What diet/healthy food could you not do without?



  • Mohamed18492
    Mohamed18492 Posts: 260 Member
    Yams and fruits, cant live without them
  • cstevenson86
    cstevenson86 Posts: 158 Member
    • Fat free milk
    • Fat free cottage cheese
    • Fruit
    • Special k breakfast flat breads
    • Fiber
    One brownies/lemon bars
  • cstevenson86
    cstevenson86 Posts: 158 Member
    *Fiber One brownies/lemon bars
  • 111YoYo111
    111YoYo111 Posts: 213 Member
    spagetti squash

    I've gotten hooked on it and eat it twice a week now.
  • avecheverria
    avecheverria Posts: 7 Member
    steam in the bag frozen vegetables. they've saved me many an evening
  • shazland
    shazland Posts: 62 Member
    Thanks everyone! Wish there was a 'like' button on here! What is spaghetti squash?
  • cherrychoc67
    cherrychoc67 Posts: 15 Member
    egg whites, I make a 3 egg white omelette for tea with frozen spinach, spring onion and a little chicken stock powder, I let it go cold then put a little tomato paste and cottage cheese on top and yummo that's my dinner
  • Fruit! All kinds. And Greek yogurt
  • drabbits3
    drabbits3 Posts: 141 Member
    greek yogurt, egg whites, raw veggies + hummus, oatmeal, sweet potatoes
  • kpk54
    kpk54 Posts: 5,152 Member
    Plain Greek yogurt, egg white omelets, steel cut oats, canned tuna, fresh fish, chicken, legumes, all fresh vegetable except okra, fruit, plenty of herbs and spices.
  • shreddedtrooper
    shreddedtrooper Posts: 107 Member
    I could absolutely not do without Cheetos XXXtra Flamin Hots and Gummi worms(target brand) none of that Trolli stuff. srs

    The cheetos keep my sane and the gummi worms are amazing intra-workout.

    Of course I'll include protein and fiber too, definitely coudnt do without my chickens and/or fiber rich foods.
  • robinkay2
    robinkay2 Posts: 46 Member
    Vanilla spirutein protein powder, Pacific almond milk, eggs, apples, skinnypop popcorn, Ezekiel bread, Kevita Tangerine Kombucha, Lemon green tea
  • malibu927
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    Eggs, Greek yogurt (I have one nearly every day), chicken and tuna for salads/wraps
  • FaylinaMeir
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    asparagus or brussells sprouts... so good
  • Liftng4Lis
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  • 50sFit
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    shazland wrote: »
    I'd be interested in finding out what food you really couldn't do without whilst watching your weight/dieting. Might help give me some ideas on what to eat :-)
    I think crumpets are good. Only 98 calories and they're practical for lunch.
    I can't do without homemade juice - my very own thick mix of fruit and blended veggies. I just won't eat veggies any other way. I hate them.

  • MrsMizart
    MrsMizart Posts: 1,275 Member
    Porridge made with oats and water and nowt else! I have IBS and it has saved me from the pain on numerous occasions :smile: . Trek protein bars. Also water - lots and lots of lovely water :smile:
  • dietcoke281
    dietcoke281 Posts: 226 Member
    Cream crackers! Yum.
  • Avocado, eggplant and tofu!
  • melimomTARDIS
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    oatmeal, rice cakes, wine, skim milk, campbells tomato soup.....