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UK Based MFP'ers?

So I've been going on MFP for on an off for a year, but this time since 1st November with more determination than ever.

I would really like to have some more UK based friends as well, to see and be inspired by what other people do in their calorie allowance and with their food - so I can sneak some ideas for new meals as I am getting a bit bored of my staples....

Feel free to add me! I log daily, the more the merrier ;)


  • jessiemjporter
    jessiemjporter Posts: 174 Member
    UK based Here~~~~
  • Abstraktimus
    Abstraktimus Posts: 213 Member
    I'm Dan, 22 and from Liverpool. Was 364lb down to 238lb but still going, I log daily, active in discussions and generally talk a lot to keep myself and others entertained. add me!
  • milla1985
    milla1985 Posts: 153 Member
    UK based here! I'm trying to shift 20 rather stubborn pounds, log daily and am pretty active in discussions and chat..
  • jenny3008
    jenny3008 Posts: 97 Member
    UK based here
    Generally quite good at logging but had a couple of bad weeks travelling and eating too much.
    Need to lose another 15kg or so
  • welshpoppy
    welshpoppy Posts: 114 Member
    Uk based here as well, I am trying to shift 30 pounds which refuse to move
  • OrangeBabelfish
    OrangeBabelfish Posts: 67 Member
    Woooo! See there's a whole bunch of us :)
  • GrabacrPD
    GrabacrPD Posts: 94 Member
    Nottingham here! Daily logging and currently doing Insanity...Add me!
  • Mufflana
    Mufflana Posts: 18 Member
    Darkest Dorset here, logging daily and finally off a plateau! Down from well over 300lbs and now just 8 away from going under the 200's......adding you now and if anyone wants, please feel free to add me
  • Paul_Collyer
    Paul_Collyer Posts: 160 Member
    edited December 2014
    London. Started in 2012 and lost 20kg in 9 months. Then paused for a bit, came back that autumn and lost a little more, but then gained a little while marathon training which was fine. Restarted in September this year and think I have probably cracked it with 5-6kg lost already. I've dropped sugar intake ( took my allowance down to 60g and make sure fruit is most of that ) and boosted fat and protein vs carbs. Roughly 40F:25P:35C ratio. Think the vivofit has helped too, as the MFP walking calorie burns are a bit optimistic. I eat 1750 net and have 1-2 days off logging per week to live a little.
  • gruffdris
    gruffdris Posts: 55 Member
    Hi im manchester based and trying to shift 30lbs. managed to drop 6 of that so far just a few bits of diet to sort and ill be on track
  • FrustratedYoYoer
    FrustratedYoYoer Posts: 274 Member
    edited December 2014
    32 year old 5'8 female here from Cumbria. I'm about 154 lbs currently. I have about a stone to lose after putting a bit on. I kept up with my exercise though so still quite fit. Just need to get back into a routine with my weights and I'll be back in all of my old clothes in no time. I log daily and have an open diary but don't always have time to comment if I'm at work due to my long shifts but other than that I'm here if any of you want to add me
  • mymodernbabylon
    mymodernbabylon Posts: 1,038 Member
    Londoner here. I'm currently eating at maintenance (eating at TDEE) but will be doing a cut of 15% starting in January (don't care about weight but want to lose a bit more body fat while maintaining my muscles). I'm doing the Stronglifts 5x5 (just started back up) and C25K programme, as well as play hockey (I'm a goalie).
  • gabrielleelliott90
    gabrielleelliott90 Posts: 854 Member
    Moi. From Somerset.
  • cw106
    cw106 Posts: 952 Member
    top of page- groups. loads of ukers there.
  • destinyhope12345
    destinyhope12345 Posts: 67 Member
    im in the uk in oxford log daily and happy to be added
  • cherryblossombabe
    cherryblossombabe Posts: 113 Member
    Hey! I'm from the UK too so feel free to add me :) Im active on here every day and my diary is open too! x
  • mymodernbabylon
    mymodernbabylon Posts: 1,038 Member
    Just a warning to anyone who wants to add me, I'm against under-eating and 1200 calorie diets - I will give you *kitten* if you try to eat at too big a deficit. I'm part of the Eat More 2 Weigh Less group and so I'm all about eating as much as you can while losing weight. I'm currently eating 2300 calories for maintenance (my TDEE_ and will do TDEE-15% for my cut.
  • vbvamsi
    vbvamsi Posts: 13 Member
    I am from Romford. Lost 16kg in the last 4 months.
  • backupguy
    Uk here, 225lb down to 172lb, under 140 days
  • DawnieB1977
    DawnieB1977 Posts: 4,248 Member
    East Sussex here. I've got 37lbs to go until pre (3rd) pregnancy weight! My baby is 7 months old.