Fiber- Does Anyone Get Enough?



  • Francl27
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    I get plenty. Even when I don't have Quest bars, I eat a lot of veggies and only buy whole grains products that have more fiber.
  • xcalygrl
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    My goal is 35 a day. I hit it every weekday and sometimes on the weekends. I eat a lot of veggies (spianch, kale, broccoli, and cabbage) and have chia seeds every weekday. The weekend is a little harder for me because I don't have planned meals.
  • gothchiq
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    I don't count grams. I'm regular, so I assume I get enough. lol
  • gothchiq
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    lol I tried fiber one brownies once. Never again. You turn into a hot air balloon farting yourself around the room.... no thx lol
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    gothchiq wrote: »
    lol I tried fiber one brownies once. Never again. You turn into a hot air balloon farting yourself around the room.... no thx lol

    lol so true. and god help you if you have more than one...................
  • melimomTARDIS
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    i eat a mostly vegetarian diet with alot of beans, so yeah, I hit 25g, and then some.
  • michellesz
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    I think my default is at 25 but I always aim to be over. Eat beans, whole grains, brown rice, popcorn, nuts, fruit like apples, pears, prunes or figs, bran cereals, oatmeal, potatoes with skin or veggies just to name a bunch! Also fiber one bars are a fave & for a sweet treat with only around 90 calories.
  • WVprankster
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    Chia seeds, and lots of 'em.
  • ForecasterJason
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    Not sure the exact amount I get in, but I'm pretty sure I get in enough. I eat lots of whole grains, nuts, fruits, and sometimes beans. When it comes to the actual amount of fiber per food, whole grains and beans can really help.
  • independant2406
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    Beans and raspberries are lifesavers :)
    I love flaxseed or chia seeds in cereals too.

    Fiber One Bars on the other hand leave me with horrible stomach cramps in the bathroom for hours. No thank you!
  • Add some iceberg lettuce and a zucchini in your blender when you make yourself a protein/fruit smoothie. It will not alter the taste and add fiber but not calories or carbs. I also add shredded zucchini and flax meal to all my baked goods, scrambled eggs etc... Good luck !
  • I snack on chia seeds by the spoonful. I haven't had a problem with it....

    What brand of Chia seeds do you like? What taste do they resemble?
  • Chia seeds, and lots of 'em.

    What do you prefer your Chia seeds on- breakfast food , shake, or later in the day?
  • segacs
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    I'm aiming for 18g -- the recommendation for 25g for women is for the mysterious "average" woman eating 1800 calories/day. I'm quite a bit smaller, and the specific nutritional guidelines suggest 14g of fibre per 1,000 calories consumed. So for me at 1,290 calories, that's about 18g of fibre per day.

    I estimate I'm failing to hit that target about as often as I hit it. Some days I manage 20-25g, but other days I'm only getting like 10-15.

    To get more fibre, I eat a lot of broccoli, I've switched to a high-fibre instant oatmeal with raisins for breakfasts (yeah, I know instant is bad for me, but it's a compromise since it's grab-and-go), whole wheat bread for sandwiches, and I try to snack on things like popcorn or raspberries. It's tough, though, and I'm not a fan of supplements so I don't want to go down that road.
  • FaylinaMeir
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    most days yes, when I feel not good or whatever then no
  • harlanJEN
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    YEP! vegetables & fruit. Berries have excellent fiber. Beans are also fiber-rich. truly - no need for supps. focus on eating more vegetables & fruit such as berries, apples, pears. Spinach has nice fiber and I eat it frequently. Just had an amazing BST sandwich. Bacon Spinach & Tomato. I always use baby spinach instead of lettuce anywhere I can.
  • harlanJEN
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    Flax and Chia seeds will also provide fiber , omega 3s & some protein. Nuts & seeds.
  • vamaena
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    Mine is 30g and on usually on weekdays I hit it, weekends not always. I get it through fruis, vegetable, brown rice, I eat plenty of flax and chia seeds, nuts
  • I rarely hit mine. Even though I don't have any digestive problems. I suspect since I'm eating more fat, the fat has been helping my digestion out a lot.
  • ithrowconfetti
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    ^ This. I've experienced constipation so often, despite eating so much fibre-rich foods like oats and high-fibre cereals and fruits. I thought fibre was the end-all of all constipation remedies. Then I read that fats are essential for BMs, and thanks to MFP keeping me on track, I realised that my fat goals were far from being met each day. I find that I'm not as constipated on days where I've consumed a relatively fat-rich meal.