Do you keep your exes numbers in your cell phone?

I am thinking to delete his number but I cant the strength to do it.I don't plan on texting again but having his number in my celly feels like I am holding on to hope .So do you delete or keep an ex number?


  • SparkyJess3
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    Delete that crap girl!
  • carlylane04
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    I do just so I know not to answer! :)
    THIS! exactly.

  • La_Malfaisante
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    I guess it depends on how the relationship ended. Was it mutual? Did he cheat on you? If you don't plan on talking to him again turn the page, delete his number and move on. He's your Ex for a reason
  • Sinistrous
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    Keep it, but keep it as "Ignore this caller" and make sure their calls don't come through. If they got anything important to say, they can leave a voicemail.
  • ilfaith
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    I think it depends on how the relationship ended. I have a handful of exes with whom I have remained on friendly terms over the years. Of course I've been with my husband for 17 years so there is obviously a lot of water under the bridge, and our contact now is generally limited to holiday cards and maybe a call or message on a birthday. Occasionally we will like something the other posts on Facebook. But it's not like there's going to be a chance of a drunken booty call anytime.
  • ThePhoenixIsRising
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    Do they owe me money?
  • LovelyMarie774
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    What do you feel best about? What will be conducive to how you want to move forward? I have all my exes in my phone and their names are all a variation of "don't answer." I'm not looking for a backslide.
  • seltzermint555
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    I do just so I know not to answer! :)

    mostly this.

  • Alatariel75
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    The only time I have is so I know not to answer. If I delete it, I might accidentally answer it, or respond to a text because I don't recognise the number.

    Though it's been years since I had to worry about it, aside from one FB message from an ex which I initially responded to then quickly ignored, I've not had any contact with an ex for a very long time.
  • JenAndSome
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    Definitely keep it programmed. Do not ever dial it...or answer it.
  • shaynepoole
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    I do just so I know not to answer! :)

    this sums it up for me as well :p

  • yopeeps025
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    OP delete it. Let him go.
  • xsmilexforxmex
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    If it ended on good terms, and we're still friends, I have no problem with keeping their number... It ended for a reason but we were also together for a reason. The only person I ever deleted from my phone was also deleted from my life - my ex husband.
  • summerhaze71
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    If seeing his number is a trigger to you or causes you emotional pain, then by all means, delete it. Some things take time to heal. You can always add it back at a later time.
  • WWbuffydo
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    I do, but I change their name to 'DO NOT ANSWER' (the caps lock is extremely important)
  • donnysoule
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    who deletes numbers..... nobody says you gotta use it
    plus, they come in handy when you're drunk ;-)
  • Silentfool
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    Delete it.... do it now. I once sent a text to an ex by mistake that was about my ex using not very nice words..... shortly follwed by her ringing me and not using nice words.
    delete and save any further misery
  • Dawmelvan
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    Delete. They're an ex for a reason.
  • maria0elisa
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    delete. clear that *kitten* out of your life!
  • maria0elisa
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