Best underwear for gym? (ladies)



  • kamakazeekim
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    When I work out it must be bikini cut style undies.
  • MostlyWater
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    I don't. But I change after every workout. For cycling, I wear old undies and attach a thick pad to the outside.
  • nicoleromine
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    Totally unnecessary.
  • mochapygmy
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    We were just talking about this at work! I need technical underwear! I tried going comando, but there are seams in my compression pants that make it impossible...but I need something that wicks the moisture away, as I seem to end up almost with diaper rash (sorry if tmi!!).

    Ex officio is technical underwear. Synthetic, wicking and seamless. I got a pair for an obstacle course race and they are swell. Bought them at r.e.I. All cuts were available.

  • drummer_lady
    drummer_lady Posts: 150 Member
    I have a pair of these and I like them. They're lightweight, moisture wicking, and also seamless. I would get more but they're kind of expensive and I can only get them online (and shipped internationally which is even more pricey).

    Other than this one pair I own, I just wear whatever underwear I happened to have on when I got to the gym.

  • SnuggleSmacks
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    I wear Izod seamless bikini. They fit perfectly over my very round butt with no riding or lines.
  • soultrouble
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    nike combat compression shorts with a pair of basketball shorts...they are great for preventing chub rub (along with body glide). I don't go to the gym to look cute...I go to do work son!
  • Edie30
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    Lol... I just wear massive panties! Massive panties are a sign of success :-)
  • 24Sept
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    Granny panties
  • KameHameHaaaa
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    Gonna have to go with massive/granny panties too.
  • mizzbugsy
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    I wear cycling shorts for cycling...feels like you're wearing a diaper but the padding is amazing. Otherwise, I just wear regular (whatever I pull out of the drawer) for other workouts
  • arditarose
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    Thong/something soft and barely there.
  • Mitzimum
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    I have these soft lace g-strings that are perfect
  • MyChocolateDiet
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    i have hipsters and boy shorts and notice I like the hipsters better for working out because they stay in place better because they have elastic on the legs.

    the boy shorts are the same cotton as the hipsters but being cotton without the elastic they go everywhere under my pants and that sucks.

    they are both getting too big though but I can tell I'm gonna have to get rid of the boy shorts sooner because it's getting too airy down there when I wear those.
  • levitateme wrote: »
    Who wears underwear under workout/cycling pants?!?

    thanks for expressing. my point too
  • giggitygoo
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    I like the under armor seamless boyshort "cheekies". They are awesome.
  • JazzFischer1989
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    Best underwear is no underwear.
  • MyChocolateDiet
    MyChocolateDiet Posts: 22,281 Member
    Best underwear is no underwear.
  • Missycvt
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    Depends. No, I don't mean depends depends, I mean it depends on what you're feeling like. Lol. I go with either cotton thong or commando.
  • misswhitney1
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    I only ever wear wide-band lace thongs.