with that? not sure, but I don't think I am far off.... wearing a size 4 these days... will weigh someday, but not until I am sure it is 122 or under... stupid, I know... but don't want to get sucked into the scale predicting my daily moods... :-)
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    I am 5'2" and weigh 119 now. I did MFP last year and got down to 114 then hit some bumps inn the road in general, and gained again, but not as much as when I started last January. I am 52 and have a small frame. My high point was 136 a few years back. When I was 40 I ran every day for an hour and went on a low fat diet, got down to 108 (my high school weight) but it didn't look as good on me as it did in high school - people thought I had been sick! So now my goal is 112, which fits into a healthy BMI for my size. I used to feel like that was too much (when I was in my 20s and before my 2nd child), but now somehow a couple pounds more looks better on me. I do think one has to consider the size of one's frame, bones, etc. as these can make a difference. Exercise is definitely a must for me at this age. Trying to do it with diet alone just makes me a cranky, flabby thin person!