Guess the person aboves life from thier profile pic only



  • ilfaith
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    Owns a hat shop and appears on advertising billboards all over town wearing different hats.
  • ParamoreAddict
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    Yoga instructor and has a loving family at home.

  • Alastair007
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    Dog walker
  • mikeyrp
    mikeyrp Posts: 1,616 Member
    Collects leaves. Uses them to make great works of art. Keeps pet ravens. Hops on an alternative leg each day. Has a flavored tea named after him. Thinks prawns play chess.
  • Misshodge64
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  • mikeyrp
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    Not a million miles away from my university degree....

    Professional day dreamer.
  • betty_2010
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    no kids, likes to travel
  • mikeyrp
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    betty_2010 wrote: »
    no kids, likes to travel
    I definitely travel a lot. "Likes" is open to interpretation.

    Split personality which due to a genetic mutation manifests itself physically as well as mentally. All four personalities like chocolate but only one likes icecream.
  • melodiefrance
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    Happy-go-lucky animal-lover, charmer with the ladies, likes wining and dining, nice to everyone, will make a good dad, witty and imaginative!
  • rock127
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    Nature lover.
  • mikeyrp
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    Just had the stabilizers removed from his bike.
  • Tialuna18
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    Quite the outdoors-men, Adventurous and up for parties.
  • model at anime and comic conventions around the country
  • palinj
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    Weekend golfer, full-time dad
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    Corporate Job, recently Single, Loves the outdoors!
  • brimingus
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    Has kids. Is fun (red hair, duh!), likes wine. :)
  • misslazo718
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    College student, family oriented, loves outdoors and ugly Christmas sweaters.
  • misslazo718
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    BFDeal wrote: »

    Not quite but it has always been my dream... B)
  • KristaPerseveres
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    Works in a carnival or haunted house during the Halloween season, and enjoys scaring little kids and grown ups alike? Drives an ice cream truck on the weekends :-)~ Sorry, clowns are kinda creepy :-/