Starting my weight loss journey...again



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    I'm in this group, too. I've had 2 memberships on MFP in the past and always quit because someone in the forums made snotty comments to me or someone like me. This time I'm going to block them and keep going. I have a plan - drain my water bottle at least twice in a day (6 cups), have 1 cup of broth before each meal instead of nibbling/tasting during meal prep, log everything that goes into my mouth (even if I think it's bad), and exercise every day at least 20 minutes. What is your plan?
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    Here's to making it through New Year's! Stay on your toes and be strong:)
  • Hi everyone. I'm also re-starting my weight loss journey. I've gained 50 pounds in the past 2 years and am hoping to get the weight off fast. I'm sick of feeling overweight and unattractive. I didn't realize how significant of an impact the weight has been having on me! To spark an interest in dieting.. I'd like to lose 20 pounds the first month. Do you think that it's possible?
  • I have tried so many times to lose weight but get discouraged after a couple of days. I hope this app aids in keeping me focused. More friends for encouragement will be helpful, I hope!

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    Same here. I'm starting over on new years and until then I'll be working on my sleep schedule and eating habits. I pray you all succeed this time.
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    Good luck !

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    I'm going to stay home today. No New Year's party for me. My hubby has to work so I will hold down the fort with the dogs. I hope everyone has a successful day and night.
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    Hi everyone! I am starting again today too! I hope to be able to connect with some of you and make some friends. I think I need people to help keep myself accountable! Good luck with all the New Year's festivities!
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    Starting again too