50lbs in 7 months- realistic? -healthy?

I know, same old story... you know you are getting married for some time but only wake up when you see yourself in the dress and say- nope that's not how I pictured it!

Now I have 7 months to go and would like to loose best case scenario 50lbs, worst case scenario 40lbs. Has anyone done this before with similar SW and how did you do it? I don't want any fad diet or crazy starvation advice but just need a motivator that this is doable.

Thx for the advice! x


  • girlinahat
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    what's your starting weight? What about height? 50lbs in 7 months averages almost 2lbs a week so that will be a hurdle if that is ALL you have to lose - you may lose a lot at first but then things will slow off again.

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    It's really going to depend on how much you have to lose whether it's a healthy idea or not. It's likely doable, but if you're not very heavy to start, it may not be healthy. If 50lbs puts you into a healthy weight range, you're probably around the 1lb per week loss category, so 7 months and 50lbs might be a stretch.

    I've lost 65 in 8 months, but I had 75 to lose and lost fairly quickly the first couple months cuz I shocked my body by dropping carbs --my blood sugar was consistently high, so it wasn't a fad choice there, but a necessity. The last few months I've slowed considerably and am looking for about 1/2lb per week, if that.

    My advice is figure out what you need to do for 1-1.5 lbs per week and get started. You'll lose whatever you lose in the net 6 months and whatever it is will be what it will be. Setting too stringent goals can derail you. fwiw, I know pictures can be deceiving, but if your pic is recent, you don't look like you have an extra 50lb on you.
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    It is definitely doable, if you have the time and motivation. I've lost around 35lbs in less than 4 months, without making myself sick or miserable. Just have to follow a good plan that works for you
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    If it's just 50? It might be tricky, and you'll lose fat as well as LBM. I had 100 to lose, and it took nine months for me to hit 50.
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    Just set your calories for a moderate deficit and what happens, happens. Extremes will likely cause you to stop the plan between now and then, and last minute craziness will lead to problems on the day (feeling tired, undue stress, etc.). Don't look at it as a hard and fast goal; just try to be the best person you can be on the day. You will have a fantastic day no matter what. And make sure you plan for dress alterations if you've already purchased it and it ends up being the wrong size (whether too big or too small).
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    I lost 51 in 8 months, but I spent 2 of those months flatlined from injuries I got at the gym so if I hadn't spent 2 months on the couch playing Candy Crush, I'd have pulled it off in 6 months. So yeah, it's possible, but I did put a lot of time in at the gym and went low carb as well. I've also got a LOT to lose, which makes it easier. If you're only 160 and looking to get to 110, it'll be tougher to get those last 10-15 pounds off.
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    MrM27 wrote: »
    Depends on how obese you are.

    this... plus its really about 6 months, as you'll want your dress fitting a few weeks before the wedding to allow time for alterations.
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    Depends on how much you have to lose. I started at 325, and was able to hit 50 pounds in 7 months, I know the next 7 months I won't be able to lose quite as much. If you only have 50 to lose to be at a healthy weight, it isn't going to happen in 7 months. Or if it does happen, you won't look as good as you would losing is slowly.

    Your FI loves you for who you are (he asked you to marry him, right?) so I wouldn't worry too much about losing it all now. Find a dress that flatters the body you have (with a lace up back, they are more forgiving if you can lose the weight) and work on weight loss & toning as you go.
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    It's been said but it depends on how much you have to lose. I lost 50lbs in 6 months but I started with 200lbs to lose. I did it through healthy eating, portion control, and plenty of gym time (8-12 hours a week). I have a mix of cardio and strength training.

    If you only have 50lbs to lose I wouldn't recommend trying to do it in 7 months. You'll probably end up looking sick if you do. It's better to do it slower.
  • Kalikel
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    It totally depends on how fat you are to begin with. Your metabolism and how hard you're willing to work play into it, too.

    There's a chance. If you workout a lot and eat right and you actually have a shot.
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    Congratulations on your engagement!!

    As multiple people have said - it depends on your starting weight. The good news is this: If your starting weight is very heavy, you could lose 40-50 pounds. If your starting weight is moderate, then even a 25 pound loss will be significantly noticeable so you shouldn't put pressure on yourself to lose in a way that is unhealthy for you.

    Eating at too large of a calorie deficit will not only leave you fatigued, and can cause your hair to thin out, but it will leave you cranky and muddle headed. This is now how you want to be while planning your wedding. I am convinced this is how some Bridezillas are born.

    Your wedding is 1 day, your marriage is for the rest of your life. Live like you are planning the rest of your life!
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    First of all thank you for all your comments and advice! So I am (as of this morning) starting at 83.6kg or 184lbs. As per my BMI calculation, a healthy range would be between 55- 75kg or 121- 165lbs which is quite a range! I am not too crazy about it being exactly 50lbs but I would like to get into the area just to see what I would look like. I was 165lbs/ 75kg about 2 years ago when I ditched MFP and felt good but not at my best if you know what I mean.

    To the comments about my fiance, yes of course he loves me and while I do wanna look my best for him- this one is for me! I just want to look amazing on that day through my eyes.

    Again, thank you for the advice and feel free to add me for mutual support!
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    very realistic if you are consistent in your logging and exercise. Good Luck

  • Grace215lbs
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    How tall are you and how often do you work out? I can post what you'd need to be eating and doing based off that info =)
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    I guessed you're around 170- 173cms as that's healthy range for your goals.

    That being said if you work out 3 times a week. You could easily lose 40-50lbs in 30weeks or 7 months. Please remember this is rough but you could achieve it to lose 50lbs

  • Doing_me
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    Grace, that is amazing! Thank you so much! I actually am 173cms I am actually kicking off the weight loss with a 10-day detox to get my body used to healthier food and also to contain cravings and snacking so I am expecting to loose around 10lbs in the first 10 days if I can believe the book :)

    Thank you all! I am so motivated!
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    Consensus is that detoxes are a load of rubbish and theres no proof that they work. 10lbs in ten days sounds like just the fad diet you say you dont want. You might want to rethink that and focus on your logging, mindset and devising your exercise plan.

    Ooops and what they all said. You can do it and will get pretty close as long as you are consistent and the plan is good.
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    Yes you can do it. I'm 5 9 and started at 196lbs.. I've lost 33lbs in 3 months and whilst weight loss rate has slowed I have to believe 50lbs in 7 months is more then achievable. I haven't felt hungry with the foods ive been eating and haven't followed any crazy diets, just sensible eating, ensuring I count every calorie and regular exercise. Good luck and congrats on the wedding
  • Sued0nim
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    I don't think your weight matters as much as your body composition - and it is certainly achievable to make a huge difference to your body in 7 months

    Rule 1) eat at a defecit - make sure your weekly defecit is a defecit

    then optional - get to a gym, hire a personal trainer, lift heavy, get fit, do some cardio, walk more, get a pedometer

    guidelines - drink lots of water, don't cut anything out, don't follow any 'trends' or eating plans just throw it all out of the window and focus on calories in / calories out - eat what you like, what fills you, you could follow 80% 'good foods'/20% treats if you want