Trying to stay positive..

Trying to maintain my 1200 calories per day and it is hard! I feel like I had hardly any food today. Egg burrito, banana, granola bar, handful of almonds, cheese stick, 2 cups of minestrone soup at 68 calories per cup, and a piece of toast. Not sure how I am going to make it the rest of the week I feel weak and tired how do people lose weight! I am 5ft and weighing 197 lbs :( Any positive thoughts?


  • concordancia
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    Add some veggies! They are very low calorie and yet the fiber is very filling. If you ate veggies instead of that granola bar, I bet you would be stuffed.
  • AmigaMaria001
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    I agree, add lots of veg and chew sugarless gum. It will get easier as your stomach shrinks. Hang in there.
    I've been on 1200 calories for over 9 months now and it's really plenty.
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    Subway turkey sandwiches 280 calories per 6 inch sub
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    Most likely you're eating too few calories. Read this page, it will help you understand how it's possible to eat more and lose weight. You don't need to eat so little and suffer.
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    Add more protein in your diet, it'll keep you full longer, and plenty of water or diet juice! I like Quest Bars, nibble on it throughout the day.
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    Salads in general, lettuce , tomatoes , sprinkled with a tad of cheese and olive oil are filling , yet low in cal, and I would suggest ( we call them hurma, i don't know the word in english , but they are of season in my country heavy and full-filling )
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    or persimmons as fruits
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    Are you drinking enough? It's all very well focusing of food intake and calories, but you may be struggling because your water intake is too low. I found that's why I was always so lethargic - that and my choices of low nutritional value foods. I've learnt from my mistakes, and now I feel energized when I diet! Make sure to drink the recommended 8 cups a day, and then some if you feel thirsty. And choose good, nutritional snacks! :) I've found, what works for me, is to have 3 good, with at least one protein enriched, meals, then I don't feel like snacking at all.
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    That sounds like torture. I am not sure of your age, sex and other info, but I am pretty sure that you can eat more than 1200 per day and still lose weight at a decent rate. Look up the Scooby workshop tdee calculator and use it to figure out your daily caloric intake. You can eat even more if you exercise. Good luck! :)
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    Trying to lose weight Started off good but the weight is creeping up as I am following the diet more closely. a lot of confusion. :o
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    I use exercise to add some calories into my days. I am a 1200cal per day limit too, I started at 1340 per day doesn't seem like that big of a difference but those 140 calories make a difference when they are gone.
  • I'm a firm believer that as long as whatever *extra* you're putting in your body is as clean and unprocessed as possible (no refined sugar, possibly raw, possibly organic) you can add in a few calories daily (like 200-300). Seriously, I eat spinach by the handfuls with lemon and a tiny dash of sea salt. Cucumbers, celery with a tiny bit of organic nut butter (I hate eating celery raw)... etc. I love hitting up Pinterest for ideas on healthy, low or no-cal snacks. Also, as others have mentioned, get your exercise in, that can offset, and plenty of protein! ... Bottom line, you CAN do it. Focus on little changes, and in the end they amount to BIG results!