Post here if you want more friends!



  • jensonabraham
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    Add me!
  • The more the merrier! I log in daily. :)
  • Hi everyone!! Would love have to have more friends!! Have lacked motivation these last few months and could do with a kick up the backside!! I log on daily and have an open diary x
  • quakerboy
    quakerboy Posts: 11 Member
    Looking for other like minded folks (widowed father prepping to run marathon on my 40th birthday).
  • feel free to add me if you like a bit of banter and loads of support
  • moya_bleh
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    Checking in. (Read my profile first though, please!)
  • PrettieBrwnEyez
    PrettieBrwnEyez Posts: 7 Member
    Hello, I'm new and looking to add friends to help me stay motivated. Thanks!
  • MyTurn2BHappy
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    Feel free to add me! Looking for fun, motivational and supportive friends! Even if you just want to vent, I'm here for ya!
  • me me me :)
  • Add me :) i love seeing people succeed and the support you get from having friends

  • prettyface55
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    Add me too
  • LanceDuvall
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    Please add meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Karando
    Karando Posts: 1 Member
    feel free to add me if you like. I live in Switzerland, so maybe its an international "freindship". :-)
    Enjoy your day!
  • Feel free to add me....trying to soak up the support to finally reach success! : )
  • Feel free to add me as well.. fairly new here and looking to meet some 'like-minded' friends
  • mfleeg
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    Always here for motivated people! :) A month away from completed p90X3 and will start p90x/x3 "hybrid" (ie subbing MMX for kenpo and x3 yoga for yoga x and dynamix for x stretch). I'm getting married in June and love cats. :) sooo... those are my basics.
  • Winston817
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    Good sense of humor and motivated feel free to add.
  • feel free to add me :)
  • Benjinkan
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    Im in
  • TLB86
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    Feel free to add me if you don't mind seeing alcohol, crisps and real foods on my daily log >:)o:)