Cauliflower price?



  • Most stores here have them for 2.99, but they're 1.29 every day at Aldi.
  • katherinemab
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    $4 in NYC Metro area. I use a lot of frozen veggies! Easy to stock up on when on sale
  • 999tigger
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    Markets. The price varies. I did get 3 small ones/ 2 medium for £1 the other day. I would say supermarket ones here would be about $1-$1.50.
  • LazyFoodie
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    Do you have any ethnic markets around you? I find produce to be at least half the price in Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Asian markets than at the local Kroger.... there is always a few kinds of vegetables on sale. I don't think I've ever made more than over a $1 per lb for cauliflower, usually much less.

  • Slasher09
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    I just went grocery shopping last night and non-organic was $3.49. They were a very good size though.
  • 999tigger
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    Why do cauliflowers seem to be imported? It seems to be much more expensive in the USA.
  • dwambold
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    $7 for one small head. You can usually get them cheaper than that if you're willing to shop around though.
  • Sued0nim
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    Bloody hell .. I'm shocked

    My cauliflower was £1 which is about $1.57, and that's from Waitrose (posh supermarket)
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    Francl27 wrote: »
    I found some at $3 today so I got one... a big one too. I need to start keeping a list of what stores have good prices on stuff, but what a drag...

    If you have room, it's pretty easy to grow. It likes cooler weather.
  • Francl27
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    I will have to look into it for next year for sure. We've been growing veggies not those.
  • NK1112
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    The last time I bought fresh cauliflower it was at a vegetable stand and it was $3.00 for a medium size head. It's about $4.00 a head in the grocery store.
  • KylaDenay
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    I think cauliflower for me is close to $2.49 - $2.99. I think. I love it actually. I sometimes by the steamer bags like Publix which are usually 2 for $5. Sometimes on sale for 3 for $5. Maybe I should try Aldi or a farmers market idk.
  • chouflour
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    I bought 2lb bags of fresh cauliflower florets at Costco last night for $3.50 each. Whole heads were ~ $2 per at TJ.
  • habit365
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    I cannot believe how cheap some of you all get cauliflower!! Runs about $4-7 here.
  • kasiaj
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    It was either $1.29 or $1.39 yesterday at Aldi's (can't remember which one was for cauliflower and which was for broccoli).
  • dbmata
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    $4.50 a pound right now, not in season.
  • lemurcat12
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    Went to the closest large mainstream supermarket near me this morning (Jewel) and checked the cauliflower. $1.99 for regular, $3.99 for organic.
  • laineybz
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    The supermarkets here tend to charge around £1 for a small head, the green grocers are around £1 for a massive one.
  • jorge_007
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    Last time I bought some it was 2 heads for .99 cents. They're cheap here in a local store here in California. Bananas are 4 lbs for 99 cents too. Broccoli 2 lbs for 99 cents.