Food Texture Issues/Quirks - Who else has them?



  • jennwhite34
    jennwhite34 Posts: 534 Member
    Noodles (of any type)

    Also can't stand the smell of coffee or milk
  • blink1021
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    I cannot stand oatmeal I gag every time I have ever tried to eat it. I also cannot stand grits, meatloaf, stuffed peppers, meatball sandwiches, sloppy joes I could go on but anything that could possibly make anything soggy especially french onion soup or that resembles dog food or vomit. I have always been this way since I was a child and still can't do it. My husband says its all in my head but I don't care still can't eat it.
  • lsgibbs83
    lsgibbs83 Posts: 254 Member
    Mushrooms! I also don't like the taste or texture of coconut.
  • becky10rp
    becky10rp Posts: 573 Member
    I don't like the consistency of Jello, pudding, grits, tapioca, flan, bread pudding, rice pudding
  • ShinyFuture
    ShinyFuture Posts: 314 Member
    Cold cooked egg whites - so like deviled eggs, egg salad, boiled eggs - just can't do it. Finding chunks of chopped cold egg in potato salad - sooo gross. I have the same problem with tomatoes, but in reverse. I cannot do hot tomato pieces - like diced or stewed, but fresh tomato I could eat every day.

    Olives. Something about the way they squeak on my teeth - just can't eat them.

    Mayo and cottage cheese. The texture - both are like some nasty bodily function-y thing.
  • AllOutof_Bubblegum
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    None. I will eat anything, regardless of texture. That's why I'm here, lol. Maybe if I were a little more selective of what I put in my mouth (ba dum-tss!) I would never have gotten as porky as I did.
  • beethedreamer
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    rbfdac wrote: »
    I absolutely despise raw onions- won't eat them in anything. I will also eat onion rings all day long, but will absolutely not eat anything with cooked onions in it.

    I hate the taste of the raw onions and despise the texture of cooked onions. No clue why I'll eat a solid ring of cooked onion as long as it's covered in batter..

    Yes! I can't stand onions in any form, except onion rings. It doesn't make sense to me and everyone I know thinks it's extremely weird.
  • ncwingnut71
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    Lima beans
    water chestnuts
    black eyed peas
    wet bread

    yuck....texture thing
  • civilizedworm
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    I was on an anti-depressant a few years ago and just about everything gave me the gag reflex including fried eggs, spinach, apples, and toothpaste. I'm glad I am over all that now.
  • Lourdesong
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    I was on an anti-depressant a few years ago and just about everything gave me the gag reflex including fried eggs, spinach, apples, and toothpaste. I'm glad I am over all that now.

    I took Topamax briefly for headaches and it changed the way everything tasted and smelled, the most drastic change being the ability to sense carbonation - all soda was perceived as being completely flat.
    Very bizarre that a medication could effect the senses to such a degree. Made me wonder if the sensation of carbonation even exists or if the sensation is illusory.
  • Mantha18
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    lemurcat12 wrote: »
    Mr_Knight wrote: »
    I have the popsicle stick one. Some coffee stir sticks, too. They give me full-body shivers, damndest thing....

    Me too. But yet I still mock my sister, who can't lick envelopes, because she's afraid of getting a paper cut on her tongue.

    You joke but I have actually given myself paper cuts on my tongue...once with an envelope and once with a muller yoghurt lid. I've never licked one since lol.

    I agree with the coffee stirrers and lollipop sticks..anything made of wood...even the thought of it makes my teeth go all funny.
    I also HATE the texture of fruit. I love the taste of most fruit but can only handle the texture of hard fruit like apples and pears.
    Also ready brek....way too sloppy. I like porridge but I have to have a good handful of crushed nuts to improve the texture...but better than nutty porridge is wheatabix crushed up like a baby has it, but stiffer (though my hubby thinks im nuts lol)
  • TheVirgoddess
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    I have a lot of food related quirks.

    I can't do creamy stuff. No yogurt, mayo, milk, cottage cheese, cream of whatever "soup", etc.
    I can't drink out of a plastic cup. It grosses me out.
    Nothing soggy - so no cooked onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc. *shudder*
    Cheese has to be melted.
    I can't drink out of a can.
    Bone in meat of any sort. It makes me gag.
    Any type of rice (I blame this on a movie watched long, long ago).

    I have more, but I don't want to embarrass myself.
  • mforrestall
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    Too much sauce, anything liquidy gets a separate bowl and each bite is indivually dipped, yogurts with fruit on the bottom, homemade mac and cheese (can eat the fake kraft stuff just fine) and soggy bread. I can't even watch someone eat something like a meatball sub (soggy bread AND sauce), and I have to make most of my sandwiches and eat them right away so the veggies don't have time to get the bread wet :s
  • KarenB927
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    I can't stand gummy bears or marshmallows. I have one grown kid that still can't stand the texture of rice.
  • Alatariel75
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    I have a lot of food related quirks.

    Any type of rice (I blame this on a movie watched long, long ago).

    Was it The Lost Boys by any chance?
  • sheepotato
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    I'm with you on Okra, I never could stand it. Fried okra is worse, it just looks like snot and styrofoam. I don't like bell peppers at all, when I try to eat them I gag as if they are poison. I've never liked the texture of water chestnuts.

    I don't like raw onions at all, but I eat caramelized or cooked onions all the time. I'm the opposite with carrots, I love them raw but steamed or stewed carrots are gross. I don't like raw radishes but I love steamed radishes, radish in soup and radish cakes. I don't like raw kohlrabi or the leaves but I like it steamed or mashed.

    I have to cook collard greens for hours until they are mushy enough to eat, but most other greens I can eat raw with no problem.

    I hate cleaning the hair/fuzz out of artichokes.

    I don't like to deal with the peels of cactus pears or dragon fruit, or kiwis. I will just cut them in half and eat out the center with a spoon.
  • fat2strongbeth
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    Watermelon -just don't like the texture.
  • BraveNewdGirl
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    Cereal bars that have a fruit filling surrounded by baked crust like Nutri-Grain bars have always been way too dry for me. Recently, however, I've managed to start to enjoy fig bars, so who knows?! Maybe these things change!

    Anything with the consistency of grits always falls flat with me too. Quaker has produced two instant oatmeals - one for weight control and one with added protein - that have a gritty texture and I just ended up throwing the rest of the box out after trying them. Gross!
  • LindsNW05
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    Raisins, if they're cooked into anything, like cinnamon raisin bread or whatever, they look like bugs to me and I just can't eat it. Also, coconut, I love the flavor of coconut things, but I hate actual coconut, I also don't like fat, like if it's on steak or any time of meat, it's just rubbery and I can't chew it, blech! Oh and also the raw onion, I don't know why so many people have that, but it's very interesting, I love cooked and sauteed onions, but I just can't stand crunchy onions or actually any veg that's under cooked. It's most likely not only the texture of raw onions, but also the strong taste, raw onions are much more strong then cooked.
  • samantha1242
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    Red meat that is not ground (steak - bleh). The texture creeps me out.
    Also, ice cream cones. Feels like cardboard in my mouth. I always get my ice cream in a cup instead.