How much can you squat?



  • McCloud33
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    305 for 3x5 and 1rm of 405 at a BW of 190

    I should be able to push more considering I've never truly maxed out...meaning I've never failed a squat (no safety rack at the gym...supposed to be getting one at the end of January so we'll go all out then)
  • DawnEmbers
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    I'm at 125 so far.

    Having avoided squats in the past, it has only been since very end of October that I'd been lifting. I went from thinking the bar was heavy then, to now doing 125 so that's not too bad. And every time I increase it's a new record for me having never done weighted squats before. Still a long ways to go before body weight. Hoping to decrease that some but we'll see which happens first: lost weight or lift heavier.
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    If any of you started out very light or maybe feeling like squatting was super hard, how long did it take you to get to the point where it clicked and got easier? Not easy as in the weight felt like nothing but easy as in you didn't feel like "ugh, crap, time to squat again."

    The squat is my worst lift. I can do bodyweight squats easy peasy and same goes for doing them with dumbbells on my shoulders. But back squats with a barbell are super difficult. I kind of hate them but am determined to get better. I feel like something is whopperjawed with me because my bench is 80 and my squat is 60 (lbs not kg!) From switching from dumbbells in October until now, I've only gone from 45 to 60. I'm the captain of the weak quad squad I think.

    It honestly depends on how suited you are to it both 'mentally' and bio-mechanically. Some people seem to be able to pick it up quickly and others struggle with it. I was lucky in that I was able to pick it up pretty immediately re form (although I, as with most people, am still working on that now and will always continue to make tweaks). Also, your levers will impact how 'easy' it is to get form down and be able to feel solid in your squat (as well as being a factor in how much you can actually squat).

    Just keep practicing - possibly video and get someone who knows what they are talking about to critique your form. With those stats, you are probably 'off' somehow and getting help with tweaking form may help increase it.
  • kelly_e_montana
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    my back squat pr is 255 from 2 months ago (raw) but lately it's in the toilet. my front squat pr is 205 but i haven't tested it in a couple months and my 5 rep max would suggest it's higher now. i hope so. in actuality, it think my current 1 rep max that I can pull off on front and back are pretty close to one another.
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    PR of 225x3 last week.