Oatmeal Recipes



  • geecee77
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    Mix with yoghurt and leave either overnight, or for about 30 mins so the oats have absorbed some of the moisture of the yoghurt, either way is lovely and you have the variety of different flavour yoghurts.
  • socalkay
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    I use oatmeal in meatloaf (instead of breadcrumbs) and lately have been making banana oatmeal cookies. When you have a couple bananas that are getting very ripe, throw them in the blender with some cinnamon and I add 1 Tbsp of brown sugar. Mix the blend with some raisins and 1 cup quick oats (add a bit more if needed so you have a cookie dough consistency). Makes a dozen cookies. Bake at around 375 for 12 minutes (adjust as needed).