90 lbs GONE :)



  • chiliflea
    chiliflea Posts: 695 Member
    You look utterly fabulous!
  • SheliaN1960
    SheliaN1960 Posts: 454 Member
    You my friend have done an awesome job with your weight loss journey! As pretty as you were before you are glowing ever louder now!!! Great job and thank you for the inspiration!!!
  • jmiller0115
    jmiller0115 Posts: 20 Member
    That is fantastic, it will get harder but you know how much the effort was worth so far, just think how much better it will be when you accomplish your goal!! I just found the community a week or two ago, pretty cool huh?
  • candicemaechling
    candicemaechling Posts: 152 Member
    Definitely an inspiration u were very close to my starting height and weight I'm down 60 so far nice to see how great 218 will be when I make it there too!
  • larisadixon
    larisadixon Posts: 201 Member
    you look great!
  • bitabee
    bitabee Posts: 209 Member
    SO amazing!!!! Keep it up!
  • wanderingpilgrim
    wanderingpilgrim Posts: 109 Member
    Keep up all your hard work...it's really paying off!
  • You look great!!!! Don't let anything or anyone stop you from your goal. We don't give ourselves as much as we invest in others, so the one thing we can give ourselves is our health. You deserve that much...we all do. Keep going!!! :)
  • Wooooohooooo! Congrats! Great job! What an inspiration!
  • oubeth1
    oubeth1 Posts: 34
    You look amazing... way to go!!! :):flowerforyou:
  • LisaZaugg1976
    LisaZaugg1976 Posts: 1,144 Member
    great job!!!!
  • mogenfire
    mogenfire Posts: 81 Member
    WOW! you look so different!!! Awesome job!
  • Cmuchoa
    Cmuchoa Posts: 161 Member
    Congratualations - you look fantastic - great inspiration and motivation for all of us - Thanks for posting the pics - they are amazing.
  • I hope that you know that you have inspired not just me but so many ppl on this incredible website!! Please keep posting!!! If you would like to add me as a friend, and i hope you do, please do!! :) haha!! I wish you nothing but the best!! CHEERS!! :drinker:
  • elsie81
    elsie81 Posts: 16 Member
    way to go
  • Kkmama
    Kkmama Posts: 544 Member
    Congrtulations! You are amazing!
  • alitarose
    alitarose Posts: 103 Member
    Wow, amazing. You look wonderful.
  • frostiegurl
    frostiegurl Posts: 708 Member
    Wow, that's incredible. You look absolutely beautiful. Keep up the great work!
  • ncgirl1978
    ncgirl1978 Posts: 13 Member
    wow u look sooooo good u should be very proud keep up the good work and ty 4 postingur pics, it's one thing to read how much someone lost but another to c the realazation of it:smile:
  • Wow, that's fantastic!
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